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This unit briefly covered some topics relating to "Teaching new Language". It touched upon how to teach, and what is important to remember when introducing new language such as vocabulary, grammatical
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Old Fort
There is a strong relationship between teacher and learners, which leads the success of the students. A good teacher is the one who not only cares about his/her teaching but also students’ learning.
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The content of this unit was about going over different lesson plan techniques. I think that this lesson was very important because it went over specific examples of in class activities and how to for
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Both receptive(reading, listening) and productive skills(writing, speaking) are equally important. There are 2 reasons for reading and listening: for a purpose and for entertainment. Readers and liste
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At the end of this unit, I understood that I can easily apply ESA methods to introduce new language. Furthermore, with the understanding I got from my unit 3 course, I came to the conclusion that it i
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I learned in this unit the need to teach pronunciation in a classroom, even though it is not always considered the most enjoyable part of teaching and many teachers lack confidence in this area and th
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I have learnt some types of classes such as classes for the absolute beginner–students who have no English at all , The false beginner – students may have studied or been exposed to English previo
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In this unit I learned about the materials that should be used in the language classroom. I learned about authentic materials and created materials and how I as a language teacher can employ these mat
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This unit goes more in depth into classroom management skills -- particularly with issues that a teacher can face. With a first lesson, it is important that a teacher builds a good first impression wi
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Patterson Springs
The most important thing that surfaces from both the lessons is the attitude of the teacher in the class as it greatly affects the learning of the students. To know how to respond to students' errors
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This unit introduces an extremely useful tool that teachers can use for every teaching situation they find themselves in - namely, the lesson plan. While it is possible for lessons to be unplanned, if
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Although there are a lot of suture tenses in English, I feel like these were easier for me to distinguish between than past tense. I am not sure why that is when the opening of this section stated tha
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I found this unit to be very informative and extremely important for language teachers to learn about. The unit went over and taught me more on stress in speaking, techniques for teaching language lea
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I liked learning about the positives and negatives associated with different types of group work as well as with different classroom arrangements. I was previously unaware of how different group sizes
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Pilot Mountain
I never actually stopped to think of all the different ways nouns, verbs, adjectives ext. were used. I had a difficult time with this as retaining this information is going to take reading over it mul
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Pine Level
This module of classroom management explained areas in which a teacher can better organize and control a large class. Through properly setting up the students desk based on the size of the class, spac
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This unit helped me learn and was a good refresher of unit 3 whilst completing unit 7. every unit based on theories of teaching and usages has so many new ways and it is very easy to understand and le
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Mostly, it is important to use a student-centred method in the class as far as a good teacher should care more about his learners than his teaching. A good teacher is a person who has a good command o
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Vocabulary, grammar, and language functions are essential to language education. Even though language teachers tend to own a profound knowledge on English, they should carefully consider what to teach
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This unit covered the conditionals and reported speech. There's the zero conditional, first conditional, second conditional, third conditional, and mixed conditional. There are various exercises that
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Pink Hill
There are sentences containing ‘if’ (or sometimes ‘when’) which refer to past, present and future possibilities. There are two clauses: the ‘if’ clause and the main clause. The ‘if’ cl
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I did not realize how complex the future tense was until completing this unit! Unit 8 detailed seven of the most common future tenses: future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect
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Pleasant Garden
In general this unit gave good examples of how each parts of speech work. The only area that I found slightly confusing and will be researching further is gerunds. This course seemed to brush over thi
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The contents of unit 8 consist of the seven most common future tenses. These seven are future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous, be going + infinitive, present simpl
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In this lesson I learned about receptive skills. The two receptive skills are reading and listening. There are two purposes for receptive skills, one is for finding a purpose and the other is for ente
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As an adult there is a tendency to forget the specific of the parts of speech outlined in this Unit. We learn the rules as children but forget them after 5th grade. What is a gerund? Why do sentences
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The module gave me a good insight about classroom management, how our eyes, voice and gestures plaz an important role. The seating arrangments and how each and everz arrangement has a different prospe
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What I learnt from Unit 7 is ESA. ”ESA" (Engage, Study, and Activate) is also popular among trainers. “ESA”  is becoming increasingly popular within teacher training programs. It allows for muc
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In this lesson, the main topic it covered was the potential difficulties a teacher may run into in the classroom. One thing I learned was that a teacher should never use the course book during the fir
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Evaluations and test are the barometer of the teachers to weigh their students capacity or learning progress. Evaluations are not only conducted during the learning of the language, It is also conduct
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A teacher should possess a knowledge of the English tenses as far teaching grammar is an inevitable part of the lesson. There are 3 tenses in English: the past, the present and the future. They have 4
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In this lesson I learned the pros and cons of the contrasting teaching methods shown in the two videos. I preferred the method of the teacher in the second video because he was much more patient with
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This unit brought together many of the key concepts outlined in previous units. The main focus appeared to be connecting the ESA lesson structure to the different aspects of language acquisition. The
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The management of a classroom is incredibly essential to think about when teaching. From the seating arrangement, to the rapport between the students and the teacher, managing a classroom is something
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Unit 18 covered modals, phrasal verbs, and passive voice. Modals—can, could, may, might, shall, should, will, would, must, have to, have got to, need to, needn’t, and ought to—can be used to exp
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This is a great review of the many and current methodologies of EFL. The various methodologies were explained in great detail and how they are or were used to teach English learners. The ESA method (e
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I learned specifically the different times when you use each past tense verb form. While I know which sounds correct, it is always beneficial to know the actual reasons behind why you use each tense.
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Red Cross
This unit composed of different mosthods and techniques, one being the ESA method. The ESA (engage, study, activate) method allows much flexibility in the classroom while teaching the language in the
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Red Oak
Unit 15 covers the principle methods in measuring students knowledge, with a variety of tests to utilize to achieve different information about a student, what they know, their motivations, etc. Teach
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Red Springs
Unit 8 involves future tense sentence structures, allowing students to express actions that will occur at a later time. This involves expressions about personal or group actions, future predictions, a
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This is a great opportunity to repeat the grammar present tensess. Children very often make mistakes when they begin to study the time in English. And every teacher should properly explain and often p
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During this unit, I learned that there is so much more to grammar then I ever thought there could possibly be. This one took me a while because I felt confused at portions of the unit where grammar su
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When teaching, it is possible to be teaching many different groups of people, so this lesson gives insight into the difficulties of such task . Teaching beginners is tough primarily because there are
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Rich Square
At first, fluency and accuracy and the difference between the two slightly confused me as to me in English the two words are the same or one cannot be without the other. But studying through the unit,
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It was very interesting to read about the extent of what's involved in reading and listening besides just your eyes and ears. There are also many different skills related to reading and listening that
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This unit was densely packed, offering teachers an overview of prominent pedagogical approaches, before breaking down in thorough and comprehensive detail the ESA framework. Not only is the framework
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River Bend
This spectacular unit on phonetics brought to light the concepts of the three types of intonation, stress syllables and the difference between stress and intonation. Also, the pronunciation requires l
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Roanoke Rapids
Through this unit, I have clearly known what are productive skills-speaking and writing. Then, gave me a list of reasons why people would like to communicate as well. Next, continued to tell the diffe
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Though I have taught in several international classrooms before, it was really helpful for me to see the roles of the teacher broken down into these different categories. I hope this will help me unde
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Communication, being a very complex thing, is very important when it comes to learning languages. It requires some degree of accuracy and fluency which are of equal importance. If accuracy is concerne
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