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Within this unit I have learnt what the difference is between a good and bad lesson and what I should be doing and what I shouldn’t be doing in a lesson. It is important to make sure the students ar
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This unit focused on the different types of methodologies that are more commonly used in the English language learning classroom, with an emphasis on the ESA style. Focus was made on the different way
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This unit provided an overview of the different parts of speech in the English language. For the most part, I knew everything in this unit, but it was nice to brush up on things I have forgotten. As a
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This unit focused on the role of a teacher and a studente.It stressed the qualities of a good teacher and a good student. It also discussed the cultural differences, age and motivation of young studen
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What can I say. It has been an good course overall. I enjoyed it very much and I am taking away some very valuable techniques, information, ideas, games, samples... you name it. I know that I will be
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To learn a new language we start with listening to the sounds, word and sentences, followed by speaking; recreating the sounds, word and sentences. After the listening and speaking phase new learners
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This unit was about the teaching skills: listening and reading. It went over reasons for teaching them, how we use different techniques to get what we want to out of content, some problems that could
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The last unit explained how to deal with students that might not want to participate or have trouble understanding the class content. This is essential for an effective class because everyone in the c
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Unit 6 covered the past tenses with the four aspects, simple, continuous, perfect, and perfect continuous and we learned how to form the affirmative, negative, and question forms for each tense. Just
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Winter Harbor
I like this unit has started with giving points to think about when creating the lesson and needing to be thoughtful of all types of learning techniques to give and facilitate the information for each
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I expect to have some difficulty in teaching the nuance of the different verb tenses. Tenses like past perfect continuous have a pretty specific and unusual use-case. Beyond just acknowledging if an a
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This unit contents details about past tenses such as past simple, past perfect, past continuous and past perfect continuous. All these four forms are important when one wants to express one's thought
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In this lesson, I learned about the important receptive skills of reading and listening. Skills that are involved in reading include scanning or skimming documents. We don't have to read through ent
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This unit was neat because it helped me to get a better grasp on the types of classes that can be taught to English learners. Young learners will obviously be a different target audience than adults w
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This unit was particularly interesting when compared to the others, because it was just the showing of 2 videos of an English language lesson. The 1st lesson was one where the teacher was making many
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Two videos from this unit show me two very different teaching styles and of course the class reaction is very different. The first one shows me a unsuccessful and messful class. Teacher didn't prepare
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This unit allowed me to delve deeper into thinking about what a good teacher is as well as what a good learner is. It further gave me the words to describe exactly what characteristics make for good t
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In this unit I have learnt pronunciation and phonology. Phonology is the study, science, analysis and classification of the physical properties of sounds. This unit is emphasizing the areas of stress
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York County
I have been in many classrooms where the only resource is the textbook. This can become quite boring and also not very engaging. Students love to be able to relate what they are learning to how and
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