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This unit is based on communication. The teacher should create need and desire in the student to communicate. There is a difference between accuracy and fluency, but they are both equally important: t
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It was about conditionals and reported speech. The unit defined how to make conditional sentences and how to recognise them using grammatical structures and rules. It's actually a bit tricky, and not
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Altamonte Springs
In teaching new language teacher should pay attention to three main things: vocabulary, grammar and functions. Talking about teaching vocabulary it is necessary to note that vocabulary is very importa
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This unit gave me some useful material ideas with some useful websites to create and customise my own worksheets, it also broke down the material into two categories which i found interesting in order
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Anna Maria
In grammar, a future tense is a verb form that generally marks the event described by the verb as not having happened yet, but expected to happen in the future. An example of a future tense form is th
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ApalachicolaCounty seat
Unit 9 is about the lesson planning. It is a very important part of teaching process. Lesson plan has three main functions. It is an aid to planning. It is a working document. And it is a record of wh
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There are many differences between lesson one and lesson two.Lesson one is not clear, there is no enthusiasm from the teacher, no explanation, it is very confusing, the teacher uses his mobile during
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ArcadiaCounty seat
Grammar can pose as a difficult topic for both students and teachers. Thankfully, a logical approach to the subject will likely decrease many difficulties. Teachers are not expected to be a "walking
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A great opening unit, it was useful as it made me think what i liked and disliked about my previous teachers and what techniques i would use in the last room. It was also useful to understand about le
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This unit's focus was on teaching new vocabulary, grammar, and functions. As a language learned myself, as well as an ALT in Japan, I have always wondered how vocabulary was chosen for textbooks or ce
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Atlantic Beach
In this unit I learnt about the five main conditionals, how they are formed and their usages. They include the zero conditional, first conditional, second conditional, third conditional and mixed cond
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For me, as a non native English language speaker, it was very important to go through the basics of the English grammar, which was also the topic of this unit. I learned how to use the fundamental par
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Unit 9 teaches about the importance of being able to make and work through a lesson plan. It gives the basic structure for making a lesson plan, but also says that there is not just one way of making
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Authentic materials:They are real and therefore more interesting and motivating. Students gain confidence when they understand them. They can be geared to interests of a particular group of students.
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Avon Park
it has always been my strong belief that exams results at the end of a study period (end of term) is not a true indication of knowledge but rather memory. progressive evaluations that put the student
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Bal Harbour
Past Simple usages:It is used for actions completed at a definite time in the past.It is therefore used:1.For a past action when the time is given;2.When the time is asked about;3.When the action clea
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The videos really demonstrate how something as simple as an attitude or your tone can change an entire class' success. I found it very helpful and think that these vidoes will come in handy even later
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BartowCounty seat
This unit is devoted to grammar, and espcially parts of speech. There are nine parts of speech: 1. Nouns. Nouns are used to name something. Nouns can be common, proper, compound, abstract and collecti
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This unit was very clear and simple to understand. It showed me the basic characteristics of a good teacher and a good student. It's important to know the basic characteristics because it builds a sol
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Bay Harbor Islands
As a point of view, by a college graduate, holder of an ESL certificate from Washington Univ., and including a CBTE attained in Guadalajara, Mx. I taught for about 5 (wonderful) years overseas and end
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Bay Lake
Students will have a difficult time with irregular past simple and will have to memorize the verb conjugations. Past simple negative needs ‘did not’ or ‘didn’t’ before the base form. Past
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Just as there are many types of teachers, there are also many types of learners. This unit covers four types of learners: beginners, individuals, children, and business English learners. Each group ha
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Belle Glade
Verbs in English actually have two parts: the time and the aspect. For example, within the present time frame, there are three aspects commonly used: simple, continuous, and perfect. In the present ti
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Belle Isle
Don't be afraid of phrasal verbs! i am very much afraid. its a new outlook to another part of English neglected by native speakers. from every day to day use we tend to ignore these subtle English ver
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This unit gives a valuable insight about classroom management, overall lesson planning and in the end, teaching in general. The questions in this unit's test make it more clear on what I should have
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Belleair Beach
as far as this unit goes, its in reference to the ESA methodology in Unit 3. it goes as far as to aid in how to apply what we have already studied and how best to use them (in this case Past tenses).
