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Cape Canaveral
I thought that this section was quite challenging. Even though I might struggle with a couple of the sections; overall, I feel that I'll be able to do very well in other sections. A lot of the tense s
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Cape Coral
I learnt classroom management from this unit.it include eye contact ,gesture and the voice.and grouping the students include whole-class grouping,students work on their own,pair work and group work.
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In this unit we focused on the grammar and explanation of past tenses. The differences between past simple, past continuous, past perfect, and past perfect continuous. Before this unit, I had never co
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In this unit we learned about classroom management. I found this course very helpful, as I am now teaching in various classrooms for ESL students now. One of my schools has an English classroom. The s
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The Parts of speech are fundamental steps for English learners to grasp in order to move from learning words and phrases to speaking or interpreting speech. The basics of nouns and adjectives, and ver
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Cedar Key
Unit 1 Overview A good teacher is able to motivate all students in the class with their support, knowledge, and model behavior by playing many roles including: manager, facilitator, organizer, and ass
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Center Hill
The unit went over what makes a good teacher and learner. It also went over the roles the teacher has while conducting a class. The unit described the different levels a learner can be at for speak
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Unit 2 covered parts of speech. In this unit I learned about nouns, adjectives, articles, verbs, adverbs, gerunds, pronouns, prepositions, and conjunctions. The unit discussed common, proper, compound
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Unit 20 was titled troubleshooting. This unit went over common issues that TEFL teachers encounter. It started off by going over first lessons with students and what to do versus what not to do. It is
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Classroom management is the focus of unit 5. Classroom management is the skill of organizing and managing the class, having a relaxed manner and maintaining discipline. All of this helps teachers to b
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ChipleyCounty seat
Tenses must be learnt quite well to be a good EFL teacher. This cahpter covered four of twelve tenses of English language. Simplest of them all, present simple is a good point to start with learners.
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Cinco Bayou
I definitely needed the management aspect of this course as I am new to teaching and this is my area of improvement. I feel this was the most importnat part of this course for those who already have a
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ClearwaterCounty seat
This Unit shows two different types of the same lesson. First lesson is an example of ineffective using of teaching techniques. In this lesson students feel very confused. Students can’t understand
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We are introduced to lesson planning in unit nine (i.e. Functions, how should a lesson plan be written, its organization, what should be in the lesson, monitoring your lessons and planning a sequence
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Unit 11 is based on receptive skills which include reading and listening. We tend to have reasons and motives for reading and listening which can be divided into two groups. We all have a purpose for
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Cloud Lake
This unit reflects and educates teachers as to the different roles they are expected to adopt whilst teaching and when to adopt these roles e.g. manager, controller, assessor etc. It also gives an ind
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This unit was all about evaluation and testing. Some different exams are practice tests, diagnostic tests, progress tests, external exams, and placement tests. The function of each of these tests are
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Cocoa Beach
i learnt past tenses in this unit, it include past simple, past continuous, past perfect and past perfect continuous. for the past action when a time is given,when the time is asked about, when the ac
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Coconut Creek
This unit covers parts of speech. It breaks down basic sentence structure explaining nouns, adjectives, articles, verbs, adverbs, gerunds, pronouns, prepositions and conjunctions. This unit breaks do
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The basic roles of a teacher involve being caring, patient, and highly interested in the subject matter being imparted to the learner, and to be conscious of the relationship between both teacher and
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Cooper City
These are sentences containing 'if' (or similar expressions such as 'when') which refer to past, present and future possibilities. There are two clauses, the 'if' clause and the main clause, and eithe
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Coral Gables
ESA is becoming increasingly popular in teaching new language to students.It allows much more flexibility.Lessons often move between the different stages.In the ESA method, there is more emphasis on
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Coral Springs
This unit covers theories, methods and techniques. It explains a variety of methodologies noting the positives, negatives and appropriate times and places to use each method. This unit then focuses
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Unit 8 gave me an overview of the future tenses, and taught me how to differentiate all of the tenses from each other by using the grammatical structure and general sense and meaning of each. The futu
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Crescent City
Teaching Vocabulary:Vocabulary is very important to the students,especially at the early stages when students are motivated to learn basic words they need to get by in the language.As a rule,a learner
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CrestviewCounty seat
