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In this unit, I learned that the attitude of the teacher affects the learning of the students. When the teacher doesn't try to engage first with the students like in the first demonstration and starts
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There are three general types of new language to be introduced to a classroom - vocabulary, grammar, and function. All three of these need to be taught in a balanced way for students to learn effectiv
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The grammar concepts modal auxiliary verbs, passive / active voice, phrasal verbs, and relative clauses were covered in Unit 18. First, modal auxiliary verbs are used to add meaning to the main verb
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This lesson was on teaching receptive skills, which is both listening and reading. These skills are equally important and I learned about the different ways in which we take in information. Examples i
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This unit provided an overview of how students are evaluated or tested. Initially, students must be evaluated to determine their current level of proficiency in English, which is accomplished by place
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In studying this module I feel I have gained a much deeper understanding of how to structure a lesson and the various teaching techniques that can be used. The ESA structure I thought was particularly
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Unit 11 (Teaching Receptive skills) For me teaching this to students is a bit of a challenge. This activity should have a higher level of vocabulary. But with this guide in the unit teachers will take
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Good Hope
This unit is about importance of teaching productive skills. Throughout this unit I found out useful methods and techniques relate to a Straight Arrow lesson aimed at improving the students' writing a
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This unit teaches the third and final skill which are speaking and writing. These two skills are known as the productive skills. It has a similar layout to the previous unit where it explains the impo
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I think that some of the examples in the test could be used for different phases. In questions 6-9, for example, eliciting animal vocabulary or a brief class discussion could be used to engage studen
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This section gave me a good idea of how I should/can behave in the classroom. I have been a student all of my life so I was unsure of how I could establish a good relationship with the class as a teac
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The productive skills, speaking and writing, are all about communicating with others and with the world. When it comes to speaking, some aspects of the lesson should focus on accuracy and others on fl
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This unit gave an overview of different types of equipment and teaching aids that a teacher can use in the classroom. Although the type of equipment that is available to the teacher will depend on th
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From this unit I haven’t learn anything new about structure of lessons, because I currently work as an ESL teacher, so I know some basic statements. I have young students (3 to 8 years) so my usual
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TEFL teaching techniques put into practice certain methodologies of teaching English. The varied approaches to teaching a second language have developed over time from the classical method of direct t
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In this unit I learned about the various equipment and teaching aids available to ESL teachers and students. First off, the interactive whiteboard. Interactive whiteboards (IWBs) are becoming ever
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The four present tenses are present simple, present continuous, present perfect, and present perfect continuous. They are each used to express actions taking place under certain circumstances relating
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An EFL teacher will have a variety of students from all different levels and backgrounds to teach. It is important to be sensitive to the needs of various students and attempt to construct lessons in
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the ability to deduce the different types of vocabulary uses and their respective functions is good. it makes and helps each and every student and the teachers when to use some words and how each and
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From this Unit I have known about different types of classes. They are beginners, individual classes, children, business English teaching and so on and so forth. I have learned some ideas about teachi
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Pronunciation is generally reputed to be one of the most controversial aspects of English language teaching. Despite it appears to be an area where little standardization is possible, it is neverthele
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In this unit, I watched and compared two different lessons. The first lesson was very frustrating to watch because the teacher was quite rude. When the students make mistakes he sometimes even sighed.
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The two videos presented show the same lesson being taught by the same teacher to the same students with drastically different results. While there were many differences between the manner of teaching
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The process of teaching and learning depends upon the different type of equipment available in the classroom. There are many aids available these days like, audio, visual and audio- visual aids. They
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Classroom Management is a significant skill for new teachers to understand. The teacher must effectively handle the students regardless of the situation they are in, being able to adapt to the changin
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This unit presented several pieces of equipment and other teaching aids / resources commonly used to teach ESL. Equipment ranged from a standard white / blackboard with markers / chalk to various comp
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*There are many English teaching methods such as: - Grammar translation - Audio lingualism - Presentation, pratice and production - Task-based learning - Communicative language teaching - Community l
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A successful lesson can be separated from a botched one by a number of factors, but positivity, preparation/organization, gentleness with regards to student mistakes, and a good sense of humor all can
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In this unit I learned about the different parts of speech and their uses. One thing that stood out for me was that their is an order for adjectives (size, age, color, material, noun) that I was unaw
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I learned about the different roles a teacher needs to take on at different times of teaching. Sometimes a teacher will need to be a manager and give explanations, while other times a teacher will ne
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This unit was about class management and it also gave me some ideas about how to maintain discipline and preventing problem behaviour solutions. How to giving instructions to students and the importan
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In this unit I learned that there are four types of past tense (past simple, past continuous, past perfect, and past perfect continuous). The past simple tense is used to describe finished action
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In order for students to confidently acquire new language, they need a lesson that both motivates them (Engage phase) and gives them freedom to practice their languague knowledge freely (Activate) by
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Unit 18 finishes the grammar overview for this certificate course, ending with modals, phrasal verbs, and passive voice. Just as other units it also gives common mistakes students make and teaching id
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In order to effectively teach English as a foreign language, it is important to understand what makes a good teacher and what makes a good learner. While many people have varied ideas on this subject,
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There are many schools of thought on lesson planning, and while some believe it can be a detriment to learners of a new language, lesson planning is generally a necessity for inexperienced teachers. W
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The content of this unit was a good review of the English language and that all words in the English language - while in usage - can be labelled or described as a part of grammar. Details regarding t
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Teacher bedside manner, as it were, requires good use of easily overlooked but fundamental human interactional skills. Eye contact, gesturing, and vocal presence direct the class. Gesturing in particu
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I enjoyed this section it enabled me to learn about different methods of teaching in the classroom such as silent way, boomerang, presentation practice and production and audio- lingualism among many
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In this unit we covered the use of course materials. Firstly we looked at the differences, advantages and disadvantages of authentic and created materials. Then we looked at course books,the benefits
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Holly Springs
I subscribe to the idea of progress testing however this section has shown me some of the limitations of using that as a measure of success or comprehension in my students. I come from a psychology d
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I believe this unit gives an overview of the state of mind a teacher must have, and the state of mind of most students you will encounter when entering the field of teaching english as a foreign langu
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A variety of teaching aids and materials will be available to the teacher, usually depending on the resources of their particular school. Teaching aids are important and, in fact, necessary parts of f
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Unit 13 walked me through teaching different groups of students as beginners, business people and individuals. Each group except individuals has its own categories. For example "beginners" are divided
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This unit discussed modal auxiliary verbs, passive voice sentences, phrasal verbs and relative clauses. The nine modal verbs and several semi-modal verbs were identified, which modify main verbs to co
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This unit explores the use of course books and examines the variety of materials available to the teacher. Materials can be divided into two groups, for example, “authentic materials” and “crea
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Future perfect tense is used to say that something will have been done by a certain time in the future. The main form is will + have + past participle. Future perfect continuous is used tp say how l
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English grammar is complex and full of contradictions and exceptions. Depending on the native language of the students you are teaching, some grammatical concepts will be totally alien to the learners
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Iron City
This unit represented a various component of teaching method very well. In particular, I was interested in the section of "Prompter". I've been teaching my speciality (Pharmacy) to the BS students o
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This unit is similar to Unit 4. The difference is that this is the past tenses while unit 4 is the present tenses. Likewise to that, a strong understanding and grasp of this unit is essential for us t
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