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A good teacher will have a class of good students. This is achieved through a blend of the teacher's personality, leadership ability, knowledge, and relationship with the students. The teacher's
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Hillsboro Beach
In all my time teaching i have always thought writing skills was a negligible part of lessons and we only ever touch on it using homework or write down whats on the board. this unit has actually opene
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Holly Hill
Although on the face of it rather straight-forward, I found that the complexity of this Unit lay within it's outward simplicity. As a native speaker of the English Language, I have so often used the f
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This Unit covers the different teaching groups you might come across in your teaching career, it separates beginner levels into five different groups, it gives a detailed description of each, with a
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Holmes Beach
Future simple usages:1.Future facts and certainties;2.Promises;3.Predictions(Bases on no present evidence,as opposed to 'be going to');4.Assumptions/speculations;5.Spontaneous decisions(contrast with
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this unit is about the different techniques used to teach students and how they affect the students and teachers , there are a lot of methods but the method by Jeremy harmer is great for all classes e
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Horseshoe Beach
i learnt teaching receptive skills from this unit.it include reading and listening,how we read and listen? first,predictive skills, predicting the content of an article or a dialogue from a headline
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Initially I though this chapter was light on material and it seemed a bit of a filler exercise. However, the test proved entirely opposite. By bringing in the prior chapters on lesson planning (ESA
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Pronunciation and phonology are very important aspects of English language training therefore special attention should be given by the teacher to this area. Phonology of English covering basic aspects
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Reading and Listening skills are very important receptive skills for students to develop. It is important that the challenges posed is developing these skills are addressed so students will increase e
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Indian Creek
This unit covers the basics of the past tenses. It teaches past simple which is used for actions completed at a specific time in the past and also highlights some common irregular verbs. It also goe
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Indian Harbour Beach
This Unit was a good reminder to me of the rules of the Present Tense, even though this information is still pretty recent for me and is still fresh in my mind. I learnt a few new thing in this unit,
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Indian River Shores
Today we compared two videos on a teaching lesson. Both featured the same teacher acting in very different manners. The first was an example of what not to do, the second a nearly flawless video of wh
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Indian Rocks Beach
Dear Tutor; If you are wondering why it took me so long to 'master' chapter 13, it is because I had to recuperate from a couple of mental breakdowns en route to finishing the phonology chart! In t
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Indian Shores
Unit 17 describes teaching equipment and teaching aids within the teaching process. Teaching aids can make lessons more interesting and effective. There can be following teaching aids: boards, IWB, OH
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This unit was greatly helpful about teaching the conditionals, which I think can be tough for many Asian speakers. if/when conditionals are the hardest as well as the hypothetical conditionals. I thou
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Unit 12 focuses on teaching productive skills: reading and writing. We use reading and writing as a means to communicate and this more complex and difficult when two or more people are involved. There
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InvernessCounty seat
This unit study is hard because there are so many rules. Native English speakers can change the structure of the sentence without too much thinking when the situation happens. But they may not be able
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In the prior chapter I had made the mistake of assuming that productive skills were simply being glossed over in favor of receptive skills, but that error was made apparent when I progressed on to thi
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Jacksonville Beach
Teachers must be able to organize their students while maintaining discipline and having a friendly manner. Teachers should have good eye contact with their students when teaching, use gestures, have
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JacksonvilleCounty seat
i learnt grammar from this article, especially for some words' attributes of the sentence.it includes: 1,Nouns(common,proper,compound,abstract and collective) ;2,Adjectives(size, age color,material +n
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Jacob City
Receptive skills include understanding when you listen and when you read. You receive the language and decode the meaning to understand the message. It is easy to develop your receptive vocabulary. Yo
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JasperCounty seat
Unit 18 examines modal verbs, passive voice and phrasal verbs. The modal verbs are can, could, may, might, shall, should, will, would, must, have to, have got to, need to, ought to. Modal verbs are us
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Watching the first video was frustrating, even painful at times. I was losing my patience with the indifference and lack of clarity provided by the teacher. The second video was a definite contrast
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First Lesson:new groups,existing groups. Establish rapport between the students and also between the teacher and the class. Find out about the students. Find out about the students' needs/aspirations
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Juno Beach
