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WOW! I have been a native speaker of English for 42 years. The four present tenses are easy and difficult. I can see how easy it is for a foreigner to make mistakes when speaking. I have spent ma
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I learned there are many different theories of teaching english as a foreign language. Although all theories have positive and negative attributes the one I should focus on is the "ESA" method(Engage,
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In this unit, I learned basics of linguistics, namely phonetics and the phonetic alphabet, parts of the mouth and vocal tract that allow for different sounds to be produced, and intonation and stresse
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This unit focused on classroom management. Such topics as eye contact, group work, class arrangement, disciplinary actions, giving of instructions, and how a teacher should make English understandable
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In this unit I have learnt that there are four basic skills in any language. There is receptive skills and productive skills. Under receptive skills we have reading and listening and under productive
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This unit consisted of two different ESA demonstration videos. In the first video, the teacher does not present the lesson objectives clearly, so the students were confused and unable to participate e
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In this lesson I have learned that writing is just as important then speaking is. In the classroom we tend on speaking and discussing the topic. By doing so we don’t have the students write down
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In unit nine, the concept of lesson planing was introduced. The unit began with an explanation of the importance of lesson planing. This was followed by an outline of what should be included in a less
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This unit was really useful as a condensed refreshment of the rules of English grammar. I learned once again how to distinguish different elements of language into categories which describe their func
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I think this, particularly maintaining control of the class while still keeping a friendly and encouraging rapport, will be one of the more difficult aspects for me to learn. I have taught in the past
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I really do not like phrasal verbs and the three types mentioned, intransitive, transitive separable and transitive inseparable. This is where I feel the subject becomes too pedantic and frustrating.
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Before this unit lesson, I never realized how important speaking and writing was to actually learn a foreign language. Writing is something we often skip over - we focus more on actually being able to
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Androscoggin County
Sometimes there are too many resources when it comes to equipment and teaching aids. The unit highlights a variety of options when it comes to equipment and teaching aids, however, it also notes that
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This unit taught me about different tests that I can use in my own classroom at different stages throughout the course, such as placement and diagnostic tests which should be used at the beginning of
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In this unit of evaluating students I have learnt the different ways to assess students language level including tutorials, tests and the evaluation by the students themselves. I think the best way to
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Aroostook County
A teacher should always choose by himself the best theories, methods and techniques that can fit his class in each particular case. Because it depends on students level, their age, culture, motivaton.
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In unit 17 we looked the different equipment available for teacher in the classroom and teaching aid for classroom usage. All classrooms should have a white/black board, which can be used for writing
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This unit was pretty useful for seeing the principles of the course in action. The course objectives make a lot of sense when you see them either implemented or not in a classroom. From the get go it'
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The past tense is used to tell what happened in the past. There are four different forms for the past tense. Past simple is when you simply use the "ed" added to the end of a verb unless it is a irreg
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Unit 5 evaluates the significance of managing the classroom. It is very important for teachers to acquire good results after every lesson. Classroom management can simply be defined as the skill of ma
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Unit Five is addressing classroom management, which is basically the skills of organizing and managing the class. Done well it is balancing the establishment and maintenance of discipline and rapport.
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In this unit we learned that a modal verb is a type of auxiliary or helping verb that is expresses: ability, possibility/probability, permission/prohibition, advice, ability or obligation. Modals auxi
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This unit explains the different equipments and materials a teacher can use to teach his or her students. From Video Recorder to DVD, there are a number of different ideas on how to teach effectively
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Ooh! Few last questions gave me hard time. As usual, it was nice to refresh my knowledge of Future Tense. But I'm already disappointed from the grammar tasks general. They were created not to give som
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Planning the lesson in advance is very useful to carry out the teaching in a structured way. It gives us an idea about what can be covered in a particular class and it remains flexible depending on th
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This unit firstly shows us the basic knowledge about what features should a good teacher have and the roles teachers are playing in different classes and cases. Knowing this, we could make our class m
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This unit reflects on teaching receptive skills. Receptive skills are reading and listening. They are both equally important in learning a language and are essential to mastering English. When using m
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This unit taught me about the things most important to consider when choosing vocabulary to teach (meaning, use, word grammar, spelling, pronunciation) and when teaching grammatical structure (meaning
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This unit taught me the 5 different conditionals and their forms and usages. Useful teaching ideas were also provided that I can use in class, including split sentences and completing the conditional
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Bar Harbor
This unit 20 of troubleshooting for student's common problem situations is good. I have learned the basic of not using the text book the first lesson. I plan on doing a verbal discussion, role play, b
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This unit reviewed present simple, present perfect, perfect continuous and present perfect continuous tenses. In order to express ourselves in English, we need to use the right tenses because dependin
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Unit 15 discussed evaluations and tests. It mentioned a number of international test you can take in addition to different testing methods a teacher may use. Test in an TESOL class can be given diagno
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Beaver Cove
The first unit is all about the roles and responsibilities of both teachers and students in the classroom. It also discusses various factors that affect language learning and presents a general idea o
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As someone who has studied a foreign language, I appreciate the necessity of receptive skills. In my experience, reading comprehension is much easier than listening. Listening requires more work and
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This unit particularly had some good advice for things that may come up in the classroom and cause problems. While all students learn at their own pace, this unit gave some ideas for how to pace learn
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In unit ten I have been able to identify the differences between a good lesson and a bad. I have been able to identify the negatives points in a bad lesson straight away compared to a good lesson. For
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In the final unit, potential problems that may arise in the classroom were discussed with potential solutions for these problems being provided. Some of the problems included the challenge of a first
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Engage, Study, and Activate seems to be a logical approach for teachers and students alike when the teacher is new at educating. I learned of the many different ways to go about involving students in
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This unit taught me the basics of lesson planning, including what types of things I should include in a lesson plan for it to be the most effective and most useful for teaching. I learned the importan
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Learners who has large exposure in English and more oppotunities to practice it are way more efficient than the others. However there are not a lot of people who have chances like this. So in this uni
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This was a fun and interesting unit. I like learning about how to build your relationships with students because this is very important in order for them to respect you fully. I think you personality
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Unit 18 focuses on the modals, phrasal verbs and the passive voice. Modal auxiliary verbs include words like can, could, shall, should, will, would, have to, must among other things. Modal verbs are
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There are lots of mays we cna use to evaluate students' level and progress, such as tutorials, evaluation by students, tests, etc. Test is an often used way and there are different kinds of tests, lik
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Blue Hill
This unit discusses the 4 Present Tenses in detail. Present Simple is used for routines, habits, and facts e.g. I go to work at 6 am every morning. Present Continuous is used for actions happening at
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This unit went over the many different teaching aids that can be used in the EFL classroom. It ranged from different types of boards, to different types of media usages, to more traditional methods, s
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Boothbay Harbor
Unit 10 videos showed 2 classroom lessons taught by the same teacher in two different manners. The first video was a joke. I felt tensed; I was watching someone do the complete opposite of how a lesso
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Unit 9 discussed the importance of lesson planning and explained how to actually write lesson plans. It is a good general practice for teachers to spend time to carefully design lessons and make neces
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A lesson plan is a teachers detailed description of the course of instruction or learning trajectory for a lesson. A daily lesson plan is developed by a teacher to guide class learning. A lesson plan
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Very quick and simpler unit! Still, a very important one. It was good to read about the use of the course book and other materials teachers can bring up to the class. It is nice to see the two sides o
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The content in this unit helped to teach me the different present-tense verb forms used in English as well as how to explain them and their usages. I also learned what in particular to pay attention t
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