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Lesson planning is an important aspect of teaching as it enables the teacher to take an organized approach to the job which increase efficiency and effectiveness in delivering the objective to the cla
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MonticelloCounty seat
The study for this unit clarifies the rules of how to use present tense in English. I’ve found these study materials very useful especially all the ideas for activate stage teaching. Many Chinese na
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Unit 16 was all about conditionals and reported speech. Conditionals are sentences containing 'if' (or 'when') which refer to past, present and future possibilities. The conditionals are zero, first,
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Moore HavenCounty seat
Dear Tutor: Well, what strikes me is that I am going to be great at the Engagement part of the lesson, and then the difficulties begin....but somehow the fun/interest has to combined. It looks like
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Mount Dora
I felt this particular lesson, classroom management, was an extremely vital part to the 120-hour TEFL course. I learned a lot about classroom management, which I never knew about. For instance, I had
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What I learned from this unit is the importance of both structure and flexibility when coordinating lesson plans. Of course, unique elements of one's classroom must be taken into consideration prior t
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NaplesCounty seat
A teacher plays a vital role in each class. He should deliver each lesson with extra care not neglecting the behavior and reactions of his students. A teacher should not only focus on his lesson obje
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Neptune Beach
computer, white board, interactive whiteboards, computers (desktop or laptop), printer and a smartphone just about sums up what is required. Videos DVD video camera CD players can all be substituted u
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New Port Richey
I think that is important to tell the students the importance and goals of the exams. Sometimes they could be intimidate only by the word without having any idea why there are meant for. If we can exp
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New Smyrna Beach
In this unit I have learned about lesson planning. I now know, after reading through this unit, why it is a good idea to write a lesson plan and what a good lesson plan should contain. Furthermore I h
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This unit covers an important part of learning a new language. Aside from learning to speak the language, it is also important to learn how to read and listen to the language. There are four basic ski
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I really found this unit so helpful, I have never really studied grammar before although i knew the basics. After this unit i really feel i have broadened my knowledge and really found it interesting
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I think there is useful information that can be used on pronunciation in this chapter; however, the material on phonetics, especially the alphabet, goes well beyond beginners and I can not seriously s
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North Bay Village
Dear Tutor: As my goal is teaching young to mature adults in both Business English as well as World Business Cultural Practices. I see a lot of good possibilities that can be tied up to learning Eng
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North Lauderdale
This lesson gave me instructed me how to properly form an listen that would facilitate learning for my students, depending on how advanced they were. It provided a macro look at the structures of les
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North Miami
This unit covered a lot of information, and gave out a lot of great advice. I have had prior tutoring experience, but I still learned a great deal from the unit, particularly in the feedback category.
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North Miami Beach
Dear Tutor: I am happy to say that this chapter was very good; it even helped with the over all grammar understanding that had me so off base with unit 'present tense'. I have had help from a couple
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North Palm Beach
I agree with the unit where it says teacher find it difficult to know what vocab to teach students and this unit did not clarify much. It explains more about the structure and what to take in to consi
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North Port
This unit reviewed the sentence structure anatomy around the present. It went through the present simple form, which is just the subject and the base form. It also showed us the continuous which is re
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North Redington Beach
All the activities seem to be easy to apply when we have grown up students. But those kids in the puberty stage are way far for beeing able to engage into something. What I found out is that they like
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Oak Hill
This unit by far the most informative for a beginner teacher; it was really helpful too see the different types of methodologies and how they work. The examples were the best as they help you visiuali
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Unit 11 taught me about the importance of basic language skills, receptive and productive ones; focusing this time on the receptive skills: reading and listening. The main thing to remember is that bo
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Oakland Park
This unit focuses on listening and readying which are our receptive skills. There are many different ways that we read and listen including skimming, scanning, predictive, reading/listening to detail
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OcalaCounty seat
Teaching becomes interesting when a teacher uses different teaching materials because it directly involves student in the teaching- learning process. It makes lessons enjoyable and memorable. Teachin
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Ocean Breeze
In this unit, I learnt that good Classroom Management is about being possessed of good organisational ability, having a relaxed and friendly manner in order to maintain discipline. However, but most i
