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I hadn't even thought about multilingual classes (or simply teaching English in the US), but it definitely offers a lot of potential advantages. One of my (possibly unfounded) fears about teaching is
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Unit 4 explained the present tenses with the four aspects, simple, continuous, perfect, and perfect continuous. For each tense, we learned how to form the affirmative, negative, and question forms, an
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In Unit 1 I reviewed the various roles a teacher plays during a lesson, and the characteristics to foster in a learner and learning environment. I learned about the various stages of learning English.
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Unit 10 is based on two ESA demonstration videos. If I was a student in the first demonstration video, I would have been discouraged. The lesson was mainly focused on the teacher and he was also very
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Unit 15 evaluating and testing looks at some different ways in which students levels and progression may be evaluated. Tests such as placement, diagnostic, progress and practice are explained. Externa
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Frye Island
I learned from this unit of course books and lesson materials the advantages and disadvantages of the material in planning the lessons. The fact the authentic material is not appropriate for beginners
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This unit went over course textbooks and lesson materials. Topics such as authentic vs. created materials, advantages and disadvantages of textbook usage, examples of created materials, how to best us
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This unit on the different parts of speech went over the basics of English grammar. It consisted on nouns, verbs, adjectives, pronouns, conjunctions and prepositions, articles, prepositions, and adver
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I loved the resources that were offered in this section. I think these will be very useful and some of the ideas were wonderful and I could see myself using them in the future with my ESL students. I
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I enjoyed watching the demo classes. They both offered insight into what is effective and not effective during a class. The first video was very painful to watch. The most glaring thing was the tea
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This unit taught me about the various types of English Language Learners that I may encounter, from children to adults, to those learning English for business purposes. I learned about various techniq
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I have learned about what the characteristics of a good teacher and student are. It is essential to take on different roles as a teacher to effectively engage students and carry out lesson plans. Th
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In unit 1 I felt like I learnt what the difference is between a good student and a student that isn't interested in learning. I also learnt that there are many roles that come with being a teacher. I
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A teacher may face difficulties in conducting a class for the first time. It is very important to establish a good rapport with the students by doing different activities. In a mix ability class, it i
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Grand Isle
The direct and reported speech was a complicated part of the unit. It really required me to rethink how I report on what had been said. It is a part of speech that I have taken for granted and have
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The four most important things a student must do when learning another language are being exposed to it, understanding the meaning, understand how it is constructed, be able to practice and produce it
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Great Pond
The Past Tenses are very similar and used for different descriptions. I learned the way to use each one is to be aware of the action in the past. I will need to let my students know the forms and irre
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There are 4 main skills, receptive, reading, listening, and productive skills. A lesson should include all of these with skills practice. The two motives for reading and listening are for a purpose or
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n this unit I have learnt about four tenses,the present simple, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous. I have learnt about the forms, typical usages of the tenses, Student
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The teacher learner relationship was highlighted in this unit. It pointed out the obvious in regards to being a good teacher and also how to help someone be a good learner. It was obvious but a much
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This unit gave a great overview of the future tenses such as future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous and be going +infinite. When I first learned English, this part
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This unit gives a summary of all parts of speech, gives specific examples of expressions and sentences. There are the cathegories of nouns, types of articles, verbs, comparatives and superlatives adje
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I was surprised at how much a teacher's attitude can affect the flow and the function of a classroom. It was so apparent in the first video that he didn't really want to be there and almost seemed ann
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This unit addresses what are the things a teacher needs to look out for and consider when teaching English, a new language to their students. Many of these points I have learned during my 4 years tea
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Ouch! This was the most challenging unit of all. But a very important one! I will be studying this over and over again...this is just the beginning. I confess it was very difficult for me to take this
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Unit eleven focuses on identifying, valuing and teaching the receptive skills of reading and listening. This is thus far the most common sense unit to me and is pleasantly very clear and straightforwa
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In this unit I have learnt that classroom management plays a very vital role in the learning situation. Management is the skill of organizing and maintaining discipline, having a friendly relaxed mann
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Hancock County
I have learned the different classifications of grammar - parts of speech to be able to recognize in a sentence. I have learned in nouns is used to name people, animals, places, things, qualities, and
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Unit 16 taught about reported speech, direct speech and conditional statements. I don’t remember learning about conditional statements in the same way the topic was taught in this lesson, I really
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Receptive skills are the ways in which we process information from the discourse we see and hear. eceptive skills are the ways in which we process information from the discourse we see and hear. In th
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In this unit, two videos of ESA classes were shown. In each video, the same instructor teaches the same group of students. However, in the first video, the instructor does an ineffective job in engagi
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In this unit I have learnt how to plan a lesson. Planning a lesson has important functions. An aid to planning a lesson helps the teacher to think logically through the stages in relation to available
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In this lesson, I learned about the past tense that involve past simple, past continuous, past perfect, and past perfect continuous. As humans, we enjoy talking about the past, particularly our pasts
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classroom management is a very important skill for teachers to organize and manage a relaxing, friendly and well-disciplined class. In this uint, different ways that can effect the classroom atomosphe
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In this unit I have learned the different methods of teaching. The method that I like is ESA (Engage-Study-Activate). With this method the children will force themselves in using a different language
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In this unit I have learnt that the system and structure of the past tense is not too different from the present tense, the difference is that the past tense is related to the past or to what happened
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Unitd 2 was an introduction to grammar, We learned about the different parts of speech; noun, verb, adjective, article, comparison, comparison superlative, verb, gerund, pronoun, preposition or conj
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This unit taught me about modal verbs and how they can be used to express things such as obligation, possibilities, permission, abilities, and advice, and how multiple modal verbs can be used to conve
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In this unit, a presentation on teaching beginners, individual students, children, business students, and multi- and monolingual students was widely over-viewed. In the lesson, I felt encouraged to fi
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Through this unit, I was able to brush up on English parts of speech that I had learned back in middle school as well as learn new parts of speech that I had never labeled before. Of course, as a nati
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This unit was very helpful for reinforcing the importance of being a thoughtful teacher who spends the first moments of the semester getting to know you rather than diving straight into some lesson. T
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Unit fourteen deals with books, lessons and materials with yet another reenforcement of the ESA framework. I found the ESA boomerang portion of the Unit test particularly challenging and beneficial as
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This unit explained the different grammar rules of modals, phrasal verbs and the passive voice. There are important concepts in the English language because they define the details of what is being sa
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There are different parts of teaching the english language. Vocabulary is a big part of learning english, students need to learn vocabulary use, meaning, grammar, spelling, pronunciation and interacti
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I learned that there is four different present tenses, simple, continuous, perfect and perfect continuous. Each one can have 3 different forms such as positive, negative and question forms. If you mix
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The unit is about teaching new vocabulary and language structures. It presents the examples of ESA lessons when teaching new items of language. It also gives many examples of ways and methods we can u
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In this unit about teaching the new language to students, the language's vocabulary, grammar, and functions are discussed. The vocabulary portion discussed orders and ways to teach vocabulary, how one
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This unit talks about direct and indirect speech and the respective rules that come with it. In addition to that, it describes the different conditionals that are important to the english language. Th
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Island Falls
Unit 18 contained, as most of the previous units, multiple parts. Firstly, there was an explanation of modal auxiliary verbs such as may, should, could, and would, how these are used grammatically and
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Isle au Haut
Lesson planning is very important in teaching language, especially for inexperienced teachers so that it will be easier for them to keep to the certain line while teaching. Even some theories say that
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