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While teachers use them to different degrees, lesson plans are an important part of staying organized. They can help guide teachers, while keeping a record. Also, having a solid a base will allow teac
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When students are taking a class to learn a new language, their teacher is the direct vehicle of that new language. How the teacher approaches the class and how they treat their students can have a pr
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There are four aspects to every language: speaking, listening, writing, and reading. These are called the four basic skills. These four skills can be divided into two categories: productive skills (sp
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The last unit covered the receptive forms of language (reading and listening), and now Until 12 discusses the two productive skills: speaking and writing. Since language teachers rely heavily on prod
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In the English classroom, pronunciation is often forgotten about in favor of other topics. However, language learners are just as concerned about pronunciation as they are about other crucial topics,
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Course books are usually an integral part of teaching, whether teachers like them or not. Using a course book has pros and cons; it’s important for teachers to use their course book to their advanta
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In order to assess their students’ skills, teachers give tests. There are many different kinds of tests that can be given, depending on the purpose and the timing. Unit 15 discusses these various te
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English grammar can often be difficult for students, but there are two areas that can be especially tricky: conditional sentences and direct versus reported speech. There are a variety of different ki
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Every classroom has tools and resources in order to help the teacher convey to the students what they want them to learn. There are many resources that teachers use outside of the classroom as well, i
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When studying the English language, students will come across many specific and nuanced points of language. Unit 18 covers a wide variety of these grammar topics, which includes modal auxiliary verbs,
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When teaching English, it is important for instructors to keep their audience, or students, in mind. Are the students beginners? Is it an individual student, in a one-on-one session? Are the students
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There are many common “trouble spots” that can be identified when teaching English to foreign language students. Even very experienced teachers can run into snags sometimes, so it is important to
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In this unit I learned how to be able to create an effective lesson plan. Prior to this unit, I always wondered how teachers made their lesson plans. But, after reading this unit, I have learned that
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In this unit, the videos provided really helped me understood what I have learned so far in all of the units. I have learned from the first video that a teacher's behavior and how he responds and act
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In this unit, I have learned on how a teacher can teach a new language to a student. This unit has taught me that as a teacher , topics taught in a lesson are very important as this can be a big motiv
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In this unit I learned how an effective teacher would be able to help out students with the new language by knowing their accuracy and knowing their fluency of the language. Being able to teach a new
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In this unit I have learned how phonetic scripts are read and how important they are to someone who is learning the English language. This unit has also taught me that there are quite a few places an
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This unit has taught me that course books helps in creating a balanced lesson however course books should not be used all the time as it may become predictable and boring for the students. Course book
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In this unit I have learned the 3 different types of ways to be able to assess the student's language level. 1) By providing tutorials to the students which can be done at the end of the week to mak
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This unit I learned the differences between grammar conditionals, when and how to use them. I learned that conditionals in a grammar are sentences that refer to a past , present and future possibiliti
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In this unit I learned that there are many teaching aids and materials that can be used to in teaching. Teaching aids/materials are highly effective as it will make the lesson more interesting. Most s
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This is a very informative unit. I have really learned a lot in this lesson. Especially the differences between the phrasal verbs. The phrasal verb part of the unit was a little harder for me to under
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In this unit, I have learned the ways of teaching students of different levels. For me, teaching beginner students who know less of the English language would be the greatest challenge due to of cours
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In this unit, I have learned that a very good way to start a class is by using different types of warmers. It will motivate the students to listen during class and will feel more comfortable. This is
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This unit focused on receptive language skills, reading and listening. I learned that listening will often be more difficult than reading because when the student is reading they have more time to thi
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Watching the two different lessons was helpful in understanding the impact a teacher can have. When a teacher comes in with a positive attitude, engages with the students when they arrive, and gets to
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this chapter was very helpful in breaking down the options for teaching class. The importance of switching between engage, study and activate options to promote learning both individually and within a
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Not sure what a mill drill is but the stundents mingled around to get answers for bingo> if that ends up beingthe correct answer. It is clear form the vieo's that the teacher is goign to set a positiv
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This unit followed up on the previous unit, turning to productive language skills, i.e. speaking and writing. One of the central points of emphasis was the difference between accuracy and fluency. Acc
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This unit covered course materials, with special attention given to the use of course books. I learned that using a course book has various advantages, especially the reduction in preparation time and
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This unit covered testing and evaluation. I learned about the different types of testing, when they should be used, and the goals when using them. Diagnostic tests seem especially useful to me since t
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Very elusive to the matter of the teacher-student relationship and role of each one in classroom. How the teacher must proceed in all sorts of situations, as well as giving students some responsibilit
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Fujin City
I learnt about Methodologies, what are the differences between them. I learnt about the ESA, which is this course's Methodology. This Unit helped me understand better my own way of teaching, how i can
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This Unit helps to understand teacher-student, and student-student relationship, as well as to how to arrange tables and chairs so that the teacher can get better results, more student talk time and m
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In this unit i learnt with 2 different videos presenting the same class/lesson and the outcome for both. In the first video, the teacher clearly doesn't have control of the activities, or the lesson p
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This unit has given me a better understanding of how to create a lesson plan. Organisation is an important part of forming a successful lesson plan. This is a strength of mine and I am confident that
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I have really enjoyed taking this course. I have learned that each student will be different and that difference should be celebrated. As a teacher there are many many tools available for teachers and
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Fuzhou Fujian
I have learned that the ESA approach allows teachers to be flexible, maintains students motivated, exposes students to the language and to use the language in different ways that are similar to real l
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Fuzhou Jiangxi
After reading the unit, I found many things I already use in my world languages classes. I understood most in this section all the processes for acquisition but what about TPRS(Total Physical Response
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Teachers need to plan their lessons, because as well as providing a record for future reference, it keeps the teacher in the habit of making sure their lessons have appropriate learning objectives. Fu
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Having seen some good teachers and some not-so-good teachers in my time, many of the good and bad aspects of the filmed classes were familiar. Still, watching this was a good reminder of how to teach
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Students have different strengths and weaknesses, so ordinarily students have particular receptive or productive skills that they are stronger in. Hence, teachers have to help students identify their
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I specialize as a writing teacher for returnee students, so I'm well aware of the difficulties and joys of teaching writing. One of the big considerations is getting the balance right between accuracy
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I must admit that in my teaching career, so far, I have neglected teaching pronunciation in a very scientific manner as described in this unit because my knowledge of lingustics is sketchy. Sometimes,
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There is no such thing as a perfect textbook, but there are plenty of terrible ones. Therefore, the best a teacher can do is find something which provides a basic framework and then personalize and fl
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For the reasons given in this unit tests are a necessary evil, and are of huge practical, diagnostic and motivational value. However, the fact remains that some students are better test takers than ot
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Students in Japan, where I teach, have particular difficulty with conditionals because Japanese is very ambiguous with regards to tense, and the reader/listener is expected to grasp the tense of a sen
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As technology progresses, there is a need for teachers to be aware of what new teaching aids are available and be able to use them effectively. However, teachers need to resist the temptation to over-
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In my experience, teaching grammar can be a thankless task. If you teach it in detail, then students may get bored and complain that you're teaching them what they already know, which is often not tru
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I taught company classes over about eight years at a Tokyo company which specialized in researching, developing and selling solder, and based on this experience many of the points in this unit about b
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