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These two ESA demonstration lessons gave me the opportunity to see the effective and ineffective teaching in the action. Now I want to state what I have noticed regarding these two lessons. During the
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This was a very interesting unit as I learned the vocabulary, grammar and functions and how to introduce it in a lesson. We can apply different ESA methods to introduce new language. I learned that vo
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Although this chapter may be short I found it can be quite challenging at times. The content on the course book is easily understood however the activity based question from 8-12 can be quite confusin
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This was a very interesting Unit learning about the different ways of evaluating Student't levels and progress. I learned that tests should be given to students throughout the semester to see the prog
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in the unit I learned about modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice. I learned about modal auxiliary verbs such as: may, can, could, should, will, must, etc and how use them. Also I learned about pass
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In this chapter, I have learnt about the differences between a good class which helps students to understand and study english and bad classes which creates confusion among the students. I have found
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I learned that pronunciation is the most neglected aspect of English language teaching. I learned that students are very concerned about their pronunciation. I learned what Phonology is. It is the stu
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This unit explains the various methods on evaluating and testing student's English ability. Forms of evaluation such as Placement tests, Progress tests, Diagnostic tests, and Practice tests, etc. This
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This unit is a good introduction or (refresher!) to basic teacher/student relationships. It reminded me of how great it feels to see the "Ah-HA" look on students' faces after having gotten them to kno
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While this unit does explain itself as being one of the more difficult units, following the guidelines proved to be successful in grasping the concepts. i.e future simple = will, future continuous = b
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Teachers should invest a considerable amount of time into teaching modal auxiliary verbs, the passive voice, relative clauses and especially phrasal verbs as these may be quite a challenge for their s
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In this chapter I have learnt the importance of planning a lesson and how to plan it. A lesson plan is made to prepare for the class and gives teachers a reference during lessons. It also serves as a
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In this unit we have seen two different lectures from the same teacher with the same students. In the first video it was clear, that the teacher was confusing the students by not having a clear struct
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In the unit I learned about future tenses, such as further simple(I will/you will), future perfect(I will have worked), future continuous(I will be waiting), future perfect continuous(I will have been
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This unit covered different types of testing within the ESL classroom as well as the different types of English testing in the United States and the United Kingdom. Within the ESL classroom, a placeme
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I think tenses are the biggest nightmare of any English language learner. There are at least twelve of them and some of them are borderline similar. This is where a teacher needs to step up to make a
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Unit 1 provided a taste of what is to be expected when teaching English to a class. I would say the biggest takeaway for me was that this unit started to "turn the gears" in my head so to speak on wha
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Riding on Unit 3's various different grammar lessons (straight arrow, boomerang, patchwork, etc.), Unit 7 dives deeper in describing techniques on how to teach new language and grammar to students. It
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This richly treats the different teaching methodologies such as; Grammar Translation, Presentation, Practice and Production, Audio-lingualism, just to name a few. It also talks about the items need
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The unit talks about part of speech as an important aspect in English language. Indeed,words can be considered as the smallest elements that have distinctive meanings and can change the sentence meani
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In the unit I learned about Theories, Methods and Techniques. I learned about methods such as (Grammar-translation, Suggestopaedia, Task-based learning, Audio-lingualism, The silent way, Community Lan
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In this chapter, I have learnt the 4 forms of past tense which are past simple, past continuous, past perfect and past perfect continuous. First is past simple. Past simple is used in different cases,
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In this unit, we have learnt that the currently popular view of modern linguistics argues about the quantity of past tenses in English language. This can be most confusing for students, whether they a
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Teaching is a wonderful career, teachers get to help students learn and learn a new language. Teachers do need to be engaging in a pleasant way and be sensitive to the learners cultures. Teachers sh
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Unit 5: Managing Classes is indeed helpful, it gives me a birds eye view on how to manage a class well in the future. It presented a lot of insights on how to deal with the students specially in build
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This unit reflects on the past tense. Unlike present tense, there are far fewer rules which have the potential to confuse the students. Engaging the students in creative ways such as role-playing,
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This unit provided helpful and very insightful information regarding the qualities and roles which teachers should possesses as well as tips for moderately engaging in specific roles so as to continue
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Modal auxiliary verbs convey a wide variety of meanings and are necessary for everyday communication in English. That is why a teacher should pay special attention to explain to students the nuances o
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In this chapter, I have learned about conditionals and reported speech. Conditionals are a sentence where a condition must be fulfilled for an action/main clause to be realised. There are 5 main types
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The unite sheds the light on very sensitive teaching issues.It covers the different types of language teaching that are common around the world. It also looks at the difference in style and approach t
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In the unit I learned about theaching new language, about teaching vocabulary, grammar and fuction of leanguage. Techniques for vocabulary teaching (Engage: Pictuers, Discovery, Realia, etc., Study: C
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A very challenging unit for sure. There was a lot of important material to get through. I found getting familiar with the phonemic symbols were a great help to understanding the content of this unit.
