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Unit 13 introduces us to teaching pronunciation and phonology. An effective teacher should consider teaching pronunciation as an essential part of the course. This unit focuses on stress, rhythm, into
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St. Augustine Beach
Having knowledge of type of class you are going to have lesson helps a lot in the preparation of the lessons.Unit 19 elaborates on that.Teaching special groups consist of the following types of class
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St. AugustineCounty seat
Throughout this section I learnt about Lesson Planning, as the Beaver had taught me "always be prepared". This lesson was a good guide to the "why's" - the road map for you and others to follow and "w
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St. Cloud
This unit is about teaching productive skills such as speaking and writing. These two types of skills have the same purpose -- to communicate. There are accuracy and fluency activities. Accuracy means
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St. Leo
i learnt some grammars from this unit.the mainly i learnt some attributes from some words. like : nouns; adjective, article, verbs,adverbs,gerunds,Pronouns, Prepositions and conjunctions and pronoun
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St. Lucie Village
In This lesson I learnt about the other half of the Skills - Productive Skills. The format of the lesson was similar to the Receptive Skills. Accuracy and Fluency are two main parts of this component,
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St. Marks
This chapter was about phonology and pronunciation. Non-native English speakers have great difficulty in this area; so it is essential for our students to understand the fundamentals of intonation and
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St. Pete Beach
Dear Tutor: What is so hard about this lesson? Why can't you say speaking and writing sometimes? Is the jargon that important to you? Yes, it is necessary a lot of times, especially with planning
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St. Petersburg
Listening to the language and speaking it soley doesn't mean anything when the terms come to teaching, I have noticed in this chapter. I felt unstressed before taking the TEFL course as I thought I al
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StarkeCounty seat
I really like the analogy used at the beginning of this unit study, “Grammar is often said to be the tree trunk and branches of a language vocabularies and functions are the leaves that add beauty a
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StuartCounty seat
I have learned the differences between adult learners and young learners, the characteristics of a good teacher and a good learner, and what are the various roles a teacher must play in order to bette
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Sunny Isles Beach
The section labeled "Which method is best" is, in my opinion, absolutely correct. It meets my observations as a teacher (5 year experience), and I plan to utilize the ESA teaching formula, with the p
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Again, very helpful part of the training. This is a very interesting unit about the most important receptive skills. The ESA method when using the receptive skills effectively, would be very successfu
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Unit 18 was all about modals, phrasal verbs, and passive voice. I personally found the topics covered in this unit a bit tricky to understand how to name/explain. Being a native English speaker, I und
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Past Tense like present tense is broken down into Past simple, Past continuous, Past perfect, and Past perfect continuous. Past simple is typically structured with subject plus the base verb with “
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After completing this unit, I definitely feel i have managed to grasp a good understanding of the conditionals, especially with the 2nd and 3rd where i had problems in the beginning. There were plenty
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TampaCounty seat
i learnt modals ,phrasal verbs,and passive voice.when we use passive, usually the passive is most frequently used when it is not known, not important,or we don't want to say exactly who performs an a
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Tarpon Springs
i learnt the present tenses in this unit. it includes present simple , present continuous,present perfect and present perfect continuous.when we talk about habitual or routine actions, permanent situa
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TavaresCounty seat
i learnt teaching pronunciation and phonology in this unit.in includes stress , rhythm and intonation. the intonation includes rise/Fall , fall/rise and flat. techniques for indicating and teaching in
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Temple Terrace
i learnt Future tenses in this unit. Futures simple:future facts and certainties.promises,predictions( without of evidence,as opposed to"going to";assumptions and speculations,spontaneous decisions,th
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Unit 1 was all about teachers and learners. The unit first covered qualities that describe a good teacher. Many of the qualities that define a good teacher have to do with how the teacher interacts w
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TitusvilleCounty seat
Educators need to have proper classroom management skills in order to be effective teachers. Classroom management is not about disciplining your class, it deals with how to effectively manage the clas
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Treasure Island
1) Future Simple 2) Future Continuous 3) Future Perfect 4) Future perfect continuous 5) Be going+infinitive 6) Present Simple 7) Present Continuous Future simple is used with future facts and certaint
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TrentonCounty seat
This unit discusses methods of evaluating and testing students. Firstly the the unit breaks down several in-house tests such as placement tests, which are designed to help teachers place students in
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Another group of learners is the business group of people who learn English for specific purposes. For instance, teaching hotel staff the type of English that will help them professionally. The teac
