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In an ideal world, classes are comprised of cooperative, motivated students, who all get along well and are of similar ability. In the real world, however, things are quite different. The most common
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In the first video it shows the importance of being on time, well prepared and organised. The second video shows the benefit of being well organised and well prepared encouraging students to be engage
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This section proved to be interesting reading for me, as a native English speaker we take these processes for granted. Listening skills are a very important process in learning a new language as inton
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I found this unit valuable because it made me evaluate how I see my role in the classroom. Personally, I would hope to be able to use a mixture of authentic, creative and course book methods in my cla
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Haining City
I found this unit gave a valuble insight to what makes a good teacher and learner. It explains the different roles a teacher will have during their lessons. It clarified for me what qualities a good l
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Hami City
After doing some teaching I beleive my teaching plans will change in structure. For my first year I beleive I would be a more traditional lesson plan with most of the lesson planned out but allowing
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When teaching your attitude will have a large amount of influence in your class. By making your students comfortable they will be willing to be more involved in the class and open to learning. Your
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Good teachers are also good learners, they learn through their own reading by participating in a professional development activities, by listening to their students by sharing ideas with their colleag
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The Classroom Management also plays a role on the learning process of a student in which methods to organize activities, instructions, physical structure and other features to make effective use of ti
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This module helped budding-English language facilitator on aiding the learning process of the students on new vocabulary, grammar, and its use. The emphasis on new language acquisition and its familia
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The two videos presented were interesting to watch. For it shows difference between how teacher introduce the engage phase so as to atudents will be get interested in the topic/subject presented.Unlik
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The receptive skills are listening and reading.Learners recived and understand. It also means understanding information which involves understanding the words, sentences and meaning of what others may
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Speaking and writing english effectively is designed for proficient english speakers who would like to improve their speaking and writing skills.The course compares various of writing styles including
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After reading the unit, I understand the importance of different stages of teaching and learning, and how to encourage student participation. Selecting a topic of student interest is extremely import
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When giving notes to the class, I feel that teachers should use technology as much as possible. Most students cannot pay attention to what the teacher says and copying notes at the same time. Theref
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First, I think you should not force people to make comments of certain length. From what I have read, many of these theories are opinion based. There is NO right or wrong answer. Everyone learns di
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I have learned the importance of listening and reading, and now I just learned the importance of speaking and writing. I do feel the same way that writing is the most neglected skill, I sometimes feel
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I am an English teacher but sometimes I still have difficulties in pronouncing some words, because I am not a native speaker, I just have been living abroad and have been speaking english every day. I
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I believe class planning is the most important because it allows the teacher to state the learning objectives and design ways to meet those learning objectives. Planning should also be designed so th
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I think the second lesson is more formal than the fist lesson. I feel that there is not enough explanation in the first lesson. I think the best way to prepare the lesson is by providing a full expl
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Receptive skills are very important when absorbing information. It includes interpretation and analyzing the information to come up with their own conclusions. Those skills are achieved by learning
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Productive skills in communication are the most important in every day lives. To learn this skill, it takes years of vocabulary building. Once these skills are learned, individuals can communicate e
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The best way to teach beginners is to have structured material that is designed for the beginners. As students' skills improve, then authentic teaching materials can be used to increase student confi
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Exams are used to find out how much the students know. It is used in all stages of the teaching/learning process. After exams are written and corrected, I believe the teacher should have students go
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In this unit, I learned the basics of this program, of my job - which includes the roles and motivations for a teacher and a student learner. We viewed the perspective of the teacher in detail and the
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in this unit we studied about lesson planing. lesson planing is a good way but there is no a special way in which plan must be written each teacher has find there own way.as the start of your teaching
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This unit emphasizes different methods of teaching . Not everyone learns the same so there are many ways to go about getting students to understand concepts and learn; and for practice to take place;
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This unit taught me how to manage and control the physical environment of the classroom setting so that students are guided in a controlled manner which facilitates their learning process. It provides
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This level unit was about the hows, ways and important aspects of teaching a new language to learners. There are certain pieces which have proven to be more valuable in this process being that it is a
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inthis unit we read about Teaching pronounciation and Phonology.phonology is the study of science, anylasis and classification of physical properties of sound.other hand intonation is generally consi
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This unit guides me through the various ways to structure a lesson plan. It helps reinforces goals I want to achieve, i.e. what the students can learn. Planning may have various ways of achieving a go
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This unit focuses on the differences between running the class right and behaving as a good teacher and not behaving as a good teacher. It gives two videos where the first video shows examples and beh
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" in this unit we read about conditional and reported speech. we read there are two caluses if clause or main clause and either can come in the first part of conditional and in this unit we read five
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this unit name is equipment and teaching aids. we read about many different teaching aids used to make lesson intresting,effective and less depend on textbooks.main aids are the board, intractive whit
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Thus unit taught us how to teach students to retain knowledge and learn through reading and listening skills. It gives different types of real life situations and reasons for using listening and readi
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this unit is based on teaching special groups.we read about types of classes the absolute beginner,the false beginner, the adult beginner, the young beginner and beginner without roman alphabet.we rea
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This unit taught us about productive skills in learning which are speaking and writing. This is the more active part of learning as opposed to the more passive learning of listening and reading. These
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I found this unit to be very helpful. It showed me how to make my own lesson plan and what elements are needed in a good plan. The sheets provided were great examples. After completing the tasks, I
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I enjoyed this unit and found the two videos contained in this section very useful. My first impression from the first video was that the teacher was disorganized, impolite and not respectful to the
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I have learned from this lesson what the importance of teaching receptive skills to students. It is imparative that they learn both how to read and listen in the new language they are obtaining. Ho
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In this unit, I have learned how important teaching productive skills are. Students not only need to read and listen but when learning a new language they also need the skills of speaking and writing
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This was a big unit which was filled with important information concerning teaching pronunciation and phonology. There are many aspects and techniques that a teacher should take in as valuable inform
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In unit 14, I learned what materials the teacher would typically use to teach their students as well as for the students, to learn the English language. I find that a variety of materials is needed t
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I feel that I have learned why it is so important to give certain test at the beginning, during and prior to a students learning. Before a student starts an ESL class, they should take a placement te
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I learned from unit 16 the usages and proper forms when using conditionals and reported speech. There are 5 main clauses when using conditionals in the English language. "If it rains tomorrow, I wil
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I found this unit full of wonderful resources and ideas for use in an ESL class when teaching students learning the English language. It is apparent that we as teachers rely heavily on them and it ma
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In this informative unit, I still find it confusing even for a native speaker. When using these Modal Auxilary Verbs, it’s immedialtey apparent which needs to be used in a sentence and at what cert
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In this unit, I learned the different types of groups an ESL teacher can come across. From beginner students to business, each level and learner has to be looked carefully upon. When dealing with Bu
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In this unit, I learned the common problems and ways to troubleshoot potential issues in a classroom and with students of different levels. It is more effective with a multilevel group to split the
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This unit discusses options a teacher can use for teaching materials – which includes course books which are more structured, and created materials which are more creative for the groups learning. W
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