Choosing the right teaching materials or coursebook is one of the most important selections which teachers can make. Teachers cannot influence their working lives in many ways. He/she cannot choose hi
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Cross CityCounty seat
In this first course, I learnt how a teacher must be careful of what roles he (or she) plays in a class. I was interested in learning about the different learner groups and the differences between the
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Crystal River
I enjoyed this lesson, it gave me an understanding of what a classroom setting would look like. When I first though about the classroom setting, I didn't know what to expect? At first, I thought that
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Cutler Bay
this unit is based off future tenses that is related to the past tense and present tense units , it has refereshed my ideas. the be going tense is something i didnt even know existed until reading thi
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Dade CityCounty seat
A lot of the teaching equipment listed are outdated. The last time I remember using a cassette, CD, or even DVD was in middle school. Most resources I use now are either downloaded or found online. No
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Dania Beach
Teaching equipment and teaching aids are essential for an interesting and effective class. This unit study analyses the advantage and disadvantage of all the teaching aids. Teachers should analyse the
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Speaking and writing skills are vital to the process of learning a new language. Students must be motivated and interested in the materials being taught. Additionally, while rehearsing new materials,
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Unit 8 is concerned with the future tenses. The seven most common are the future simple, future continuous, the future perfect, the future perfect continuous, be going + infinitive, the present simple
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Daytona Beach
In unit 8 we have learn the system of future tenses. Future tenses system a little bit differs from past and present. It consists of seven different tenses: future simple, future continuous, future pe
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Daytona Beach Shores
I have fount phrasal verbs one of the most challenging things on english, rather to the complexity of their form, meaning, or when you can separetethem or not. Not even this lesson helps to fully unte
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Although a short unit, it gives some useful information on the types of classes you might teach and what you might expect from the students of those groups. It also gave me some great class warmer ide
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Deerfield Beach
Writing a lesson plan helps with organizing the content of the lesson and the details in the available time. It is also a guideline of what the students will have learned by that given lesson. Lesso
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DeFuniak SpringsCounty seat
In this unit I have watched two videos, in the first video the teacher taught problematically, because he went through the lesson in a rush, not really caring whether or not the students knew what to
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DeLandCounty seat
Unit 16 covers the grammar rules and uses of conditionals and reported speech. There are five types of conditionals that can be used. Zero conditional - Refers to actions and facts that are irr
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Delray Beach
This chapter unit was the sequel to last chapter. It went over how to create an ESA effective format lesson plan to hone writing and speaking. There is a distinction that is important when creating yo
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Zero Conditional:it refers ti actions and facts that are irrefutable. First Conditional:This talks about a real situation in the future that is possible,probable or even certain,once the condition has
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To wrap up on final lessons of grammar, we must cover the modal, phrasal verbs, and passive voice topic. Modal verbs are used to express a number of ideas like obligations, possibility/probability, pe
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Unit 13 gives a detailed overview of the phonological system of speech, and talks about the importance of pronunciation in teaching a language. Stress, intonation and rhythm are the three parts of pho
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In the first video the teachers approach created confusion and a lack of confidence in the students. The approach was not as organized and structured as in the second video. The teacher did not take f
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Unit 7 was all about teaching new language. This unit went over vocabulary, grammar, and functions. First the unit covered how to select vocabulary. It is important to consider the appropriacy of the
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A Good teacher knows how to balance discipline and a relaxed presence in the classroom. Using eye contact and other body gestures to send appropriate signals to the class and keep discipline and prese
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Eagle Lake
i learnt teaching new language in this unit, it include vocabulary, grammar and function. whatever the class is, and however the teacher arranges the study phase of the lesson,there are four things t
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Unit 7 teaches us about the 3 main objects of language learning: vocabulary, grammar and language functions. It says that grammar needs to be the fundamental part of any language learning, and that vo
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This unit looks into the into the qualities, roles and responsibilities of both teachers and students in a classroom. The teachers personality and relationship with the students plays an important r
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There are sentences that follow the conditionals rules: zero, first, second, third conditional. These conditional sentences allows the speaker to express "if" and "when" conditions through various ten
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