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Unit 2 Parts of speech The unit is about the basic structure of the sentence, ? The basic form :subject + verb ,the doer of the action + the action , ex the school started ? Another form subject + verb + object ex , the boy plays football 1. Noun : Common Proper Compound Abstract Collective Park-cat Ahmed – Classroom-basketball Freedom- smoking Family - herd ? Plural : regular : cat – cats , fox-foxes , kiss- kisses, church-churches, dish-dishes, family-families ? Irregular: woman- women , tooth – teeth ? Countable, car , dog uncountable ; music , smoking 2. Adjectives: describe nouns such as places , people ,,,big house , blonde girl ? Comparison, 1. comparative o Regular ; tall -taller than , thin –thinner than o Difficult –more difficult than o Irregular good- bad 2. superlative : tall – the tallest , Difficult – the most difficult 3. Article : Indefinite A, An definite Refer to any member of a group ,a before a constant sound , a ball , a university Before single & plural particular or unique nouns, The earth , the white house 4. Verbs : ? action verbs ex : go , state verbs ex :hear ? transitive verbs : followed by objects ex, he cuts the paper , he makes the game ? intransitive verbs : not followed by objects , he travelled , she left ? infinitive verbs : after to , to go , to feel good ? verbs form , regular walk – walked –walked – walking Irregular, go – went – gone – going ? Auxiliary verbs, help to form the tense but not the main action 5. Adverbs : adding meaning to an action , state ,quality Manner Place Time Degree Frequency Comment Linking Viewpoint Adding/limiting Hard, quickly Below, up Now ,later very Often, sometimes Actually Firstly Logically Only, too 6. Gerund : verb + ing , smoking , Going , Travelling 7. Pronouns : words replace nouns Personal Subject /object He him She her I me Possessive His Her mine Reflexive Himself Herself myself Relative What Which that 8. Preposition : ? Shows relationship between noun or pronouns with other words in a sentence ? Types o time , ex at , on o Movement , into , through o Place ,under, by 9. Conjunction , join words of the same class and , but, nor ? Join clauses of sentence :as soon as ,although
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