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English grammar is complex and full of contradictions and exceptions. Depending on the native language of the students you are teaching, some grammatical concepts will be totally alien to the learners. While a teacher doesn't need to have a complete and in depth mastery of the nuances of English grammar, a teacher who has no knowledge of the rules will lose the respect and confidence of their students. The parts of speech of the English language might be particularly confusing, but there are 8 main parts of speech: nouns (places, people, and things), verbs (actions and states), adverbs (words which modify verbs), adjectives (noun descriptors), articles (words which modify the specificity of nouns and give context as to which nouns are being referred to), pronouns (words used in place of common or proper nouns), prepositions/conjunctions (the former being words that show the relationship between nouns/pronouns and other words in a sentence, and the latter being words that join together other words), and gerunds (-ing forms of verbs which are used as subjects or objects, as a noun would usually be). At the very least, a rudimentary knowledge of the various parts of speech is necessary for a teacher to effectively lead a classroom.