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Here Below you can check out the feedback (for one of our units) of one of the 16.000 students that last year took an online course with ITTT!

In this unit, I have learned how important teaching productive skills are. Students not only need to read and listen but when learning a new language they also need the skills of speaking and writing the new language learned. Both writing and speaking are essentiall skills. These skills can be used in various accuracy and fluency models and activités within a classroom setting. Some are controlled more by the teacher as in the Study phase of a lesson whereas others are mostly controlled by the students, in an activate phase, while students experiment and become creative with the English language. There are many speaking activites used to encourage students to participate. A typical activity can put students into pairs or group work making it less of a taunting task for the individual student. It is also imparative that the teacher try's to arouse the students to participate with engaging or interesting topics. Also, giving the students enough time to prepare their work and discuss in their group or with another student. Spelling is also an important skill to learn as when students become more creative in writing, their written work would need to make sense to others. I also learned how fun and engaging it can be for students to play games involving language learning. This will help those reluctant students to participate and become interested in the activity given during the lesson.