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I would say this chapter is the most challenging of all. As far as I can recall, pronunciation and phonics were last introduced during preschool days and it seems very alien to me. Different tone and
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Lesson planning is an important aspect of teachers ‘ work if he/she wants to achieve success with his/her students. Having a carefully constructed lesson plan allows the teacher to enter the classro
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This unit talks generally about the different parts of speech. Here, the different parts of speech that exist in English are listed and defined with examples for easy mastery. Examples are;- Nouns,
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The main points covered in this lesson were what makes a good teacher, what makes a good learner, the different roles the teacher can have or take, how the different cultures approach their first lang
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This unit covers information about equipment needed for teaching a language in a classroom. Basically, most things mentioned here are known by most people, but what I personally found useful is detail
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Unit 11 discussed about the different basis skills in learning a new language; receptive skills (listening & reading) and productive skills (speaking & writing). Both topics are critical for teachers
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This unit is extremly useful. It introduces the many teaching aids and equipment that can be used in classroom. It also shows the use of these various tools as well as their benefits. The unit attempt
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I this unit i have learnt that tense system is the most difficult area in English language.i have also learnt four present tense that is the present simple,present continuous,present perfect and prese
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In this unit we have examined modal auxiliary verbs and the passive voice in detail, as well as a brief overview of phrasal verbs and relative clauses. Grammar is the structural foundation of our abil
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This unit introduced a variety of teaching methods and focused primarily on the ESA method and different ways of using it to plan a lesson. Some of the ESA formats introduced were the Boomerang, Patch
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This unit was about course materials and how to use them. The unit described in detail what should be the criteria of selecting material such as course books and how a teacher should work with them. A
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In this unit content i have learnt that modal auxiliary verbs and passive voice in detail . The modals include can, could , might shall should etc and the modals are used to express advice, ability
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Teaching correct pronunciation is an important aspect of teaching a foreign language and it shouldn’t be overlooked. In order to teach the pronunciation to students, a teacher must first know and un
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It is important to know all the different parts speech (and their subcategories) when teaching English, because without this knowledge, one will be unable to properly explain why/when we say specific
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In this chapter I have learnt about the 2 receptive skills which are listening and reading and how to teach them to students. There are a few skills involved in receptive skills such as predictive ski
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There are different teaching aids to make lessons more interesting and effective not to be restricted just by a textbook. Boards can be used for many things: writing, drawing, sticking things on, p
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This was a very interesting unit about the importance of integrated skills in the classroom in particular focusing on speaking and writing. I learned that writing is perhaps the most neglected skill i
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In this unit I learned the differences betweens the future tenses. I have learned to teach when appropriate to use each future tenses such as : Future Simple : I will see the doctor today Future Co
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lesson planning is a significant element of teaching-learning system. A lesson plan is a step by step guide that provides a structure for an essential learning. It is important because it helps the te
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The past tense is another grammatical feature that students are introduced to early in their language learning adventures. Knowing how to conjugate certain verbs and explaining to students that it tak
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Grammar a category of the verb or verbal inflections, such as present, past, and future, that expresses the temporal relations between what is reported in a sentence and the time of its utterance. Gra
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The importance of evaluation in teaching can be summarized as follows: 1. Evaluation is Important to the Class-room Teachers, Supervisors, and Administrators in Directing as well as Guiding Teaching a
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This unit focused on the productive skills of speaking and writing, skills which share the purpose of communication. The unit pointed out that writing can often be neglected in the classroom and left
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A well-organized classroom with routines and rituals helps students feel more secure. Children need structure. The routines and rituals of a well-managed classroom allow more time for learning. Teache
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Through this lesson, I was able to see grammar Ain a more in-deapth point of view. I never learned grammar explicitly growing up, it was all done intrinsically, like most native speakers. Moreover, I
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Pawnee City
The unit is about two general productive skills: speaking and writing. They are vital for everybody and it is quite important for teacher to teach these skills correctly. Unit presents ways of teachin
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Finding the right course book is one of the most important tasks a teacher needs to undertake. Therefore, we can choose the materials that meet the needs of students and fit the constraints of the tea
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This unit was a great refresher into grammatic structure and rules that I learned in my education. I reviewed various rules such as subject-verb agreement, correct usage of pronouns, adjectives, adver
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This unit trains us on the do's and don'ts of managing a class. Some general and essential guidelines are talked about in this section, preparing first-time teachers to understand what to expect and
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Teaching receptive skills to students can be hard but by choosing appropriate material for students you can facilitate that process. The key is to provide to students different topics for which they h
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Surely one of the important parts of English language learning process are evaluation and testing. In order for teacher to evaluate his students properly, he must be familiar with all evaluation metho
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English is considered one of the most difficult languages to learn. While there are many rules in the English language about how words are pronounced, there are also quite a few exceptions and areas w
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Native speakers often use modals and transitive verbs, which may be confusing to beginner learners. Additionally, students may encounter passive voice early on in their language learning, so explainin
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Receptive language allows students to understand what is said to them and comprehend what is written down on a paper, sign, or TV. It can be hard for students to develop these skills independently, wh
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This unit focused on a couple of videos of a class demonstrations. This unit was useful because it gave some context to what is being taught in this course so far. It allowed me to apply what I have l
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Platte Center
This unit was about productive language skills: speaking and writing. Accuracy activities are more teacher controlled and more about getting the language completely correct. Fluency activities are m
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This unit gives a teacher very good general knowledge of how to behave in class and how to build the right relationship with learners. First, knowing the roles of a teacher helps him or her to be as
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Pleasant Dale
Upon finishing the unit videos I saw a clear distinction between what to do and what not to do. The teacher in video one clearly was an example of a unprepared and unmotivated teacher. He didn’t use
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This video lesson was extremely informative because there were two comparisons for how to engage a classroom. The first example showed how not to engage a class and teach. The professor was dull, unen
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In this unit I have learned about the tenses which is used in present time. Present simple,present continuous,present perfect and present perfect continuous are the various types of present tense. Whe
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This lesson was great in better understanding the various methods and techniques when it comes to teaching a lesson. I really enjoyed the lesson because it helps me visualize how to set-up a lesson pl
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Unit 3 has been an extremely beneficial unit. Learning the proper structural forms on how to engage with your class was very helpful. Going into this course I did not have a clue on how I would enga
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This unit center on productive skills, speaking and writing. As I have experience teaching English conversation, I was familiar with most of the speaking related information in this unit. I did, howev
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unit 10. The aim of this study is to maintain the relationship between the teacher and students especially in terms of manner and attitude in the classroom. A classroom with well-mannered students usu
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Unit 4 introduces preent tenses, it talks about a form, usage, typical students errors and activate stage teaching ideas. This unit gives very good samples of each tense, provides affirmative forms, n
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Unit 7 introduces and explains how to teach vocabulary, grammar and functions. In the begining of this unit I can get more information about teaching vocabulary, what factors determinehow easy it will
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In this unit, I learned what makes a good teacher as well as what makes a good learner. A teacher, who cares about his /her teaching but cares even more about the learning of the students, makes a goo
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This unit deviates from the theoretical part to the practical of a lesson. It presents two contrasting videos where the first video is not a good example to follow as a teacher because the stages are
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Teaching grammar to students can be very delicate process because it usually hard for students to distinguish different tenses and decide which to use. Teacher must clearly state the situations when t
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many student are from different cultures so for them to diverse experiences in their classrooms with physical programs. So its the teachers job to create an appropriate activities, instructions so th
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