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This unit covered the importance of what it takes to be a good teacher and the roles/jobs a teacher is given. There are different levels of language speakers, ranging from beginners to advanced, and t
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Old Orchard Beach
There are many ways of expressing future in English. Future simple, future continuous, future perfect and future perfect continuous. Besides this, future time can be expressed with present simple, pre
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Old Town
The Present Tenses unit was extremely helpful. Not only did it explain the tenses and break it down, it offered up activities to implement in the classroom for students to really absorb this informati
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In unit nineteen teaching special groups I have been able to identify different types of classes including: Teaching Beginners, Teaching Individual Students, Teaching Childrrn, Business English, Monol
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There are many different teaching aids that can make the language lessons interesting. Some of the resources are whiteboard, projector, visual aids, worksheets, CD player, video and DVD player etc. Ov
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Very interesting topic. I like it. I have never guessed that reading and listening plays such an important role in a process of teaching a new language. I remembered the way I had been studying englis
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In this unit, phonics and pronunciation were taught. Different areas such as stress, intonation, rhythm, and articulation were reviewed by using examples and presenting teaching techniques. I found th
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Unit 18 discussed modal auxiliary verbs, semi modal auxiliary verbs, the passive voice, the active voice and transitive and intransitive phrases. This unit content was new to me I don’t recall learn
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Unit 17 covered the various tools and technologies that can be used in the classroom. It gave a nice blurb about the various options often available and the pros and cons of the different pieces. I le
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This is the hardest unit I've learned so far and the reason why I say this is because the different forms of present tenses are not really focused upon or thought about when we are speaking English. E
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Owls Head
In the first part of this unit, the zero, first, second, third, and mixed conditional forms, which allows learners to talk about hypothetical situations, irrefutable facts, and future possibilities un
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This unit was helpful for learning which resources I will need to make my classroom a great learning environment. While I plan on teaching online, many of these concepts will still be helpful. I think
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Oxford County
Troubleshooting is an interesting title for unit 20. It in itself point to possible trouble or clues to a trouble that might arise in the classroom. It presents classroom dynamics in a real and live
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The four basic skills of reading, listening, writing and speaking are equally important and wherever possible all the four skills should be incorporated all of them in the lesson. Reading and Listenin
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This unit describes the language methods used in ESL teaching and it especially focuses on the ESA methods which is said to be the most useful and efficient method. It gives the most important points
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This unit was a good review of the different ways we express ourselves in the present tense in English. It's surprising that other language groups have fewer tenses, it's hard to imagine how they acco
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I really enjoyed this unit, since it gave me a list of potential teaching aids I could use, as well as getting me thinking about what other kinds of aids I could use and how I could use them. Realia,
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Unit 11 addressed teaching of receptive skills, i.e., reading and listening, explaining why they are important, how we typically use the skills, and how we could learn and teach them as a second langu
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While working through this unit, I learned about the different roles teachers play in the classroom. They consist of roles such as manager, organizer, prompter, facilitator, model, and observer, to n
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Unit nine is focused on lesson planning. It begins asking if we should plan lessons, which I found quite funny. The reenforcement of some of the lesson plans most important functions, as an aid to pla
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Management of a classroom is very important for the quality of a lesson. Using gestures limits talk time and makes the students think more. Using the students names is very important to establish rapp
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I can see the merits of different ways of balancing testing, to the point that I'm not entirely sure which I would prefer to use. Some of my favorite classes have taken a more relaxed grading system t
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Penobscot County
English Essay 2 This unit explains the parts of speech. Each type of these words are used is special ways to form sentences. The noun is used for people, animals, ob
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I expect that teaching receptive skills to beginners would be one of the most difficult things for a teacher. Particularly listening - a certain amount can be taught through gestures, visuals, etc., b
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This unit taught me the basics of teaching the two productive skills, writing and speaking. I learned the differences that I must pay attention to when trying to teach accuracy versus fluency. The uni
