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This unit was very useful for me as I have learnt more about the relationship between the teacher and the learner, their roles and responsibilities. The structure those things were presented in the Un
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In my opinion when i learn unit 5 about managing class teacher must be an extrovert to be a good teacher in the classroom. For the classroom discussion to be successful, it needs to be well facilitate
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We have gone through parts of speech in this lesson unit 2. It is the introduction to the grammar or the first step to the grammar. They are nouns,adjectives,articles, verbs,adverbs,Gerands,pronouns,p
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Big Springs
Unit 7 covered the importance of when and what vocabulary to teach. it gave examples on each phase of the lesson and ideas on what activities to part-take in during these times. Unit 7 also went over
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Compared to the other 2 previous tenses chapter, I feel I have a better understanding of this particular chapter more compared to the other. Although some of the question they asked I have to refer to
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In this chapter, I have learnt about English phonology and intonation. Intonation is the pitch and volume of a sentence which may give underlying meaning to the sentence. The 2 main types of sentence
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Productive skills are those skills in which we have to produce language, those skills are writing and speaking. Students, who possess efficient productive skills are able to produce a speech or a w
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It was a good refresher on the specifics of English grammar. It has been a long time since I referenced the elements of sentence structure. It is particularly interesting and relevant to see how Engli
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Blue Hill
The unit is devoted to pronunciation: certain intonations, sounds that we use and how we produce these sounds. As for me, this is the easiest and at the same time the most difficult area of language.
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Blue Springs
Question 5 has a typo. Overall, I remember learning this from my time as a tutor. I think the only difference will be cultural aspects. I need to learn my country to understand what gestures should or
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In this unit we were dealing with problems which could come up during a lesson and what you could do against it. One problem for example is, that you have big classes where you can not easily deal wit
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Boys Town
In this unit I have learnt the importance of teaching methodologies. I´ve discovered what is the ESA method and how to use it. Now I´m aware that the ESA method consist of engage, study and activate
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After completing this unit I learned what a student needs to know about a vocabulary item, such as the meaning of it, how and when it is appropriate to use, the word grammar, the interaction, spelling
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The basic introductory unit does a good job of briefly outlining the roles and responsibilities of a teacher. It requires that one have a fundamental understanding of what it means to teach those that
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The most fascinating thing that I have learnt from this unit is the information about different teacher’s roles during the class, like prompter, assessor or participant. That reminded me of my own t
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This unit talked about the different types of present tenses, including Present, Present Continuous, Present Perfect, and Present Perfect Continuous. For each tense the unit went over how to construct
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There are many different approaches and theories on teaching style. In this unit we have learn't about the most popular once. Nowadays ESA (Engage, Activate, Study) method as it is the most effective,
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It is important for the teacher to make sure the students feel comfortable in the classroom. The teacher should also make sure that the lesson is not predictable and boring. The teacher should use the
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I learned about receptive skills : reading and listening. If the content is interesting, understanding will be easier. A lot of reading's / listening's skills help to this understanding. There are pre
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When teaching reading and listening, it is very easy for students to become discouraged if they are having trouble comprehending the material; this can happen for a variety of reasons, including vocab
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Broken Bow
This unit is about different types of special classes a TEFL teacher might teach. They are mainly for young learners and for people learning English for their employers. Young learners are often hig
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This unit talks about classroom management. It points out some of the things a teacher can follow in order to manage the class well, to attract students' attention and to maintain discipline in the c
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This unit was a real eye opener for me. i was never aware of all of the methods that teachers had to take in order to teach. These methods and technique are very unique and should be used in different
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In this unit, i have learnt about the parts of speech which forms a sentence. I have learnt that each word in a sentence has it's own part. Firstly, a noun which describes things and objects and the t
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After watching the videos we can conclude how important is the attitude of a teacher when he/she comes into the classroom. Also, we can see that the organizational skills and well-planned lesson can b
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The relationships between teacher and students are crucially important. The more care, enthusiasm and motivation the teacher gives to the students the more response he/she gets from them, the better t
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In this unit, I watched two video lessons; one lesson was taught effectively while the other one was not taught effectively. I learned a lot from the two. I learned that in order for the classroom to
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Productive skills allow students to communicate -- orally or in writing -- to others; therefore, as teachers, we must give students opportunities to speak and write in class, as these skills are best
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In this chapter i have learnt how to teach vocabulary, grammar structures and language functions. First is vocabulary, although vocabularies are often based on textbook, I have learnt about the factor
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Teaching completely new language to students involves vocabulary, functions and grammar. In order to get the better acquisition of a foreign language, we can use the ESA method. For the beginners, it
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English contains a lot of grammatical items, which can be confusing even for native English speakers. Knowing the main differences between these grammatical features can help teachers anticipate areas
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I found the beginning of this unit to be a review of existing knowledge. However, the introduction of intransitive and transitive verbs was confusing. The video associated with the lesson was helpful
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In this unit, I have learned which criteria to use to select vocabulary, what students need to know and not to know, and examples/ideas for real lessons. The same is valid for grammatical structures a
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I didn't realize sounds were so complicated. There is much to learn in this lesson. I can speak English really well. I have had to think about the sounds that I use for these lessons. I also tried
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I learned that often times teachers have to create their own materials to either supplement the course book, or replace sections that are not suitable for the class. Quite often materials created by t
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Teaching English language to special groups involves totally different approach from group to group. Teacher shall structure the lesson differently if he/she teaches young learners compering to adults
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I love grammar and grammar is such a huge part of of the language learning process and needs to be very accurate. One of these items can be switched and suddenly nothing you say makes sense. So accu
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English conditional sentences and reported speech are among the most complex and challenging structures for English language learners. Conditional forms should be introduced to students once they are
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Different equipment and teaching aid can benefit to the effectiveness of the lessons, make them more interesting and keep students focused and motivated. Some of the equipment and teaching aids help t
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Cedar Bluffs
This Chapter gave me a lucid idea of the different parts of speech and made me to remember that I have to give attention to small details, since I was not taught much about these parts of speech, it w
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Cedar Creek
The unit was extremely helpful. It provided real live lessons and examples of what should be done in the class and what shouldn't. Speaking of the first video, it is always helpful to look at mistakes
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Cedar Rapids
Unit 8 went over the 7 different types of future tenses; Future perfect, future perfect continuous, the future simple, and the future continuous along with "going to" tenses and the present simple fut
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In this first course I learned the relationship between a teacher and their students. It outlines what being a good teacher consists of, such as caring for your students and being organized among othe
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Central City
The unit is generally about present tense in all of its forms and shapes. It contains formulas and examples, but has very few information on teaching present tense. I was hoping to gain new ideas from
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In this unit I found it helpful on how to breakdown a lesson. This unit has taught me that there is a lot more to teaching than just going over the material. When you are teaching a new language, as
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Past tenses in English are tenses that refer to the past. There are four past tenses: Past Simple, Past Continuous, Past Perfect and Past Perfect Continuous. If the teacher presents and explains gramm
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This unit explores the teacher-learner relationship. It details what characteristics are expected of a good teacher and the role they assume in different scenarios. It touches upon the general quali
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Unit six is covered of the tense that can mean the past time period. All simple tenses of present time can convert to past by changing verb from present into the past. When it comes to the continous i
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A positive teacher-student relationships play a vital role in the learning process of the learners. For instance, it produces a good environment that can contribute to the success for both teachers an
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The content of this unit is very useful in many ways. It talks about the qualities, roles;and responsabilities of bothe teachers and students. It also give clear examples of teachers' various roles in
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