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There are different positions between the student and the teacher: a teacher has important and different roles, he/she has to involve the student positively and also has to find a way of not being too
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This unit primarily focused on the the present tense of words. A lot of these phrases I use in everyday conversation, but I had forgotten exactly each was clarified. In this section we discussed the
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Unit 10 went over two examples of English lessons. Although the first lesson had some positives, it modeled many things that a teacher should not do while teaching students. The second lesson included
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Vero BeachCounty seat
In this unit I have learned about how to manage classes. I have read about many important topics like how to group students, how to arrange the classroom and how to give instructions. I especially fin
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Virginia Gardens
Present simple usages:1.Habitual or routine actions;2.Permanent situations and facts;3.Commentaries;4.Directions and instructions;5.Newspaper headlines;6.Present stories;7.Historical sequence. Present
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In previous units we are made to understand that for students to learn a new language they need to be exposed to it, understand its meaning, understand how it is constructed and be able to practice an
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WauchulaCounty seat
In reported speech the tenses, word-order and pronouns may be different from the original sentence.When we report someone’s words we can do it in two ways. We can use direct speech with quotation ma
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It is interesting to study how the use of the voice and eye contact can influence a student or a whole classroom. It is useful to read about how it is best to arrange a class and the pros and cons of
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Two most critical characteristic of the effectiveness and success of a classroom are the teacher's attitude and classroom structure. Being able to maintain an appropriate attitude of how to engage stu
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Weeki Wachee
When learning English, it is ideal that students are in an environment where they are surrounded by the language in order to practice what they learn in the classroom in realistic situations. The majo
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I had mixed emotions working through this unit. I started well reading through the unit until i came across the phonetic alphabet and organs of speech and how we produce the sounds, which i found quit
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There are many ways to teach a classroom and it all boils down to organization, discipline, and rapport. Since there are a wide variety of students that have different learning habits or preferences,
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West Melbourne
As a native speaker of American English, I never needed to be taught the specifics of English, or at least not to the degree in which this Unit covered. I was able to learn it all passively and didn't
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West Miami
For my weekly English Corner class, I use a lot of authentic materials because the students are all adults and their English levels are all above elementary. The materials are current news, an on-scre
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West Park
In this unit of study, I learned what a lesson plan is, how important it is for running a class smoothly and mostly how to write a lesson plan. At the end of the study, I have gained enough knowledge
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Unit 5 was all about managing classes. As a classroom teacher, this unit was largely a review for me of things that I have already learned through Teach For America, my Master's program, and my classr
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Unit 18 was one of the most complicated ones so far, because it was dealing with many different objects of English grammar: modal and phrasal verbs, passive and active voice, relative clauses etc. I f
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The engage study activates (ESA) approach is influenced mainly by following methodology: the grammar translation, presentation practice and presentation (PPP), community language learning, and task ba
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White Springs
Unit 6 is dedicated to the past tenses system. There are four types of past tenses system: past simple, past continuous, past perfect and past perfect continuous. To choose the right form of verbs we
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This unit was all about past tenses. The unit covered past simple, past continuous, past perfect, and past perfect continuous. Past simple verbs are using formed by adding -ed or -d to the base form o
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This unit was all about future tenses. The unit reviewed when to use the various types of future tenses and how to form them. We reviewed the future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future p
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Wilton Manors
My personal opinion about this lesson was more than just an introduction to the 120-hour TEFL course. As the first two lessons were more of an introduction into the coursework, lesson three was meant
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Phonetics can be hard to learn by foreign speakers due to the pronunciation of the words being sompeltely different but I found the visual and speaking (pronunication) techniques to be the best way to
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Winter Garden
i learnt teaching special groups in this unit. like teaching beginners and teaching individuals,teaching children,and teaching business English or study English for special purpose. and teaching monol
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Winter Haven
Verbs in English have two parts: the time and the aspect. For example, within the present time frame, there are three aspects commonly used: simple, continuous, and perfect. In the present time frame,
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