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This unit on the productive skills of speaking and writing went over fluency vs. accuracy, types of activities in the classroom that are in line with fluency and/or accuracy, how to encourage students
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Within this unit I have learnt the 4 different skills within any language including receptive skills, reading and listening, predictive and speaking and writing. I have learnt that many skills have di
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This unit introduced the classroom setting into teaching. It opened with an examination of the use of eye contact and gestures to build the student teacher relationship. This was followed by a discuss
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Piscataquis County
As a grammar topic, the future tenses are very well explained in this unit for someone interested in English teaching. The content of this topic is rich enough to provide a good understanding and kno
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I've studied grammar extensively in the past, but it's been a while and this unit served well as a refresher, and a reminder of how daunting English grammar can be to a new learner. English is a mishm
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There are 3 different forms of the present tense, positive, negative and question. There are 4 different aspects, simple, continuous, perfect and perfect continuous. When we put it together there are
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Thanks for the material. It was very interesting and instructive to read about what I will have to deal with in nearest future. I remembered my lessons of English that I had years ago... and compared
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Unit 5 discussed the different aspects of classroom management. The beginning of the unit touches on the fact that having an extroverted personality does not make one better than an introverted person
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Portage Lake
I learned a lot about English grammar. This gave me a clear and concise picture of what exactly an adverb, intransitive/transitive verbs, and gerund's are. This unit also boosted my self esteem a litt
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Ok, I really don't have much to write about here except to fill out 50 words or more. I feel that the test is not so much to teach and and learn but to stump you. I get that you are trying to help us
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I thought the structure of this unit was very nicely organized and concise. It was useful reviewing the different present tenses. I didn't realize there was so many. I think it is a little difficult t
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This unit talked about to repetitive skills, listening and reading, which are out of four basic skills in English. Two skills are both very important. As it's said in this unit we usually listen or re
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Presque Isle
English language has 3 main tenses like in most Slavic languages - past, present and future, but each main tense has 4 aspects - simple, continuous, perfect and perfect continuous. So a teacher should
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Unit 2 covered the parts of speech, which is one of the essential topics to go through as we learn a new language. Being an ESL learner trying to develop skills to teach others, I found it very helpfu
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Within this unit I have learnt about the useage of different course books and the useage of different lesson materials. I have found out that there are many disadvantages of using a text book within t
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This unit has given an overall review of English grammar, specifically focusing on parts of speech and the ability to identify them. Although I already knew much of the material, I have increased my
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This unit shows us ways to teach grammar, vocabulary and fuctions in a new language. These three parts are vital in new language learning and can not be torn apart. For each part, their learning reaso
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This unit emphasized the teaching of receptive skills to students learning English. I also learned the importance of encouraging skills such as predictive skills, scanning, skimming, looking for detai
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I found this lesson a bit confusing at first. After reading it over a few times the concept finally started to sink in. I realized that ESA (Engage, Study, Activate) don't always have fixed boundaries
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This lesson discussed the different ways a teacher can engage, study and activate a student to help them learn. Each student is different, therefore there are different ESA structures that can be used
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This lesson went over speaking and writing skills. It is important to go over speaking skills so that students learn to speak with fluency and accuracy. Teaching them through controlled activities, g
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Unit 8 talked about future tenses, the future tense is one of the most complex areas. Many different tenses can be used for with future meaning. In this unit we look at the following future tense; the
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The analogy of looking at language as a tree was insightful. The why behind the grammar and vocabulary was very helpful especially in regards to making sure the meaning, the usage, the interaction, a
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The teacher has to play a multiple roles at the same time. She/he can be a model, facilitator, manager/controller, organizer, assessor etc. The teacher has to switch roles on different occasions in th
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In unit 15, testing and evaluation were discussed. The majority of this lesson focused on tests as the prime method of student assessment. Different forms of testing such as placement, progress, and d
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