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Unit twenty is dealing with trouble shooting. It is very straightforward and not very exciting compared to some previous sections, however I did not find it frustrating nor pedantic like some other un
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This unit refreshed a lot of my memory of proper English Grammar. I completely forgot that adverb existed and I had no idea what indefinite and definite articles were. I am so glad I was able to take
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Course 13 was an informative lesson regarding phonology and phonetics. I learned about the rise/fall of intonation as we speak English. This lesson also went over parts of the mouth and throat that
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This unit is extremely helpful in laying out the various tools a teacher might have at their disposal and explaining the pros and cons of each. I find it invaluable that y'all found and curated a whol
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This unit covered classroom management. Topics discussed include the pros and cons of different classroom arrangements, various ways of grouping students during work and activities, how to discipline
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This unit is super helpful to a person who is not formally trained as a teacher. It helps realizing not all teachers walk into the classroom cold turkey and have it easy, it takes planning and adaptab
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A well-planned lesson, the correct sequence of Engage, Study and Activate plan, positive and engaging attitude of the teacher goes a long way in making the imparting of a concept successful. The stude
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Unit 17 talks about the materials and equipment and teaching aids apparatus used in the classroom to assist the teacher carryout lessons in the classroom so that students can have a better understand
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This section was very helpful with learning how to organize a lesson plan and how best to produce my information for my students. I think the manner in which you relay information is essential to a st
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This unit was pretty helpful for overviewing the use of materials such as course books and activity stuff in teaching. It's nice to see some logic on the reasons to use a course book or not, and the p
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Oddly enough, I don't think I had learned about reported speech in my modern grammar class (at least, I don't remember it), so that was more of a new topic for me. It's something that, again, just com
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In this unit, conditionals and reported speech were reviewed. As outlined by the lesson, conditionals are sentences involving the words "if" or "when" and refer to past, present, or future possibiliti
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This was a very interesting unit for me because I've always felt that it's good to discuss what makes a teacher a 'teacher' and a student a 'student'. It was enlightening to read that there are 9 role
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In this unit I have learnt about different kinds of teaching equipment. Teaching equipments are very helpful and they are made to make lessons more interesting, effective and less dependent on the tex
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I found this unit very challenging. i had to go over the material a number of times to memorise the different forms of speech and how each one applies in different situations. It has helped me to unde
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In this unit we watched 2 videos of demonstration lesson. The first video was an example of a video in which the teacher behavior and bad organization skills clearly reflect on the effect fullness of
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Unit 6 was full of information regarding past tense. I enjoyed the refreshing previous knowledge of verb tenses and the four different sub categories for past tense. Continuous past tense usually uses
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Within this unit I have learnt what should be included in a lesson plan. I have found out that you should have the learner objectives, personal aims, language point, teaching aids, anticipated problem
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I find the balance between fluency and accuracy interesting. Fluency is obviously far more important in speech (this can easily be noted by directly transcribing a conversation and seeing how grammati
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Unit sixteen teaches us conditionals and reported speech. Conditionals referring to past and future possibilities. Reported speech is replying to direct speech. The unit presented much new information
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Unit 3 discussed a variety of methods commonly used for second language instruction, with a focus on the Engage-Study-Activate (ESA) teaching model. I am very glad that I got an exposure to this model
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I enjoyed learning about this section and the different exams that you can use to test your learner's knowledge. This section also helped to bring awareness to the fact that not everyone tests well, a
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Classroom management is very important for imparting knowledge to the students. The students come from various backgrounds, differ in temperaments and come with different levels of coping and understa
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Cape Elizabeth
This unit showed most of the parts for managing a class. I learned that being respectful and following my own rules gives me that respect from the students. I will also have to carefully choose my bod
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The modals can, could, may, might, shall, should, will, would, must, have to, have got to etc. are modal verbs and they are used before other verbs to add meaning to the main verb. Modals can be used
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This lesson has been more difficult for me than past lessons. I feel that this has been a good thing however because I have come to realize that I shouldn't become comfortable with a normal routine of
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Learning about past was much easier to understand that the present forms, to be honest. I thought it was interesting. But i think it would be helpful to have some sort of timeline, for us visual learn
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Carrabassett Valley
Classroom management depends on a teacher and his or her abilities to connect with the class. A good teacher should monitor progress of all the students, to involve in process students with all levels
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Like usually, concerning grammar material, it was a pleasure to remind myself conditionals & reported speed rules and regulations. Very interesting topic. It is used not really very often in my regula
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From this unit, I learned the basic sentence structure of English, which can be found as parts of speech. This is the introduction of grammar. It is necessary to know at least the basic gammar of Engl
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In this unit, I learned about the types of tenses for the Present Tense Verbs. They consist of present simple, present continuous, present perfect, and present perfect continuous. Use of these verbs
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Castle Hill
Each class is unique and offers both challenges and rewards for the teacher as well as the student. It is essential to know who you are as a teacher and to know the class, where they are, what they n
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In this unit of coursebooks and lesson materials I have been able to learn the advantages and disadvantages. I have learnt what keeps the students who study and review these coursebook and materials e
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In this unit we learned about teaching special groups. We can classify the special groups into 5 groups; Beginners, Individual, Young Learners, Business English, and Monolingual and Multilingual group
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In this first unit, I learned all about the various roles a teacher must take on in the classroom--anything from manager to participant. It is the job of the teacher to know which role to employ at di
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Within this unit i have learnt that there are many tests within the progress of learning the english language. These include externat exam, progress test, diagnosis test, practice test and placement t
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Chebeague Island
Unit 11 contained information about how to teach reading and listening. The unit emphasized how both receptive and productive skills are equally important when learning English, and covered why people
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In this unit, it teaches us about the ESA methods which specifically targets grammar or vocabulary commonly use the 'straight arrow' ESA approach, whereas functions-based lessons are more commonly app
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This unit is pretty informative about issues that might arise while teaching even though most native speakers never think about it because they follow absorbed conventions. I've never gotten so nit pi
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Teaching pronunciation to the students can be tricky. And it is the most neglected aspect while learning or teaching a foreign language. Teaching pronunciation should be regarded as an integral part o
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This is extremely hard unit for me. Very very difficult topic. You have to be a native speaker to understand it easily. Because there is a huge difference between the way it is written, the way it sou
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In this lesson I have learn the four basic skills receptive skills, which are reading and listening and productive skills which are speaking and writing. I have been living in a non English country a
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This unit taught me about how to approach first lessons, as well as how to best approach having classes with students of varying English ability, students who have trouble with listening texts, as wel
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In this unit I have learnt about theories, methods and techniques.There are different kinds of approaches to teach English e.g grammar-translation, audio-lingualism, silent way,practice and production
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Unit 6 tells us about Past Tense in the English Grammar. The Past tense consist of four forms: Past Simple, Past Continuous,past perfect and past perfect continuous. The Past Simple is made up of th
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Columbia Falls
I find this unit very informative, self-explanatory and unambiguous about what a good teacher should be regarding teacher's personality and his/her relationship with students. I have learnt a great de
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This unit taught me the different future tenses' usages as well as points that students tend to get confused with. Unlike the other units on past tense and present tense, the future tense incorporates
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This unit allowed me to see many of the things taught in previous units in action in a real classroom. It was beneficial to see how a good ESA lesson might flow as demonstrated in the second lesson. I
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The various types of teaching methods are very interesting and confusing. They sound the same in many instances, yet they have different outcomes. I will take experience to master these various meth
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This unit discussed reported and direct speech and conditionals. The conditionals that were reviewed were the zero, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and mixed conditionals. Both the conditionals and reported speech wen
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