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Upon studying the course material and completing my first unit test, I am already beginning to understand the make-up of a great teacher. Before reading the material, I had never given myself the opp
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Going through Unit 4 today, I now understand how and why we structure lessons in ways which allows us to tackle certain class topics. For example, if we were to have the aim to be able to speak freel
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Seeing a class in action has really given me a needed insight into how I'll be putting everything that I've learned up until this point together. Seeing how much of an incfluence a teachers approach,
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Great lessons indeed, i enjoyed it a lot. It was concise and understandable unit. It is the opportunity that I had waited for a long time. Learning executions on teaching methods and on how properly g
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I have so much learned in this context and enjoyed it as well. As a student before, it brought me back to what and whom I used to be. Flashbacks on my former days and correcting my former teachers, in
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I will take note of this. Grammar is often said to be the tree trunkand branches of a language while vocabulary and functions are the leaves that add beauty and variety. Very well said. But for me stu
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What i have learned from this unit is that the teacher have to earn the respect of the students and should help them and motivate them not by only being the manager and the center of the class but by
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What I learned from this unit is how to approach a specific subject to a student so they can learn it in the best way possible and to also check subjects that are important for the student rather than
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This unit talked about how to plan the lessons before classes. From this unit, I learnt some tips for planning the lesson and the benefits of lesson plans. It is including improving the teaching skill
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This unit contained two videos of lesson simulation, one was incorrect and another was pretty much correct. There were lots of differences between those two examples. In the first video, the teacher d
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This unit talked about how to teach students the receptive skills which included reading and listening. The most important point that I learnt in this unit is choosing the interested materials that ca
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This unit talked about how to teach students the productive skills which included speaking and writing. The productive skills are much difficult than the receptive skills, so teachers need to put more
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Planning a lesson is a very important thing to do because it helps the teacher in a lot of ways, like not loosing time trying to improvise what to do now or next especially for beginners and it helps
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A teacher's preparedness and attitude affect the learning environment significantly. A teacher who is prepared (in class a few minutes early with a few items on the board related to today's lesson) a
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In this class I learned that the way the teacher approaches the students from the second he/she enters the class can really affect the students in a different way and can also affect the learning proc
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Like Receptive skills covered in the last section, Productive skills are crucially important for communication. Productive skills deal with your output of communication efforts rather than Receptive
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Pronunciation is an often overlooked part of teaching English. This is unfortunate because many things can be communicated using different pronunciations of even a single word sentence. Pronunciatio
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The benefits of professionally published course books will forever be debated amongst the teaching community. This is due to the fact that there is no perfect book for every teaching situation. Ther
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Evaluating students language abilities is important for many reasons. Before someone signs up for a class, they will likely need to take a Placement test to ensure they are at a class level appropria
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in this lesson I learned that speaking and writing should complete each other, each one has its importance but writing is kind of neglected because students focus more on the speaking part. just like
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An effective teacher will not rely exclusively on textbooks to teach. There are many different teaching aids that can be used to make lessons more interesting and effective. Many of these aids will
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This unit covers the most advanced grammar that is commonly taught in ESL. That said, english grammar is complex and mastering it would take years of full time studying. While grammar covered here i
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While there are commonalities in techniques of teaching English to foreigners, there are also many special groups that require alterations to the teaching method. For instance, teaching very young pe
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Challenges are a regular part of life and challenges for teachers will exist every day. The way a teacher prepares for and responds to these challenges can significantly minimize the intensity of the
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Having a well planned class is very important. This will ensure both the teacher and student(s) will achieve their study goal. For the teacher, really, it helps a lot, especially to those who are not
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This lesson talks about course books and materials which is not always available in all school and sometimes the teacher have to do his/her own, also not all the teacher like having the books and mate
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Many students who know English for the first time through reading and listening, this process happened without them realizing. It could be during watching an English movie, or English commercial on TV
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