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In unit ten we are introduced to two ESA demonstration videos. The same lesson is being taught in each video, however one lesson is being taught effectively and the other one is being taught making a
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Unit 14 talks about the importance of coursebooks, created materials and authentic materials. Talks about advantages and disadvantages of coursebooks and their materials, giving somewhat of advantage
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The general nature of future tense is that it is predictive. With future simple tense used for future facts and certainties, promises, predictions, assumptions, threats, and spontaneous expressions. T
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This is was a tough test as the ESA methodology can be used in different ways by different teachers. I may choose one way to engage the students while other teachers may choose a completely different
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Lauderdale Lakes
i have learnt troubleshooting common problems situations.i learnt that we should establish rapport with our students in the first class.and try to know our student interests and needs.and the students
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Unit 17 was all about equipment and teaching aids. This unit gave a list of helpful online dictionaries, as well as other resources that can aid in teaching/learning. The unit discussed a variety of t
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Laurel Hill
Games have a great educational value and it can be used in the classroom to make learners use the language instead of just thinking about learning the correct forms. Games encourage learners to intera
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A good insight on how to prepare a receptive skills lesson and how it should be structured, what it should include and the balance it should take. It covers the receptive skills which i haven't really
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The unit covers the stages of learning and how to increase retainage level among students by accommodating different learning styles observed in students. For instance, some may learn better using the
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Lazy Lake
In this Unit I have learnt the importance of the many Methods and Techniques used to Teach English to foreign students, as well as the corresponding Theories underpinning these methods. In particular,
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Unit 11 was all about teaching receptive skills. There are four basic skills when learning language. The receptive skills are reading and listening. The productive skills are speaking and writing. Lea
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Unit 14 was all about course books and lesson materials. There are definite advantages to course books, but they cannot be the only material used. I personally like to start with a solid course book o
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Lighthouse Point
i learnt how to plan classes in this unit.the writing of lesson plans has a number of important functions: an aid to planning; writ down what you want the students to achieve by the end of class,and h
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Live OakCounty seat
In unit 11 I have learned what receptive skills are and how to teach them. First I read about how we read and listen, why we read and listen and problems we might run into when reading and listening.
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Longboat Key
I have learned via this unit of learning a number of different things in regards teachers and learners. I learned what makes a good teacher when working with students hat do not have a strong basis in
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The 5th unit gives a unique overview of the classroom management, and about all the parts that are vital to manage a classroom; from organising the student sitting order, to ways of maintaining discip
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Loxahatchee Groves
For a class to be able to learn effectively the teacher must be able to inspire confidence in the students.We must know when to be firm and when to leave the students alone.in other words the teacher
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Lynn Haven
Teaching pronunciation is frequently classified as the most neglected aspect of language in ESL classrooms. Focusing on pronunciation requires dedicating a significant amount of time to practicing, fr
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MacclennyCounty seat
In this unit we will finish our look at English grammar. Please be aware that you will have only covered the essential basic grammar that is commonly taught in EFL. To cover the whole grammatical syst
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Madeira Beach
This unit covered the examinations that our student's will have taken, or will be taking. There is a placement test that is used to determine the student's general level and place them in their class
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MadisonCounty seat
This unit analyses and compares two classes that were giving the same lesson. In comparing these two classes it can be found that both classes were very different and resulted in one being much more
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In unit 6, we are introduced to the past tenses. It is mostly focused on the past simple, past continuous, past perfect and past perfect continuous. We quickly realize in this unit that there are some
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It was really interesting learning the history, methods and techniques used to teach and learn languages from the 17th century up until now. I thought the information for ESA method was really good. I
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Unit 3 was all about theories, methods, and techniques. There are a variety of methodologies regarding best practices for teaching and learning English. It is hard to say with methodology is "best", b
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I enjoyed this productive skills unit. It gave me an interesting insight on how to plan and implement a productive skill lesson, it included techniques, activities and games that focus on these lesson
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Mangonia Park