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Belleair Bluffs
Classroom Management is the skill of organising and managing the class, having a friendly, relaxed manner and maintaining discipline. I must find my own style of teaching through practice in the class
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Belleair Shore
This unit went over the proper way to structure lessons for based on the content for vocabulary lessons, grammatical structure lessons, and language function lessons. It went over the details on what
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Unit 17 presented the vast range of equipment and teaching aids that can be used in a classroom. Going from a simple paper worksheet to an interactive whiteboard. The important message here is that te
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Beverly Beach
The receptive skills are listening and reading. These skills are sometimes known as passive skills. Reading and listening involve receiving information and so they are called the receptive skills. Spe
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Biscayne Park
This lesson was about the future tense sentence structure. Same as with unit four and six; Future perfect uses "will have" and future simple just uses "I will" and the continuous form uses a past part
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BlountstownCounty seat
Unit 20 examines the problem situations that can occur in the classroom. Every teacher has the experience to face the new group of students for the first time. Such lessons are the most important beca
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Boca Raton
i learnt evaluating students, it there are 3 ways to evaluate students' level:tutorial,it can take the last ten minutes at end of week reviewing the work done,discussing the aims of lessons.the second
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BonifayCounty seat
There are twelve tenses that we teach to EFL students. Teachers need to be able to teach the form of the tense with a grammatical construction and fundamental rules on how to use it and the usage /ho
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Bonita Springs
1.A noun named people,animals,places,things,qualities,states. 2.We use adjectives to describe nouns such as people and things. 3.There are two types of articles in English: definite(the) and indefinit
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Bowling Green
This lesson went over how to create an integrated lesson that exercises our two receptive linguistic skills; reading and listening. In their particular example they used a patchwork lesson that hopped
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Boynton Beach
This is the last unit of grammar study. So far I have learned parts of speech, tenses, pronunciation, and modal auxiliary verbs, passive voice, relative clause and phrasal verb. These study has laid t
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Bradenton Beach
Unit 11 covers many problems that might arise within the standard ESL classroom. Things like first lessons can have many different problems depending if the class is a new group or existing group. I
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BradentonCounty seat
Unit 13 identifies some specific groups that many ESL teachers are likely to teach. These include beginners, children, individuals, business or ESP groups, monolingual and multilingual groups. Begi
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This unit looks at different ways of evaluating students’ levels and progress, as well as some common external exams. If students are given open feedback as to their own progress, this will help the
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Briny Breezes
Unit 18 tells about teaching different groups of students. When the teacher has a beginners group he/she should identify the type of the beginners. It can be absolute beginners, false beginners, adult
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BristolCounty seat
a practical, visual example of what to do and what not do for a teacher in the classroom. i realized the methods and attitude of the teacher has a fundamentally profound impact of the students and how
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BronsonCounty seat
This unit introduced how to create a lesson an effective lesson plan. Lesson plans are meant to be unrestricting, they more of a general blueprint ensuring that we are able to effective engage, study,
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Phonology is the study,science,analysis,and classification of the physical properties of sounds.Intonation is generally considered to the variation in volume and pitch in a whole sentence,whereas stre
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BrooksvilleCounty seat
This unit talked about the receptive skills of reading and listening. It is important to preteach any vocabulary that might pose a problem to the learners. This will help make them more confident and
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BunnellCounty seat
Educational professionals make distinctions between assessment, evaluation, and testing. They are all used to measure how much of the assigned materials students are mastering, how well student are le
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BushnellCounty seat
There are many important benefits of having a clear and organized set of lesson plans. Good planning allows for more effective teaching and learning. However, many things can happen in class, and it
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I personally think that planning a lesson before it actually starts is very important. It gives you time to think and get organized. This is very important because what the student achieves depends on
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Unit 4 went over the four types of present tenses. The four present tenses are present simple, present continuous, present perfect, and present perfect continuous. As mentioned in a prior unit, many n
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This last unit gave a brief overview about the difficulties that may occur in the classroom. Teaching students of different skill levels in the same classroom, motivating unmotivated students, startin
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