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This unit was very useful for me since it helps highlight what parts of language to focus on, and subsequently which parts to spend less time on, when teaching. For example, when teaching vocabulary,
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In this unit we learnt the usage of the five main conditionals. Zero conditional is formed by the construction 'if/when + present tense, present tense' and refers to the actions and facts that are
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Battle Creek
Unit is completely devoted to conditionals and reported speech. I must admit that it was rather helpful for me to revise these areas of English as they are not frequently used in daily language. In fa
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This unit contains four grammatical lessons . The first lesson is about auxiliary verbs ,its rules , uses for and how to use them. A table with examples and teaching ideas with rules are also me
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Bazile Mills
Tutorials – teachers can conduct individual (not always possible) tutorials or small group tutorials to assess what has been done in class and address any problems. 2. Student evaluation – s
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Conditionals can be confusing for students (and even for native speakers). Reported speech can be equally as confusing, since there are quick conversions students must do. As a native speaker, I usual
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Beaver City
In unit 7 I´ve read about teaching new vocabulary, grammar and functions of the language. I know how to select appropriate vocabulary, what students need to know about any grammatical structure of th
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Beaver Crossing
Gave a brief description of the various teaching equipment that can be used in classroom, to be more interactive with the students rather than normal worksheets, their uses like what can be and can't
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In Unit 1 I have learned a great deal of information about both teachers and learners. Not only did the unit break down what a teacher is but also why. In addition, the unit also presented material ab
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In this unit i have learnt about noun , adjectives ,articles , verbs etc .I have learnt that a verb is a doing word and they are two types of articles definite and indefinite articles.Adjectives are u
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In my opinion Grammar is the backbone of a language and without it any single thing you know may be flux, in a sort of jelly without much consistency. In a nutshell, grammar provides you with the stru
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His unit on equipment and teaching aids reminded me of my time in school and which methods I found most effective. The use of visual and physical aids coupled with a detailed learning plan was most us
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This unit was extremely helpful. I learned that the planning of a lesson is more intricate than I initially expected but the guidelines and materials provided for us are extremely beneficial, both in
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From this lesson, the key asset I learned was to always predict the possible mistakes that students will make. With those ideas already in mind before the lesson itself, a teacher can then plan for po
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This unit taught me the methods and techniques while teaching English as a foreign language. The ESA method is both useful for beginner teachers and for experienced ones. Useful ideas, games and activ
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Very often EFL students find the tense system of English language the most difficult aspect of grammar, especially when they learn that there are 12 tenses in total, and often their own mother tongue
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Clearly, there seems to be a great contrast between the two videos. I personally feel the teacher in the first video never seem to be bothered to teach the students correctly and at times are rude tow
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Considering that student-teach rapport is extremely important for learning, it follows that it is important for the teacher to be aware of what a given group of learners will likely respond best to an
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