There are various schools of thought on this issue. Some theorists suggest that lesson planning is not a good idea as it creates a more fixed, teacher centred lesson. It is true that too much planning
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This unit taught me about the particularities of different study groups, such as very young learners or business English learners. Unit gave suggestions on how to control the lesson process in class a
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Jupiter Inlet Colony
Today lesson went over the Receptive Skills of the Productive Skills, Reading and Listening. For purpose and entertainment these skills are honed. With either; Predictive skills - the headline glance,
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Jupiter Island
The process of choosing the right course book is a serious task. However, what we choose for our classrooms often shapes the syllabi, and sometimes even the entire language programme. Sometimes it is
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Kenneth City
i learnt the conditions and report speech in this unit.The conditions include : zero condition: if / when present ,then present; the first conditions: if present tense, then will;the second conditions
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Key Biscayne
In this unit, it talked about how one can maintain/manage a classroom. I didn't realize that there were so many different groups and how groups could really effect how the student react to the activit
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Key Colony Beach
Future Tense, it's not all about time travel. This section followed the same rule as the Past and present tense with the added exceptions of "Going to", Present Simple and Present Continuous. Once aga
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Key WestCounty seat
I this unit I have learned about the difference between authentic- and created materials and which advantages both of them have. Furthermore I have learned about the advantages and disadvantages of us
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Keystone Heights
I’ve have found this unit study is easy. As a non-native English speaker, grammar is a must learn part of the English study when I was a student back properly 20 years ago. It is interesting that I
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KissimmeeCounty seat
This unit summarises vocabulary, grammar and functions. In regards to the vocabulary section of this unit it talks about the selection of vocabulary and how it should be appropriate to the task and l
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LaBelleCounty seat
This unit covers modal auxiliary verbs, phrasal verbs, passive voice and relative clauses. Modal auxiliary verbs are used to add meaning to other base form verbs expressing obligation, permission,
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Unit two focuses on the use of grammar and the different parts of speech in English language. unit two is meant to help us to recognize and classify the different parts of speech. We are introduced t
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Lady Lake
Assessment is perhaps one of most difficult and important parts of our jobs as teachers. Ideally, it should be seen as a means to help us guide students on their road to learning. No single procedure
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Lake Alfred
Students need to be exposed to vocabulary, grammar and functions in order to learn language. Single lessons are often focused on one aspect of language, so try to use a variety during the week when l
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Lake Buena Vista
I have sat through many tests in my life, including progress tests, mock exams, and various external exams such as IGCSE, IB, and SAT. Every one of the external exams being equally terrifying. I have
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Lake ButlerCounty seat
This unit taught me more on how to teach, and when to do certain things. The examples of ESA is really helpful and interesting. It has helped me to think of how I teach and change some thing in my tea
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Lake CityCounty seat
The attitude of the teacher in the class affects the learning of students greatly. The teacher in the first video used more negative language such as "no" and "wrong" instead of giving more positive f
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Lake Clarke Shores
Basic lesson with good references to other books. I guess must of the equipment are out dated Thanks to digital revolution, however some materials Will remain present due the efectivness and the extra
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Lake Hamilton
i learnt course books and materials.it include authentic materials and created materials. authentic materials are not designed for the EFL students,they are not grade for levels,so should be selected
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Lake Helen
For most of my Chinese students, they find that receptive skills of reading and listening are easier to improve comparing to speaking and writing. I’ve found it odd that some students who are very g
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Lake Mary
I’ve found it is not so enjoyable to study the first part of this unit. The methodology of TESOL seems to be a little obscure to me. But I can relate to most of the explanations. Overall the teacher
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Lake Park
Unit 5 is dedicated to class management. That is very important issue in teaching process. Teacher's gestures, eye contact and voice are very important to establish good rapport with students. Student
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Lake Placid
ESA is becoming increasingly popular in teaching new language to students.It allows for much more flexibility.Lessons often move between the different stages.In the ESA method, there is more emphasis
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Lake Wales
When we report someone’s words we can do it in two ways. We can use direct speech with quotation marks or we can use reported speech.In reported speech the tenses, word-order and pronouns may be dif
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Lake Worth
In this unit I have learned about how to teach different special groups English. I have read about which difficulties and problems there might be when teaching beginners, business people and monolingu
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