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In this unit we studied how to evaluate the students' level and the progress they make during the classes. There are different types of test designed for the beginning, the progress of learning or for
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Villa Rica
This unit is about modal auxiliary verbs, which are used before the verbs to add meaning to the main one. They can be used to express obligation, possibility, permission, prohibition, advice etc.. The
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A learnt a lot about this unit , as always, excellent description with various examples, and the end a task sheet, this is what our students really need, is a lot of practice in knowing when and how t
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another educational and important chapter in the learning of the English language. Speaking communication is the most common way of building interpersonal relations. Furthermore, speaking is important
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This unit was the perfect way to finish the course materials as it neatly summed up any potential areas which I feel I will meet. First we covered the techniques for a teacher with a new class (rappor
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Walnut Grove
The unit was practical and fun to read. It gave me a good overview of the basic grammar. I apreciate that the author presented the commonly used words in this section, such as, nouns, adjectives, ar
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a course book in my opinion is a great deal inside the class room , order is important, follow a sequence is important , organize cohesive thoughts and show to the students how to do it in English usi
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Warm Springs
This proved to be a valuable lesson. It must be true in many classes where students work at different levels and speeds. As a teacher I must try to balance my time and understanding between the stude
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Warner Robins
Wow that was hard and I am an English speaking individual. This course reminds me how lucky we are to have English as our first language- at least we have an advantage. I fully appreciate how hard it
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This unit covered theories, methods and techniques for teaching ESL. Nine of the teaching methods used over the years were explained. A newer method, ESA, which stands for Engage, Study, and activate
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I feel I have learned very helpful vocabulary when it comes to when and how each level of student learns. It's good to realize each level and be able to recognize each within your students. I feel i
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This unit has been very interesting and has challenged me in several areas. The area I think I needed to study the most was the difference between present continuous and present perfect continuous whe
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In any language, there are two basic types of skills - receptive skills, which include reading and listening, and productive skills, which are speaking and writing. While the four are equally importan
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Waverly Hall
Unit5 has provided me with a lot of useful info for managing classes, like when and how in an appropriate manner to use eye contact, gesture and voice, how to group students in order to make classes e
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Evaluating students is important in order to identify what they already know and understand so that the teacher knows what to teach the students moving forward. Evaluation can be in the form of struct
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Unit 18 (modals, phrasals verbs and passive voice) I learned that the basic rules of modals expressing obligations, possibility, permission, ability and advice. It can also used in formality. I also l
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West Point
From this unit Classroom management, I've learnt the importance of the role in you play in the classroom. That you must adapt to the students in the class based on age, personality, willingness to lea
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This unit provided troubleshooting tips that teachers may face. The information in this unit is beneficial but I feel that more information could have been provided for proper discipline of young stu
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This unit teaches prospective English teachers about teaching receptive skills. Receptive skills are reading and listening. It is the first two skills of a total of four basic skills that is important
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White Plains
The unit of Future tense was by far the most difficult of the tense systems to grasp. The difficulty in understanding the difference between the seven most common future tenses used would only present
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In this unit, I learned what it might be like to teach various special groups, including children, students in multilingual classrooms, and students seeking to learn business English. Clearly, these
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Teaching productive skills is as important as teaching receptive skills. I believe teaching productive skills is more challenging than teaching receptive skills. It is very hard to teach students to h
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In this Unit I have observed two different classes. I can say that the first class was really unpleasant to watch, the teacher was not prepared and he was aggressive with students. He never tried to
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This unit went over the use of and teaching techniques of correct pronunciation as well as the study of phonology. In regards to phonology the areas of stress, rhythm, and intonation comprise it'
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In this unit, I learned a proper technique on how to teach the students. It helps the teacher have an idea to teach the students at different levels not only the typical "long talk" of teachers but he
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This unit introduced the multifaceted topic of phonology and pronunciation in the English language. It stated that this area of teaching English is often inadequately covered in ESL courses because ma
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In this unit, I understand What makes a good Teacher. Teaching roles during the class as follows: Manager or controller, Assessor, Organizer, Tutor, Model, Participant, Promper and etc... What makes
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This unit has a lot of useful information. It discusses the theories behind language learning and approaches that have been used. Generally you want to focus on one approach and use that consistently
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This unit describes the different aspects of new language that needs to be taught and how to choose which ones are important to be taught. For example, the students need to learn new vocabulary, and t
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This unit was about the various hats a teacher needs to wear in a classroom, such as being a facilitator, evaluator, role-model, organizer, etc. It also spoke of the kind of learners we can encounter,
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In unit 9 lesson planning techniques were discussed. Since I already make lesson plans, I thought I had the hang of things. However, I learned a few things I didn't know before. For example, I didn't
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The videos were really eye-opening. By showing a positive and negative example, it allows prospective English teachers to identify good actions and habits as well as mistakes one can make in class whe
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This unit provided actual video footage of two class sessions focusing on the same language point with the same students and teacher in the same classroom set up, but with the teacher conducting the l
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This unit provided an overview of how new language can be introduced in a lesson. Breaking the task down into the three parts of learning new vocabulary (word meaning), new grammar (word order/structu
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Young Harris
The videos were a great representation of how the interaction between the professor and the students would be. Watching the videos allowed me to visualize how to set up a study plan. While visualizi
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The purpose of this unit was to discuss the differences between course books and created and authentic course materials. While there are advantages and disadvantages to all of these different types o
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