Past Tenses, basically follows the sentence structuring of present tenses with differences mainly to the auxiliiary verbs which are in past tenses themselves. Past simple is rather straight forward ex
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Production of language focuses on two main factors: pronunciation and phonology. Pronunciation is an umbrella that stresses on the intonation. Intonation can be broken into parts that teaches students
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Marco Island
This unit reviewed coursebooks, authentic materials, and other created materials that were specifically created as a learning aid. While authentic materials are usually culturally relevant and more im
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I like the way this unit is constructed, it gives you a bit more insight into the thought process of introducing new vocabulary and grammar liked to the topic and the level of the students. This Unit
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MariannaCounty seat
The main points I have learned from this unit are the qualities and the roles of a good teacher, the different ability levels of language learners, cultural differences in classroom interactions, and
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Lesson 9 was all about lesson planning. Lesson planning serves as an aid to planning, a working document, and a record. Lesson plans are a guide to follow while teaching to make sure that the teacher
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Mary Esther
Writing and speaking are two essential aspects of any language especially English. To simplify the process of learning, variation is a key word in this case. If a teacher uses the same writing and spe
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The material on conditionals was interesting and I can see how it will be difficult for non native English speakers to grasp. Indeed, those with romance based languages may fair better but many langu
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MayoCounty seat
There are many important benefits of having a clear and organized set of lesson plans. Good planning allows for more effective teaching and learning. However, many things can happen in class, and it i
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Once again this chapter returns to the heart of the matter with a meaty topic. The future tenses can be entirely confusing but the material is laid out well. Even if my comprehension is not at the l
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This is a yet another very informative unit for beginner teachers. Evaulating and testing can be done many different ways and this unit gives great insight in to when to use each one and suggests freq
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This unit talks about the importance of reading and listening. It is important, when a student reads, to make sure he has the correct language knowledge, if not, decide if there will have to be a pre-
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Melbourne Beach
Nouns are the simplest among the 8 parts of speech, which is why they are the first ones taught to students. A pronoun functions as a replacement for a noun. The adjective describes the noun or prono
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Melbourne Village
During my time teaching in Training centers that have coursebooks and software, i realized it presented a great restriction to what could be employed during lessons. how to present the new topic, how
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Mexico Beach
This unit explains pronunciation and phonology. At first it covers intonation explaining how we rise and fall throughout sentences to enhance or change meaning to sentences. For example our intonati
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Miami Beach
This unit covers the importance and structures of lesson plans. Lesson plans have three important functions, being an aid to planning, being a working document and being a record. These functions he
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Miami Gardens
Unit 1 is an introduction to TESOL/TEFL consisting of a general overview of the course, the roles and attributes exhibited by teachers and students as well as the relationship and rapport between stud
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Miami Lakes
This unit covers the basics of all future tenses. The first half of the unit covers future simple, future continuous, future perfect and future perfect continuous whilst the second half of the unit c
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Miami Shores
A modal is a type of auxiliary (helping) verb that is used to express: ability, possibility, permission or obligation. The passive voice is used to show interest in the person or object that experienc
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Miami Springs
The seven most common tenses covered in this unit are clearly explained and I definitely learned a lot about how to teach it effectively as this can be quite difficult feat. I think that the games and
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MiamiCounty seat
While speaking and writing are substantially different in many ways, they both are used for the same purpose-to communicate.In many ways, writing is the most neglected skill in the TEFL world, as many
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Unit 13 was all about teaching pronunciation and phonology. According to the lesson, it is believed that of all teaching points in English, the least taught is pronunciation. The unit discussed the di
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i feel better equipped evaluting and testing students are working through this unit. It was good to gain some knowledge of the different assessment bodies and also the different levels provided and th
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MiltonCounty seat
This unit study analyses the characteristics of different type of students such as beginners, young children, multilingual students and business people. Teachers should be more cautious to plan the le
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The Use of course books and lesson materials form the structure around which the class is based. The interest level of the students as well as how organized and structured the lessons are dependent on
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