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Ocean Ridge
Eye contact, gesture and the voice, this units explained how to best use them. a real eye-opener. Making sure you know all student names: this is a must especially in Chinese schools that have a bit o
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Teaching a course requires proper teaching materials such as a course book. It is important to have one as a guide, but a teacher should not strictly adhere to the use of a course book. Creativity in
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OkeechobeeCounty seat
This unit covers the variety of equipment, materials and teaching aids that are available in the classroom. There's a lot of equipment available in today's classroom however the most important piece
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There are a number of way to assess a student's language level:Tutorials Evaluation by the students Tests Placement tests:These tests are designed to enable teachers to place new students into correct
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Unit four introduces the present tenses. Though linguists believe that there are only two tenses (that is the past and present tense), the EFL teachers state that there are twelve tenses which could b
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Orange City
In this Unit, I've covered four of these twelve tenses: Present simple, Present continuous, Present perfect and Present perfect continuous. I've learnt the usage of present continuous, but need to th
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Orange Park
this unit gives details concerning how to go about teaching a new or an existing class. establishing rapport with new students has always been my way and being more like a freind when need or a strict
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Unit 12 is about the productive skills we use in the classroom, the 2 productive skills are speaking and writing. writing is the most difficult for teachers and students and sometimes is over looked a
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OrlandoCounty seat
In this unit I have learned about modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice. The unit takes one through the basic rules of the grammar dealing in this unit. The unit also concentrates on both passive- a
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Ormond Beach
This unit consists of two main parts of teaching process, teacher and learner. The first part gives us a description of the teacher's role in teaching process. The second part states the factors that
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Otter Creek
The content of this lesson went over the different theories, methodologies and techniques. I originally didn't know that there were so many different methodologies. I learned that the ESA is very usef
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This chapter made me think about the merits of receptive and productive skills but I think the material was weighted towards receptive skills. Certainly the merits of reading and listening were expou
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The future tense is used to talk about events that haven't happened yet, but will happen. There are many different future tenses which can be difficult to understand by students. One of the students m
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PalatkaCounty seat
Assessment is one of the necessary parts in English teaching and studying. In China, the most used assessment method for English is the test. Because Chinese students are used to evaluate their study
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Palm Bay
This is a very interesting unit study. Instead of being a teacher, I have the chance to be an assessor to watch a bad way of teaching comparing to an effective way of teaching. The learning outcome of
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Palm Beach
As easy as this was for me since I am really good at grammar and I write. I have to say that this was by far the best explained tenses: (English has thre times (tenses) with four different aspects; si
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Palm Beach Gardens
In my personal opinion, a lot of the points in this unit come down to common sense but as someone has told me, a lot of common sense isn't that common. I've always been a little been intimidated by di
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Palm Beach Shores
Once again, your explanations are understandable, and the examples look and 'feel right'. The sequence of your parts of speech are well placed within the lesson. I wish to specialize in Business Eng
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Palm Coast
The students more participate effectively in the second lesson than the first.The teacher has a positive and engaging attitude in the second lesson and the students respond with a high level of partic
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Palm Shores
Being in a management position for so many years, I have found that some of the leadership skills are very useful in the classroom, such as interpersonal skills, time management, communication skills
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Palm Springs
The content of this unit went over different part of speech. It described what nouns where and the different types there are. It described what verbs are and its different types. I also learned more a
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This unit takes us back to English grammar and the different forms and how to use and teach them effectively in the classroom. We are also given the differences between direct and reported speech whic
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Palmetto Bay
This lesson was very interesting to me as it described all of the different methodologies that can be used in order to teach English to students.I very much enjoyed the "Engage, Study, and Activate" s
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Panama City Beach
Dear Tutor: It was painful to watch lesson one. First, the guy came in late, and without shoes! Ok, I figured out pretty quick was shoes were a cultural thing, but being late was not. However, his
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Panama CityCounty seat
What I have realised is that I actually use the wrong form sometimes. Since i sometimes say "I left my keys at home" instead of saying "I've left my keys at home". I'm still not really sure if that's
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