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This unit talks about the different approaches to teach a new language. In this unit, I learned about how to use the ESA method to teach, vocabulary, grammar, and function. I understand there are fo
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This chapter consisted mostly of a general review of different features of English grammar. It focused primarily on fairly general grammatical terminology, such as verb, noun, adjective, etc. However,
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Red Cloud
This unit is about pronunciation and phonology. Many teachers believe that pronunciation is not important, but it is. It can be divided into intonation and stress. Intonation is the difference of v
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Republican City
The unit contains different techniques and methods of teaching, highlighting ESA as the most effective way nowadays. However, I already use this method in my classes, so the method on itself was not a
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I have learned the differences in present, present continuous forms of the verbs and mistakes the students will make when saying and writing those verbs. I have learned about present perfect continuo
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This unit covered a wide range of management considerations which a teacher or instructor must consider and incorporate into their classrooms, apart from using actual teaching techniques. Two major le
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Rising City
The unit is about correct behavior in the classroom and about problems that might appear during the teaching process. As for me, the unit is extremely useful as sometimes I experience various behavior
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Modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice are some of the most difficult parts of English grammar for students. A teacher must make extra effort and be patient with students so he/she can make the proce
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Unit 16 referring to conditionals and reporting speech was a interesting and fun lesson. During this lesson I learned about the 2 clauses “if” and main. And how either can come in the first part o
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Being a native speaker. I know of the basics such as: Nouns, people, places, things, ideas. Pronouns Names of people , places. Verbs describing action Adverbs describing types of action Adjectives des
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This unit tells us about special groups of language learners:beginners, young learners,individual learners, business English learners,multilingual and monolingual learners.Especially in this unit, I h
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This unit was about evaluation and testing. It described the different kinds of evaluating and testing students. Some of the external tests mentioned to me, I already knew (such es IELTS), while other
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With coming new technologies a teacher must follow the modern trends. In that way he/she will modernize his/her teaching. As most of the classrooms nowadays have a smart white board or at least a proj
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Thinking about the materials a teacher will use in his or her classroom is key, as both authentic and created materials have a purpose in the ESL classroom. Authentic materials give students exposure
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This unit is about intonation, stress and phonetic alphabet. I feel I have learnt techniques, pronunciation rules and a sample lesson. As it is said in the unit, most teachers do not pay attention to
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Unit 8 showed the different form of future tenses. It taught me the correct structure and usage, the common mistakes in using the future tense & it also showed teaching ideas about this subject. The u
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Even though I am familiar with parts of speech in English language by reading the material provided I got a lot of good examples which I can use in order to explain better different parts of speech to
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Thanks to this units I learnt about different teaching methodologies, which is more effective and why, and when to use the proper technique at the right time with the right type of students. Personall
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A Teacher has many roles other than just being a manager of the class room. From being a good role model to managing, organizing, assessing skills and students, and promoting skills and lessons. Ther
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Being a creative myself, I love the idea of being able to create my own materials to use in the classroom. That being said, this unit provided a great platform of differentiation in picking suitable m
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Teacher who is caring, patient and passionate about teaching will be able to create a great, positive, encouraging learning environment for his/her students. By taking different roles in the class and
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Unit 4 introduces us to the Present Tenses. The unit deals with the theory behind the formation of each present tense form, and then shows how it is put into practice. It makes us aware of the differe
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Int his chapter I have learned about materials that is used in the classroom. There are 2 main types of materials which are authentic materials and created material. Authentic materials are taken from
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This final unit on troubleshooting was a great end to the course. I had some lingering questions pertaining to my first lessons and how to conduct it. And now I have a clear understanding of what and
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Assessment helps us understand where students language levels are at, how effective our teaching has been, and how to tailor our lessons to students at specific language levels. In some cultures -- su
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This unit does a good job of explaining the difference in teaching and learning styles. However more depth could be taken in each explanation of each, as well as provide more examples of each. The tes
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In this unit, I learned about receptive skills, reading and listening, which are part of the four basic skills in any language. Productive skills would be speaking and writing. I understood all are eq
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In English language there are many tenses and structures that can be used to express future meanings. That is why learning future tenses can become challenging for students of different ages and level
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The writing of lesson plans has some important functions: an aid to planning, a working document and a record. There are some basic principles of lesson planning: keep it simple, don't try to script t
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This unit discussed classroom management skills and different approaches to keeping a class engaged. I was surprised and glad to read that you don't have to be an extrovert to be a good teacher, becau
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With so many ways to say something is going to happen in the future, students will need a lot of practice using the correct terms. Because there are additional tenses (i.e., be going to + infinitive),
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This section covered the existing past tenses of the english language. It clarified that the systematic of the past tenses is similar to the systematic of present tenses. Sometimes it is a little diff
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From this unit I have learned differences of teaching adult students of general English versus special groups such as beginners, individual students, young learners, Business English, English for Spec
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When learning a foreign language, students need to focus on four basic skills : reading, listening, speaking and writing. Reading and listening are receptive skills while speaking and writing are call
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Silver Creek
This unit contains information on course books, authentic and created materials, and appropriate use of them. Even though this is an extremely important area for every teacher, very few information is
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Course books are sometimes creating problems to teachers, because not all the materials and activities are interesting to develop during the lesson. From this unit I have learnt how to use right the c
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Being a writer myself, I found this unit incredibly interesting, especially with regards to the creative writing segment. As with the receptive skills, the productive skills are equally important and
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South Bend
Unit 5 was about managing the class room. First we learned about visual cues when teaching like eye contact, gestures and such. Then we went into the different types of student grouping/pairing and th
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South Sioux City
A teacher play a big role in the classroom and should be well prepared for a lesson or activities for that day. Teachers need to motivate students. She or He need to get to know her or his students to
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In this unit we examined modal verbs, such as: can, could, may, might, shall, should, will, would, must, have to, have got to, need to, needn’t to and ought to. They are used before other verbs to a
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During this unit I learned that there are certain types of test you give your students at different times. With different difficulty levels depending on the classes previous experience with speaking E
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In this unit, I learned that grammar strikes fear in the hearts of both teachers and students but when viewed logically, should not present too many difficulties. Teachers are not expected to be a wal
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This lesson was the definitely the most difficult to conceptualize as an English speaker. My education to this point has been very limited into actual analysis into speech sounds and how they're artic
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In my opinion, parts of the speech are the foundations of any language. It is the structure, the skeleton of it. Understanding the differences between it and its purposes will be essential for any fur
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St. Edward
This chapter gave a clear & precise idea of how a teacher should behave in class, the way of controlling students, being a role model, helping someone in need, giving examples or helping phrases when
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St. Helena
This unit is about the different teaching aids available. For using white boards or OHP's, it is important to write only important information and in lowercase. Visual aids are great because they at
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St. Paul
The unit is devoted to revision of past tense completely. Unfortunately, it is similar to the unit number four where present tense was revised. It contains no useful teaching ideas beside obvious on
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This unit explores a great range of issues that are all related to language classroom management . For exmaple,using eye contact, voice and simple gestures to improve the teaching process. Besides,
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As a teacher-to-be I find course books very helpful because they provide the syllabus with balanced mix of grammar, vocabulary and skills work for the students. On the other hand, I agree that most of
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Unit 5 deals with techniques of classroom organization and management. In this Unit, I was able to identify the drivers that provide a classroom environment that most conducive to learning for student
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