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Du Bois
In this unit, teaching books and materials are described. Authentic materials are materials used by native speakers in everyday life and are not suitable for beginners. Created materials are created
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During this unit I learned that a teachers attitude towards the students and during a class is the most important factor when teaching. If a teachers motivation level is high and has a good/positive a
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This is about the teachers and learners. What are the good qualities of a teacher and what are the good qualities of a learner is the first step of Learning the teaching. The teacher must be a such ty
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This unit covered speaking and writing, along with games and activities. Accuracy activities focus on producing the correct language and are usually controlled to ensure accurate reproduction. Example
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This was also a difficult unit. I learned that my grammar probably needs the most improvement. Again I feel as if I speak with proper English. However, upon these units I don’t seem to understand th
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Unit Four helped me refresh my knowledge about the fundamental rules of present tenses and its usage. It also helped me identify the most common mistakes learners commit and how to correct or avoid th
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This unit introduces a lot of important considerations when it comes to the classroom and the atmosphere you as a teacher want to provide for your students. From seating layout to arrangements. A te
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Unit 10 involved two videos highlighting two very different styles of teaching and reactions from the students. The first video depicted mannerisms and techniques that teachers should NOT follow, whi
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From this unit,I learnt how to manage my classroom and to arrange my students in groups while I am teaching them or during the activities. Also, I learned how to help my students in a good way without
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In this unit, I have learnt about the 4 forms of present tense which are present simple, present continuous, present prefect and present perfect continuous. I have learnt the usage of each tenses star
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Lesson planning is important for teachers because it ensures that the activities help students meet their educational goals, allows for efficient use of classroom time and keeps the lessons on track r
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Elk Creek
This unit is about tests designed to evaluate students to aid in teaching and tests to obtain certifications. A placement test determines what class is best for a students particular level of the lan
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Elm Creek
So far I believe that I understood the concepts of productive skills the most. During my time in school I felt most comfortable when speaking to the class or writing. With speaking the more you speak
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in the unit I looked at two demo videos. the first video shows how the teacher should not behave towards the students and the teaching of the material (incorrect start of the lesson, incorrect explana
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Unit 12 discussed about Productive SKills: Speaking & Writing. Both are indeed very important in learning process of a student, however substancially different in many ways. Like, writing demands a hi
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I enjoyed this unit as I learned a lot about different methodologies, such as: the silent way, lexical approach, task based learning, grammar translation, audio lingualism, etc, however I realised fro
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After watching both videos it is very easy to see just how crucial the role of the teacher is in the foreign language classroom. The first lesson is a total failure where the teacher was disorganized,
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During this unit I learned that eye contact, gesture and using of your voice tone will help you to be a good teacher. I say this because eye contact ensures that students stay focused and it also indi
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Like the present tense, the past tense can take many structures dependent on the actions being described and when exactly the occurred or were occurring. It is especially important to go over verbs wi
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I have learned about the lesson planning and how the different parts work for this activity. Lesson planning is very important to teaching as it helps direct your thinking and activities you need to
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This unit demonstrated two different kinds of lesson plans and teaching styles. The first video showed a lackluster class due to poor organization and management from the teacher. The second video dem
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This unit covered classroom equipment and teaching aids. It provided an extensive list of equipment, and an even longer list of resources in the forms of dictionaries, books, and online sources to pul
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In the unit "parts of speech" I learned about parts of speech such as noun (usage, main types, plurals,countable nouns, uncountable nouns), adjectives (comparisons (comparatives), comparisons(superlat
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I have learned to set up a classroom to the fullest potential for every student in my class. I have also learned that pair work is better than sitting students up in regular rows and giving lots of s
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This unit helped to break down and clarify the different aspects of the English language which students will need to learn as well as how they fit into the different forms of the ESA teaching framewo
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Past tenses have many similarities with present tenses in continuous, perfect and perfect continuous forms. As before, teachers have to cover the following important information: affirmative, negative
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Food for thoughts from unit 1 - A great teacher is one, a student remembers and cherishes forever. Teachers have long-lasting impacts on the lives of their students, and the greatest teachers inspire
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Falls City
Unit is about modal verbs, passive voice, relative clauses and phrasal verbs. These areas may seem rather difficult to teach as they require a great skill from teacher to explain everything in a simpl
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I have learnt about qualities, roles and resposibilities of teachers and students. I know that as a good teacher I should care about the way I teach but care even more about the learning of the studen
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English has three simple tenses: present, past, and future. These simple tenses show actions or states of being at a point in time, but don’t always pin down a specific moment. Past, present, and fu
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In this unit I learned the difference between Future Simple, Future Continuous, Future Perfect and Future Perfect Continuous. I learned that the usages of the "going to" future tense are for Intention
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The main takeaway from this lesson was the sheer importance of rapport between the students and the teachers. In my own language learning experience, I found that the teachers that created relationshi
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In the unit "Troubleshooting" I learned about common problem situations-about the first lesson and its conduct with the new group and with the existing group, I also learned about the sequence of the
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Fort Calhoun
In this unit, five conditionals are explained. Conditionals are statements with an if clause either before or after the main clause. They differ based on what tense the verbs in the if or main claus
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During this unit, I learned the difference between all the different nouns such as the Personal, Possessive, Reflexive and Relative nouns. I also learned how to identify the parts of speech in a sente
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According to my opinion grammar is an area of english that strikes fear into the hearts of both students and teachers, but when viewed from a logical angle, it should not present too many difficulties
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This unit explains modal auxiliary verbs,active and passive voice, relative clauses, and phrasal verbs. I have learnt about this grammar structures and their functions in details.I have found the teac
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This unit helped me to understand how to teach vocabulary, grammatical structures and language functions and which type of ESA lesson to choose for each purpose. As for vocabulary, teachers should sel
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The content of this course was well laid out and understandable. The comparison of a good teacher and a good learner was something i did not quite know about before. I was happy to learn the character
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This unit gave me especially useful tips in teaching the English language to beginners, young learners and business. I have learnt what are the possible problems while teaching, what things I should p
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Although grammar has never been my forte, I feel like this unit could have been less complicated. Its description is honest, but using negative words such as unfortunately, or sentences like 'it gets
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In my opinion The receptive skills are listening and reading, because learners do not need to produce language to do these, they receive and understand it. These skills are sometimes known as passive
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Throughout the history of teaching and learning languages, there were many different methods and technics applied to achieve better results. Among them are grammar-translation, audio-lingualism, PPP,
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This unit was about teaching the receptive skills reading and listening. It explains that all skills are very important for a student and that listening is more complicated, because students only here
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From this chapter, I have learnt how to manage a class in various different ways. Firstly the behavior and gestures of a teacher such as making eye contact equally among all students and using correct
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In this unit I have learned what the receptive skills are and how to develop them during your lessons. Receptive skills include understanding when you listen and when you read. You receive the languag
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In this unit we learnt how to teach vocabulary, grammar and language functions. A vocbulary item can be learnt easily or difficultly which depends on: similarity to students' own language\English word
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This unit focused on the different types of learners that a teacher may encounter and how to adequately address their needs. For example, teaching children compared to giving Business English classes
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There are many problems that can occur during teaching, but there is always a solution. One of the most common ones is the situation where a teacher has first lessons with a new group of students. Her
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Students often find the system of future tenses in the English language a bit confusing and complex. This is due to the fact that Present Simple and Present Continuous (which are normally used to refe
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