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I learned ways to teach a new language. How to teach new vocabulary, grammatical structures and language functions. I understand now how ESA formulas are needed. If we don't speak the same language,
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This unit on teaching special groups was very useful. I learned the basic differences from a absolute beginner to the beginner without Roman alphabet and those in between. Also some useful methods and
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As an English teacher working for the first time with a new class it is important to be on the lookout for some common signs that there may be difficulties with the course; said difficulties may inclu
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Clay Center
This unit is about the importance of lesson planning. Lesson planning helps the teacher set goals for their learners, manage the time of the parts of the lesson, and provide a record for the teacher
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I've learned something completely new with this unit and find it fantastic, thanks to the corresponding videos, that I can now decipher the phonemic alphabet. In terms of the other content I've learne
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The units on Present tense and past tense really helped me to better understand and how to better teach these subjects. Past tense obviously almost always relates to a time period in the past which i
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This unit introduced different roles that teachers take on in the classroom and qualities of good teachers and good learners. I believe that one of the most important traits of a teacher is that s/he
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In my opinion students learning new languages it give thing to think about but took improve vocabulary as it is. students must learn the value of big and strong words while trying to define the foreig
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At first, I thought this chapter is for those special children that suffered from some kind of learning disabilities on how to cope and teach them but is not. This chapter gives me a whole new perspec
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Unit 9 generally talks about the planning, functions and preparation of a lesson plan.It states the things which are supposed to be included in a lesson plan. It elaborates a sample lesson plan with a
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Teaching English different groups of students may require different skills. There are varied categories of the beginners that we need to distinguish and find the best approach, methodology and te
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We know that sometimes it can be hard to establish a good learning atmosphere in the classroom. In order to accomplish that teacher have to use different classroom management techniques in grouping st
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Present tense I find a bit easier for teaching because most none English languages focus on present tense. Example Indonesia Bahasa. has no past or future tense. Where it becomes difficult is in the f
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There are a lot of teaching methods in this unit. I think the ESA method is one of the best. I have already had experience using this method of teaching but didn't know it had a name. And like it a l
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This unit covered course material, including course books as well as authentic and creative materials. It explained the differences as well as the benefits and limits of each, especially in relations
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I learned that there are four things that students need to do with new language; be exposed to it, understand its meaning, understand how it's constructed and be able to practice and produce it. Teach
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There are numerous types of equipment and teaching aids available for the teacher to used and each and every one of them have their own strength and weaknesses so I feel there is no one that can satis
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As teachers, we will undoubtedly have to introduce new content to the students -- vocabulary, grammatical features, etc. Knowing this, it is important to know some strategies on how to introduce the n
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In this content i have learnt that during the first lesson the are main two types of group of students that is the new group and the existing group. The new group mainly the students they do not know
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Crab Orchard
Unit is devoted to different groups of English learners and ways to teach these groups. It could be rather helpful for almost any teacher as usually they are experienced in teaching of only one partic
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Learning about the subtleties communicated via intonation in English was very interesting for me. Having taken a few courses on linguistics, I was familiar with the second half of this unit, which cen
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In this unit I have reviewed parts of speech and their classification. I think recognizing parts of speech is an essential knowledge as it gives some basic understanding of the English language senten
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Teaching productive skills. eg in terms of speaking and writing , I have learned that it needs a lot of practice and commitment. For example, Instead of trying to speak in complete sentence immediate
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This unit covered several different things: attributes of a good teachers and students, differences in student competencies as well as how those differences can affect their experiences as learners, a
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When teaching English as a second language, it is important to recognize who it is that you are teaching; the age, location, and English needs of your pupils can significantly vary the way in which yo
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This lesson, like the first lesson on tense, shared thoroughly the specific usage and even importances of varying past tense grammar points. What I learned was the specific usage of the past perfect c
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This unit was very useful. To learn about receptive skills were important to understanding how students may absorb teaching materials. This unit gave me a good understanding of which specific type of
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In this chapter, I have learnt about the various methods of teaching English to students which includes Grammar - translations, Task-Based Learning etc. I have also learnt about the widely used method
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This chapter talked about applying ESA methods to introduce new language. Lessons that focus on grammar and vocabulary are more suited for the "straight arrow" ESA approach, while function-based lesso
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Dakota City
It's all about the commom teaching and classroom problems or error that any teacher would actually face or do it by mistake in thier very first lesson, or with people of very large group, unmotivated
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In this unit, I learned about theories, methods, and techniques. This unit showed me that there has been a debate about which method and technique produce the best results. Some of these common exampl
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In the unit I learned about conditionals and reported speech. I learned that there have six kinds of conditionals, such as: zero conditional (if / when + present tense, present tense), first condition
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This chapter can be a little confusing especially the STUDY phase as I think a lot of methods can be used interchangeably instead of starting with elicitation first. However, although generally teache
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I learned about the importance of the teacher's attitude. Both videos are very useful to understand that the teacher's attitude is essential to keep students interested and focus on the course. The s
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The content of this unit covers methods and techniques. I have learnt a lot including examples of exercises. What I have found very useful is ESA technique which I did not know before. Another thing t
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David City
Unit is devoted to most common potential problems that may arise in the classroom. Besides, it also helps to summarize the whole course by giving the according tasks at the end of the Unit. Speakiing
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In the beginning, this lesson highlights the importance of the receptive skills involving listening and reading. The lesson then continues to become more detailed with going through the valuable skill
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This unit is about many things with several headlines .the first one brings out some situations that might be problematic to teachers who are in new teaching position with some suggested activities of
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De Witt
The unit contains basic info about teachers and learners, their skills, abilities and motivation. As for my own experience, I realized that sometimes I gave an unclear or brief explanation for some co
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We have students of different age, learning background, ability, interests and with the different level of knowledge. All of them have different reasons for learning a foreign language. All those stud
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I learned in this course what is a good teacher and what is a good learner. A good teacher is about to be motivated, kind, but also have different job as controller, prompter and observer. A good lear
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In this unit the qualities of a good teacher were considered which allow to assess yourself. Knowing the different roles of a teacher, such as: manager, organizer, assesor, prompter, participant, tuto
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Figuring out which teaching aids to use and when to use them can be a task in and of itself. With technology constantly advancing, teachers have more and more options at their disposal, potentially en
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I learnt how to manage a class and which factors make it easier. The teacher's gesture, voice and personality could have a big impact, but my take-home message is: make it simple and be a consistent g
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This unit covered teaching different types of beginners, young learners, the differences between multicultural and monocultural classes, teaching 1-on-1 classes, and teaching business english. I found
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One of the things I have learnt from this unit is to apply different teaching techniques in case some of the students do not participate to a lesson or activity given . Always have a back up plan in
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In this unit we considered books and materials which a teacher can use. The materials can be divided into two groups: authentic and created materials. Authentic material have certain advantages: th
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Unit 5 talks about clssroom mangement, it explains that it is a skill of organizing and managing the class, having friendly, relaxed manner and mentaining discypline. It shows ways of grupping student
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Choosing the right course book for a group of students a teacher has is important, but is should be noted that no matter how good a course book is, a teacher must adjust it to his students. That means
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There are four main past tense forms. Past simple form is when you add an "ed" or "d" to the base form of the verb if it is a regular, and use the irregular form. The continuous forms have a form of t
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