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During this unit - The same lesson, taught twice, it was interesting to see the difference in the videos and how prepared teachers are for the class will guide the participation of the students. Duri
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During this unit I learned about teaching receptive skills. It made me understand that sometimes we do not pay full attention to a topic because we do not have the right motivator. We need to have a
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Unit 9 highlights the benefits of preparing for lessons and how useful it is to plan the class, for preparation, a working document, a record of the material taught in class for future reference and a
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The two ESA class examples clearly demonstrates how the Teacher's attitude can positively and negatively affect how the students absorb the ideas that are being explained. The straight arrow ESA class
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The receptive skill unit focuses on the importance of listening and reading in learning a new language, building interest and choosing adequate topics according to the level of the students as well as
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Unit 8 introduced the importance of teaching productive skills, speaking and writing, as well examining receptive skills deeper. This unit showed the importance of creating a desire to learn in all s
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This unit introduced the importance of evaluating students to measure their levels and progress to assess their language level. These evaluations or assessments can be via tutorials, evaluations by t
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It highlights the importance of choosing carefully the teaching material, be it by using authentic or created, the use of course books it's helpful however it can not be solely and religiously used, a
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The current unit covers the importance of assessing students be it by a placement test to find the students' level and getting them into the most adequate class, diagnostic tests that will help identi
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This unit explains the most used conditionals, it's usages and forms which will differ depending on cause and consequence, if they are likely, impossible or certain typically it'll change the form, it
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I learned about the importance of switching between different roles as a teacher, and also about the advantages and disadvantages of the various roles that the teacher can adopt. I also learned about
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This unit covers more complex grammar concepts that should be covered in EFL classes and are about as far as usually the skills of ELF teachers goes, a more complex comprehension of English will requi
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The current unit covers the different groups one encounters as an EFL teacher, understanding each group, identifying their abilities, needs and weaknesses are the goal for the teacher in order to prep
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Last unit touches on previously taught ideas and reinforces the importance of creating rapport with the class, being prepared as well as having teaching material adequate to the students ability, if i
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This unit is about lesson planning - how a teacher should structure the planning, why it's important to have a plan, and what needs to be included in the plan. It also bring into attention the risk of
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This unit was challenging, but I learned a lot from it. Not only because of the first-hand witnessing of a real-life teaching experience, but also because of the comparison between the good-teaching t
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This unit focuses on teaching receptive skills, meaning reading and listening. It tells us the importances of the two, and how to focus and juggle with the two in order to maximise the students' under
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This unit focuses on teaching productive skills, meaning speaking and writing. Although it says that writing and speaking carry equal importance, it is also pointed out that writing, in the classroom,
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This unit was challenging because all the concepts taught in it were new to me. I was not familiarised with them, not as an English speaker nor as an English student. I have been learning them by bein
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This unit talks about the pros and cons of using course books. Some of the benefits of using them are: it provides a balances mixture of grammar, vocabulary, and skills work; it makes quantifying pro
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This unit covered different methodologies, focusing especially on the Engage-Study-Activate method. It was helpful to learn about the different stages of the ESA method. Many examples were provided in
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This unit focuses on conditionals and reported speech. It starts by enlisting the 5 conditionals (zero, first, second, third and mixed), their form and their usages. Then the unit focuses on reported
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This unit discusses all the tools a teacher can use in the classroom. From technological devices the classroom may be undoubted with (video cameras, photocopiers, computers, OHPs, boards, DVDs etc) to
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This unit focuses on modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice. It starts with the modal auxiliary - basic rules for their use, as well as ideas on how to teach them are given. Exercises are also presen
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This unit talks about teaching particular groups of students - such as beginners' classes, children's classes, and English for Specific Purpose classes. For the beginners' classes the unit offers meth
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This unit covered managing the classroom in terms of organization, discipline, and student groupings. The advantages and disadvantages of various seating arrangements and student activity groupings we
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This unit covered introducing new language to students. Introducing new language depends on the level of the students, but this unit attempted to speak about the issue generally. I learned about how t
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These unit was of a such a great valeu because it was possible to see in practice many points that have been studied until now. From the relations between teachers and students to the importance of le
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The unit is aboit the receptive skills, which are reading and listening. It show the importance of each one, the difficulties and challenges to teach them as well as the strategies to help students in
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Unit 12 focuses on the productive skills, that is, on the speaking and writing skills. Unit 11 and Unit 12 are connected once they talk about the main skills students mau develop during their english
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This unit discussed planning lessons. Planning lessons is very useful and important, especially for the sake of organization and record-keeping. At the same time, it's also important to be flexible an
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This UNIT brings the topic of coursebooks and lesson materials. It talks about authentic and created materials as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the use of coursebooks. One very important
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This UNit presents the importance of Evaluation and Testing in the process of learning english as well as it brings the most common and recognized external examinations that are used to evaluate engli
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This UNIT brings two very important and, as explicited in the Unit, sometimes complex grammar points of english - the conditionals and reported speech. But, although the unit discuss the challenges of
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UNIT17 brings a very useful material about the equipments and teaching aids available to english teachers and students. It gives attention to a great number of teaching aid options, starting with the
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Unit 18 presents some reaaly important grammar points, as to know - the modals, phrasal verbs, the passive voice and the relative clauses. These 3 points are essential in a EFL course and have many pa
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This UNIT brings valuable informations about teaching different types of groups, varying from begginers (adults and youngs) to special class arrangements as teaching individual students, teaching chil
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This final Unit brings some problematic situations that can appear in class. Troubleshooting os a challenging task but If we have some strategies it may bem easier. It is important to know your classe
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This unit provided video examples of a teacher providing English lessons. The first video demonstrated problematic teaching behavior. Especially bad behaviors included poorly explaining activities bef
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This unit consists of two videos showing the same teacher giving the same lesson to the same group of students in two different ways. In video one, the teacher failed in quite some aspects, for exam
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This unit introduces how to teach receptive skills -- reading & listening. As mentioned, there're altogether four language skills, including two other productive skills of speaking & writing apart f
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This unit talks about teaching the two productive skills -- speaking & writing. Speaking & writing, compared to other two receptive skills of reading & listening, involve output. Thus mastery of spea
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This unit of Teaching Pronunciation & Phonology is a systemic introduction of Phonology, which consists of intonation, stress, phonemic symbols & articulation, and how to teach it. It's good to have
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This unit of Coursebooks and lesson materials talks about the cons & pros of coursebooks, the right attitude towardsw coursebooks, how to choose and use coursebooks, and also gives examples of created
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This unit talks about different evaluatioins & tests, when and why to use them. As I intend to be a teacher of English to Chinese students, I think how to judge the trainees' English level at the ve
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Chibi City
This unit consists of two topics: conditionals & reported speech. I think both of them can be difficult language points, students might easily make mistakes while they learn. The summarization & ca
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This unit talks about various teaching equipment which can aid us in teaching & motivating, about how to use them properly, and a list of resources is also included which would be very helpful when la
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As the last chapter covering grammar, this unit covers modal auxiliary verbs, passive voice, relative clauses & phrasal verbs. I think to master relative clauses well, students need to be at least in
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This unit of Teaching Special Groups cover different learning groups such as beginners, individual students, children, business people, monolingual & multilingual class. Teaching special groups of st
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Chuxiong City
This unit covers how to handle some common problem situations, such as first lessons,warmers/how to activate or involve students effectively, students with different levels, large classes, use of nati
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