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In this unit I learned that teachers can use a traditional course book or create their own materials in order to instruct a class. These materials can be either authentic or created. Authentic mat
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Unit 20 focuses on common problems situations faced by the teacher in class.The class might be a mixture of students with different language level,that is the weaker and the stronger students.I have l
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It was very helpful to compare the poorly run class session and the well-run class session in the two videos provided. In the first session, the teacher was unorganized, cross, frustrated, unclear, di
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This unit begins the basic structure of who is in the classroom, why they are there, and what they are doing there. The classroom is composed of students and teacher(s). The teacher's job is to teach,
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This unit focuses on evaluation and testing students' language level .In this unit i have learnt that a placement test is use to grade students into different classes according to their language level
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Unit 4 is titled The Present Tense and I have learnt four present tenses from it. Each of the present tenses covers the form, usages, typical student errors and Activate stage teaching ideas. It is ex
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this has been eye opening because we are able to see exactly how each and every verb is brought into use. there are notable examples thats are there to pinpoint the exact uses ansd the necessary expec
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This unit is heavy on examples as it gives a comprehensive guide of how lesson plans are like for two sample topics. The examples were of English lessons for vocabulary and grammar. Other than the exa
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Classroom management is also another critical aspect that teacher should be aware of it. There are many factors that contribute to fulfill positive learning environment to students. For me, I think it
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This lesson was quite challenging to me compare other lessons that I've studied so far. The usage and regulations of phrasal verbs confused me. However, after this lesson I was able to expand my knowl
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Teachers have many options for teaching aids and equipment to enhance lessons and keep students' interest throughout. Even if a school does not have the latest technology, many alternatives are availa
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I really enjoyed this lesson particularly because it helped me put into perspective all the different teaching methods and their respective techniques and requirements. I have always wondered what typ
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From this unit I studied about teaching to special groups, such as beginners, individuals, children, business English, monolingual and multilingual classes. It gave me great information for teaching
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One of the things I learned about in this unit is modal auxiliary verbs. Modals are used before other verbs to add meaning to the main verb. They can express a number of ideas such as obligation,
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This module was particularly beneficial to understand the various methodologies out there to teach effectively. Of course, the take-away is that the best one to use is ESA, and maybe add a pinch of ot
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This unit focused on the two productive skills of speaking and writing. As people speak and write to communicate their needs and desires, this should be kept in mind when preparing lessons such that a
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Although some teachers are hesitant to specifically teach pronunciation because of lack of confidence or training, it truly is an important skill to teach English students so that they can most effect
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Along with previous modules this unit has given me more confidence in my ability to create a structured lesson and to make it as effective as possible for students. I found particularly interesting th
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This unit covered different teaching methods and techniques. I realized that I have been using quite a few methods covered without knowing it. In my classes, I especially tend to use the grammar-trans
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Phonetics and pronunciation are areas of English often overlooked by teachers. Many teachers have a difficult time discerning all the nuances to English phonology, and feel that the students will have
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This unit was much harder for me and slightly more confusing than the other ones, I think the explination of the tenses was not very clear to me and I was not very certain about my answers but hopeful
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In this unit consist of vocabulary, grammar and its functions.I have learnt the best ways of teaching students new vocabulary.When teaching new vocabulary,students need to know the meaning,appropriate
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This unit consists of two videos. Each video is of a class where the teacher is teaching the same language point, but one class is significantly better. The first video immediately shows some problems
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In this unit we looked at Modals, Phrasal Verbs and Passive voice. First we studied the Modal Auxiliaries, their basic rules, the ideas they can express and teaching ideas. After this we moved into th
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This unit is the most technical unit from the start of the course. A brief overview of the unit comprises of the definition of phonology. The three main headers of this unit is intonation, stress and
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This unit is about the Lesson planning. it is really important to have a Lesson plan that will guide and be a document to refer to during the class. It should include the procedure , phase , timing, w
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The seven most common future tenses are the future simple, the future continuous, the future perfect, the future perfect continuous, be going + infinitive, the present simple, and the present continuo
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Although teachers of any type of English class use many of the same skills, knowledge, and techniques, there are differences that must be considered and prepared for depending on the type of class and
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This unit instructs the teacher on how to manage the classroom. During class it is important for the teacher to hold the students' attention so they can deliver clear instructions for the lessons. The
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Two major topics resonated with me; qualities of a good teacher and a good student. It is important to provide a “progressive” atmosphere in a class room, this fosters success, willingness to mov
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This unit helps to define different parts of speech and make correct stress on details to explain to the students. In my own opinion and according to my experience, the most challenging part of speech
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Course books continue to play a significant role in EFL teaching and learning by providing useful ready-made material to both teachers and students. However,inappropriate use of course books may de-sk
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One of the things I learned about in this unit is conditionals. The five main conditionals are as follows: A zero conditional sentence can be made by using two present simple verbs (one in the 'if
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Though reading and writing are often skills that need dedicated focus, I find it refreshing how the section has given strong examples of how to employ them in tandem with speaking and writing to creat
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Avondale Estates
Unit16 has provided me with the ideas of teaching productive skills in students such as speaking and writing. Practice of both skills is extremely important and must be included as much us possible in
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Like Unit 4 regarding the present tense, this unit reviewed the four aspects of the past tense - simple, continuous, perfect, and perfect continuous. For each aspect, the structural form, usages, and
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The Unit about Past Tenses was very useful for me as for non native speaker because I could easily check my grammar as well. I understood some difficulties that students might face while studying Past
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This unit was challenging but very interesting. It's interesting that I noted the "going to" future is more commonly used than the more formal and proper sounding future continuous. I feel with this c
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Ball Ground
This unit in has been great revision in terms of comparatives, gerunds, and other parts of speech. It has been a while since I have used these terms but I do remember them now. Not all of the conten
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In unit 7 (Teaching New Language) I learn that in teaching vocabulary we need to know the appropriacy to the students and to the task, how often the students use the word and the students that are beg
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As ? understood from this unit, good teachers must have good characters and knowledge about their job. However if we want to teach English well we need to have good learners too. Teachers shouldn't f
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This unit discussed present tenses (present simple, present perfect, present continuous, and present perfect continuous. It was really difficult to remember all of the rules for each tense and I becam
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In this unit two videos were presented. The first of the videos was an example of ineffective teaching of a lesson. The second video showed how effective teaching can be for both the teacher and the s
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I think that one of the most profound differences between the two videos was the difference in the teacher's attitude and presence in the classroom. The first video depicted a somewhat rushed, less mi
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Berkeley Lake
This unit covered the important but often overlooked subject of pronunciation. The content of the unit was very comprehensive in the definitions and examples that are encouraged for you to do. This he
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Unit 12 continued on from the previous unit by completing the four basic skills in a language. This time it was the productive skills - speaking and writing. By the end of this unit I was convinced th
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This unit is about the two receptive skills which are Reading and Listening. The main reasons to use those skills are for a purpose ( To read a list a ingredients to make a recipe, by example) or for
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Though an instructor's role ranges from full-on language elaboration to activity participant or even quiet knowledge resource, its their attitude--particularly concerning patience and willingness to g
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A balanced and well-organized approach to teaching English should try to encompass all the skills that are generally required for mastering a new language. These include both productive and receptive
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