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This unit talks about how to manage classes and includes a variety of relevant topics and things to consider when having a class. Ideas such as: eye contact, voice, gesture, the teachers placement and
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I think Future tense is more complicating than Present and Past tense. In Vietnam, we do not have that many different types of Future tense as well as appropriate auxiliary verbs to fully describe mea
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This unit describes the importance and different types of assessments. Assessment is the most direct way for teachers to a students control of the target language and allows for teachers to give stude
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This unit was about teaching pronunciation and phonology. I learned different techniques to teach intonation as well as which syllables are stressed. I also learned all about articulation, from where
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I have learnt: The future is one of the most complex areas of the English language. So many different tenses and ideas can be used with future meanings. The seven most common are as follows (not in an
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In this unit I studied and compared two different lessons. One was very effective in teaching students, building rapport with students and overall class activity/participation. The other lesson was sh
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This unit elaborates on teaching three major components of any language, namely vocabulary, structure, and function; and provides a comprehensive list of techniques, tasks, and activities which teache
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In this unit I've learned that there are twelve tenses which can cause pretty much confusion especially in Asian countries. This unit gave me a thorough guideline to the form and usages of each tense,
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This bipartite unit provides in its first section a comprehensive listing, with examples, of the different conditionals used in English; in its second, it covers the transcription of speech from one s
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This unit provided a compact overview of the four aspects of present tense in the English language. It was concisely done, with easy-to-follow explanations of the grammatical structures and consequent
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Within this unit, the notions of managing a class were described in detail and coupled with useful examples of how to achieve the goal of successful classroom management. By covering sections such as
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Archer Lodge
The unit is a clear reflection on various evaluation techniques ranging from placement tests to practice tests. Each kind of testing has its own set of benefits for both the student and the teacher. F
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Reading and listening are the two receptive skills, both being equally important. There are various reasons for reading and also various types of readings, such as authentic texts which are more forma
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I have learnt some that modal auxiliary verbs can be used to express some ideas like; obligation, possibility,permission, ability, advice. Modal verbs don't change in form according to person. Modal v
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This unit was difficult like any other grammar section because it forces you as a native English speaker to consider how you actually use the English language. The components are so embedded in our wa
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I have learnt the different forms of the past tense which include; Past tense: for example; I worked, I started, I went to the shop yesterday Usage: for past actions when the time is not asked Past
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This unit was more directly related to lesson planning and language acquisition in practice. It demonstrated the different stages of in-class language learning and went through various lesson plan out
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Atlantic Beach
Unit 2 consists of an introduction to Grammar of the English language. Assuming a zero level knowledge on the subject, Unit 2 includes all of the main areas of the English grammatical system that a on
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Lesson plan is a detailed description of The course of instruction or learning way for a lesson. It is to guide Class learning. It is essential to The process of teaching and learning . It helps The t
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The content of unit 4 consists of the various forms of present tense, how they work along with examples, what general mistakes are made by teachers and learners and how best to go about teaching each
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Unit 4 discusses present tenses: present simple, present continuous/progressive, present perfect, and present perfect continuous. The unit goes through each of these present tenses and outlines their
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The focus of unit 12 is on the two productive skills, namely speaking and writing. The unit has two sections: One deals with the speaking skill and the other deals with the writing skill. The speaking
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In this last unit I've learned about the common problem situations as new teacher in new group as well as existing group classes. It became very clear that the teacher has to make lessons fun,varied,l
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In order to deliver a message with an emphasis on certain subject, It is very important to learn phonetics and phonology. One could agree that pronunciation is poorly developed, It will affect the eff
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This unit discussed the various methods of teaching English to foreign students. It focused mainly on the Engage, Study, Activate (ESA) method which is comprised of all the main points necessary to te
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Banner Elk
The relationship between the teacher and the learner is a crucial connection for a successful Language learning class. I strongly believe that the teacher should be possessing all of the roles;manager
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This unit covers the two receptive skills which are reading and listening and how to create motives for our students to be interested in learning materials. People normally read and listen for a purpo
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This unit focused on methods of teaching as well as activities that could be used when teaching. The main method that was discussed was the ESA, also known as the Engage, Study and Activate method of
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Bear Grass
This unit explains how to manage a classroom. It talks about the importance of the teacher, how he/she can use his voice, eyes or gesture. Different ways to manage a classroom better include grouping,
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In my past teaching in India lesson plans have been really helpful for me. The flexibility is key, however, because I realized that things change frequently in international classrooms. Somedays I wou
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Beech Mountain
At the beginning of this unit, I have known the importance of writing a lesson plan, it can help us to know what we expect the students to complete by the end of the lesson and also create a record of
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I've learned the four basic skills namely reading, listening,speaking and writing and their equal importance in a balanced lesson. When confronted with problems in reading and listening I've learned t
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In this unit I have learned about future tenses. This lesson provided an outline for the tense structures, examples and usages. I learned about future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future
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This unit contains some useful information about the rules of pronunciation and phonology in English language (though some may apply to other languages as well). It also gives some examples, tips, and
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This unit was very straightforward; it taught the four present tenses. Reading through the content of this unit brought back memories of learning French and Japanese. It reminds me of the time I spen
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In this lesson I learned about productive skills and how to consider them when teaching. Speaking and writing are the two productive skills. It is important to encourage accuracy and fluency when the
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Bermuda Run
Unit 15 outlined how to evaluate and test students using placement, diagnostic progress and practice tests. The unit also covered a number of external English tests administered by various organisatio
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Bessemer City
This unit made me aware of how important it is to always have a lesson plan for every classroom as it is unpredictable whether the class will go off topic or situations similar to that. It also made m
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I found this unit to be very interesting and useful in terms of understanding how a language instructor should behave and in what manner they should engage and carry out a lesson with students. The fi
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Those students who do not live in an English speaking country cannot get the same exposure to the language as those who do. That is why, teachers try to apply different methods and techniques in order
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This unit gives a good overview of the duties expected by the teacher and what to expect from different students that may enter the classroom. It shows teachers must wear many different hats to ensure
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Biltmore Forest
Methodologies can help imitate the natural language because not all English learners have English speaking environment. There are plenty of methodologies but to me, the top four teaching methods are:
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From this lesson, I learned that each skill is equally important when learning a new language. During my Korean class at my university, we primarily focused on reading, vocabulary, and grammar. I have
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Black Creek
Unit 7 involves the strategies of introducing new vocabulary to students in their coursework. Those learning English are likely to pick up on new words as they become more familiar with it, but instru
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Black Mountain
In this unit, I have learned a lot about Parts of Speech, so many parts of Speech were mentioned , like nouns, adjectives,verbs, adverbs and so on. At the beginning of this unit, I got to know how to
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From this unit I have refreshed my knowledge on grammar that I was taught in higher education. I have learnt what a gerund is- a verb that is in its ing form and can be used as a noun that names an ac
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Blowing Rock
This unit covered basic English rules concerning: verbs, nouns, adjectives, articles, adverbs, gerunds, pronouns, preposition, and conjunctions. The purpose of this was to reiterate if not teach the r
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This unit is about effective classroom management techniques for both introvert and extrovert teachers. Classroom management is the skill of organizing & managing the class in order to have a friendly
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topic and the material is just wonderful, a lot of interesting and useful even for experienced teachers. If you would provide games for different ages it would be great. And can one see how the Esa is
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Boiling Springs
At the beginning of this unit, it mentioned the reasons why the teaching of pronunciation is often neglected by teachers. Then, it introduced the definition of intonation and stress. As for normal pat
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