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Watching the drastic differences between the two videos were very interesting. The attitude that the teacher comes into class will definitely affect how students participate tremendously. Honestly, I
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Jiaozhou City
I agree that listening and reading skills are equally important. I also strongly agree that teachers should carefully choose texts and topics that students would more likely be interested with, along
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When it comes to speaking, I encourage students that although accuracy is important, fluency is better in helping you communicate. I also try to help students build their confidence in speaking withou
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I learned a lot from this unit. When I have to teach pronunciation to my students, I usually have them look at my mouth while pronounce words or use lines to direct the intonation of a sentence. I nev
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This unit was about how to use course books and authentic materials for lessons. I learned that teachers shouldn't always depend on a coursebook and should either add or omit certain parts from the bo
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Overall, the unit was about how to use tests effectively in order to evaluate your students. There are many different types of test, each with its own specific purpose, such as progress tests taken th
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This unit explained different types of conditional sentences and difference between direct and reported speech. The first thing I realized was that I never knew that there were different types of cond
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This unit went over the many resources and equipment that any EFL/ESL teacher can use during classes. Although I found some of them to be outdated such as the use of cassette tapes and overhead projec
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Overall, this unit went over the multiple uses of modals have, how passive voice shifts the focus from the 'doer' to the object, the differences between defining and non-defining relative clauses, and
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Overall, I learned about the different types of specialized groups that I may encounter during my teaching career. As of now, I have been teaching elementary to junior high school students, so I agree
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This unit covered good ways to establish rapport and motivate students while heeding to the different class situations and students that a TEFL teacher would face. I liked the ice-breaker activities n
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This is much more complex than the other chapters; we combine knowledge from unit 3 with unit 9 to form the order of activities in the lesson. I had to review unit 3... following the Straight Arrow le
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This was very helpful, getting to see a good and bad example for lessons. The first lesson was abrupt, had slurring speech that the students couldn't follow clearly, and felt like it wasn't planned we
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This chapter breaks down the importance and parts for half of a language: the receptive skills of Listening and Reading. Scanning, skimming, detailed information, predictions, and deductions are the b
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This unit is designed to give teachers an understanding of the different types of testing, assessments, and evaluations for learners. There are different types because students have many levels of nec
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Jinshi City
Unit 1, Teachers and Learners, provided a concise and beneficial insight into teaching. I thought that the material in the unit did a great job of establishing core concepts, such as empathy and sympa
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The advantages and disadvantages of authentic and created course work, the best is a compromise of the two though teachers don't always get to choose. Use authentic materials as examples and challenge
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Unit 2's most rewarding and insightful contribution to new teachers is its coverage of the Engage/Study/Activate method of teaching. This was already somewhat intrinsic in my own experiences with teac
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I never thought about how confusing reporting can be for non-native speakers. Verbs change forms, time usually becomes ambiguous because an undetermined amount of time may have passed or will pass, an
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Overhead transparencies are much more reliable than overhead projectors from my experience. Make sure to hit all four learning methods: visual, vocal, listening, and handwritten. The end of the chapte
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Intransitive and transitive separable and inseparable phrasal verbs are tough; my school never covered these! Defining relative clause: no separated section with commas. Non-defining relative cause: s
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Teaching beginners and children is what I will mostly be doing: no using their language, give clear instructions, use lots of visuals, use pair and group work (don't single out students unnecessarily)
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Troubleshooting the class is an important cheat-sheet to have. Establish a relationship with the class, spend the first lesson getting to know each other, what are the students' motivation and aspirat
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This unit provides a lot of material I will use when I am in the classroom. I found the content to be straightforward, but actually implementing these concepts and knowing how to adjust and plan for d
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This module was helpful. I noticed the differences between the two teaching methods. It was quite hard to sit through the first actually! What I found more interesting, is that some aspects of the te
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This lesson will be useful in all of my lesson planning. The content is mostly intuitive, but I enjoyed the idea of where to pitch the lesson difficulty and of pre-teaching difficult vocabulary. To w
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Teaching writing skills will be especially difficult if I have an eclectic class. Pronunciation can be difficult, but I am more interested in handwriting. I do not have beautiful handwriting myself bu
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This was by far the most challenging unit so far. However, I found it absolutely fascinating. I think stress will be very enjoyable to teach. I also think that it will be quite easy for students to p
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It will be important to be familiar with a variety of resources for my classes to avoid the constant use of textbooks. I think a textbook would be useful but only when supplemented by further teaching
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I think testing is an essential tool to judge student progress. However, I know from experience that too much testing can make the lessons less enjoyable and more oppressive. I would like to have form
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This unit has been both fascinating and daunting. I think the conditionals are easy to understand once one recognises the first three conditionals. After that the mixed conditional is straightforward.
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The resources provided in this unit will be very helpful when I begin teaching. I think that most of the information in this unit was common sense. But, all the same, it forms a great checklist to as
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This has been a great way to conclude the grammar section of the course. I found a lot of the grammar items quite challenging myself. Knowing how modal auxiliary verbs sound makes this easier for me.
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This unit was not too difficult in theory but will be different in practice, I imagine. It seems that most of these techniques and tips I must experience for myself. Teaching young students will be v
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I can see how some of the problems discussed in this unit can come up in my time as a teacher. I found the tips given very useful. However, I feel that once again only time will tell how well I will r
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Unit 3 provides a variety of insight about different ways to manage a classroom. It emphasized how important a teacher's voice, eye contact, and physical position are when delivering instruction to th
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Unit 4 provides new teachers with the proper tools they'll need to Teaching Vocabulary, Introducing Grammatical Structures, and Teaching Language Functions. It emphasized that grammar is the "tree tr
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Unit 5 focuses on the importance of flexible lesson planning. Unit 5 tells us that the teacher should approach future lessons with a sense of fluidity. Clear lesson planning provides the teacher with
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The first video clearly exhibited condescending and unproductive instruction from the teacher. This lead the to class feeling confused, insecure, and intimidated. He also was dismissive about their co
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Unit 7 focuses on receptive skills (reading and listening) and productive skills (speaking and writing). The unit teacher the reader how to incorporate a variety of different learning materials based
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Unit 8 covers the importance of speaking and writing by utilizing games. Via the ESA method, accuracy and fluency based activities can be varied and implemented to encourage students to communicate wi
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Unit 9 compares and contrasts the pros and cons of providing instruction with authentic and inauthentic materials. Authentic materials—i.e. a Rotten Tomatoes Review of the movie Deadpool2, an Americ
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Unit 10 focuses the future teacher on having a general idea on the variety of tests that the student will take both in the class room and externally. Placement/Diagnostic tests are usually given at th
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In this unit, I have learned how to manage a class effectively. I need to consider about the classroom arrangement, for example, if I want to teach in a Chinese public school, there will usually be mo
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After watching these two videos, I felt deeply sorry that the students needed to take such an awful lesson shown in the first video. The teacher's attitude is unbearable. Things like 'you said it wron
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In this unit, I have learned the difference between accuracy activities and fluency activities. They are equally important but have different focuses. A teacher should encourage students to speak and
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In this unit, I have learned the advantages and disadvantages of using a course book, and the reasons for using both authentic and created materials. There are many factors to consider when choosing a
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A good beginning lesson to teach those with no teaching background different effective teaching methods. Knowing that good teachers do not have a single teaching method but change their teaching metho
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Another insightful lesson. Before reading Unit 2, I had been ignorant to the fact that translations between different language was not simply translating words from one language to another. The exampl
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It is important to understand the engage, study, and activate stages. The engage phase helps to motivate student learning by using high interest methods such as pictures. The study stage is teaching s
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