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This unit is about effective classroom management techniques for both introvert and extrovert teachers. Classroom management is the skill of organizing & managing the class in order to have a friendly, relaxed manner and maintaining discipline. Firstly, teacher should maintain eye contact, gesture and the voice at suitable level. Good eye contact helps establish good rapport with the students and maintain discipline. However, staring at the students is not productive and eye contact should be delivered to all of the students equally. On the other hand, good use of (international) gesture can be effective & useful in conveying the meaning of language, managing the class, add visual interest, etc. But gestures should only be used as long as they are obvious in meaning or the meaning has already been established with the students. In addition, the voice need to be correct clarity, range, variety or projection to avoid difficulties in making our instruction or explanations understood. Secondly, in order to maximize the effectiveness of the lesson, grouping students is also a skill that a teacher should be acknowledged of. There is no limit way to group students. It depends on class size, classroom furniture and activities. The unit clearly shows each option has its pros and cons. However, it is a good idea to mix the students up for Study and Activate stages to create as much variety as possible so that they have more talking time opportunities and participate more active. Thirdly, arranging the classroom is also a useful skill for the benefit of an activities, cohesion or discipline. There are mainly three types of classroom arrangement: (1) orderly rows which is a traditional method for a class from 25 students, (2) circles and horseshoes which is applied for a smaller class with the purpose of being more intimate and suitable for pair-work, and (3) separate tables that small groups are set at individual tables to be suitable for group-work. During the lesson stages, teacher can stand, sit or move from group to group with different purposes to ensure the flow of the lesson. Fourthly, writing on the board is an unavoidable task. However, we can reduce writing time by using OHP, vocabulary cards, asking students to write on board, etc. It is necessary to ensure the available of chalks, markers, erasers, etc. Finally, giving individual attention, keeping the balance of teacher talking time and student talking time, giving instructions, establishing rapports and maintaining discipline are other classroom management techniques that a good teacher should be practical with a view to organize the classroom effectively.