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Lexington Park
The final unit focused on what to do in the first lesson and general troubleshooting with large classes, reluctant students and difficulties with listening texts. The first lesson sets the tone for th
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This unit reviews 10 systems of language teaching. Though careful analysis, it compares their different techniques. Most have strengths and weaknesses. The method that combines
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The two receptive skills are as follows; reading and listening and there are very important.There are four basic skills in any language; receptive skills which are reading and listening and productive
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The first video was an example of an unsuccessful lesson, there are many factors that caused the failure of the lesson including: 1)The teacher commenced the lesson immediately without an engage phase
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Little Orleans
The fourteenth unit focused on course books and lesson materials. There are two groups of lesson materials: authentic materials (e.g. magazines, menus, newspapers, songs, movies, etc. all from English
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There are many complex structures in the language grammar. I would say, especially in future tenses that can have various usages and meanings when you use them. The clarification for yourself is very
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Long Beach
This unit focuses on two out of four basic skills needed in languages, referred to as receptive skills. These are reading and listening. It informs that we read and listen for two main reasons: for en
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In this unit, I learned about equipment and Teaching aids. There are several Teaching equipment that teacher use nowadays, such as 1. Board 2. Interactive Whiteboard need to pay attention on: tes
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This unit discussed the roles and characteristics of a good teacher, as well as factors influencing student behavior and success. I have learned that in order to keep a class engaged and allow student
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This unit gives an overview of several problems that are often encountered by teachers while teaching. It does not only shed light on the reasons as to why these problems might occur but also, and mor
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In this unit, I learned about Evaluation and testing. In evaluating students, I learned about -Tutorials -Evaluations by students In testing, I learned about -Placement tests -Progress tests -Diagno
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Marlboro Meadows
In unit 4, I learned about the four different present tenses. Present simple is a verb tense that is used when describing facts and routine actions. Present continuous is a verb tense that is used to
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Marlboro Village
Sentences that contain "if" or "when" are called conditionals, containing 2 clauses and either can come first. They are used to refer to the possibilities in the past, present, and future. There are 5
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Marlow Heights
To be honest, I don´t know exactly what to say about this unit. Of course, exams, test and other formats teachers need to do into more and exactly evaluation of students, and with that, own teachers
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In this unit I reviewed the present tenses and their usages. Present simple can describe routines, habits and general facts. Present perfect is used to describe actions that happened in the past at an
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Maryland City
The system and structure of past tenses is not too different from present tenses except that past tenses obviously relate to past time periods.This is the major difference between the two, there is pa
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After this Unit I realised that I need to make my class feel more comfortable by using correct sitting arrangements and establish more effective rapport with the students. It was good to know how I ca
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I learnt that visual aids are more important to teachers than having a dominant position in a class. It is also crucial that there is as little TTT as possible and more STT to have an effective learni
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Mays Chapel
This unit has lots of useful hints and tips that will be of great help when planning lessons. The video has some really good advice on how to use the Board efficiently and to great effect. Making a pl
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Classroom setup is an important component in a learning environment because it is an essential piece of classroom management to support both teaching and learning. A disorganized classroom without rou
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I learnt about many useful equipment for teaching and things to remember in using the equipment. Especially, with the use of cassette recorder, DVD, OHP and interactive whiteboards, some of the consid
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In this unit I had a chance to remember classifications and usage of parts of speech and how to identify them in the sentence. It was good to read again about transitive and intransitive verbs and ref
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If you want to write or express yourself the right way, then it’s important that you know the tools of your trade. The parts of speech are important because they show us how the words relate to eac
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Middle River
In this Unit I have learnt that when you are teaching a new language; the following concepts are important which are exposure, understanding the meaning, understanding how its constructed and be able
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This unit explained the role of the teacher in managing and organizing the class using various methods such as maintaining an eye contact with the students, using gestures which add visual interest an
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When learning a new language learners tend to develop their receptive skills first and then acquire productive capability. It’s a complex relationship between the two as they all play a supporting r
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Milford Mill
The unit covers the various reasons why we do lesson plans as teachers as well as the ways in which it can be created and the main things a lesson plan is made up of (e.g. phase, timing, procedure, le
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learnt how to teach different groups of learners , or rather special group of learners , individual learners , young learners and adult learners are also highlighted clearly , the methodology and proc
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This unit discusses what a good teacher and a good student is. I learned the many different stages of student learning and development when it comes to learning English as a second language. A teach
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Montgomery Village
This unit provided examples and explained the usages, forms and common mistakes/errors made with the various aspects of future tenses (simple, continuous, perfect, perfect continuous and be going infi
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learnt receptive skills ,which is basically the reading and listening skills , its important process of teaching . also learnt reason for reading and listening skills , as either for purpose or ent
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Mount Aetna
In any language, there are four basic skills. Reading and listening are grouped under receptive skills, and speaking and writing are grouped underproductive skills, which are all equally important. Th
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Mount Briar
Students often know more vocabulary than they are able to correctly use. This vocabulary is called receptive vocabulary. It is easier for students to learn new vocabulary if the words are appropriate
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Mount Lena
This unit was all about management in the classroom. It thoroughly explained both the advantages and disadvantages of class set up and working in pairs, individually, or as an entire class. I learned
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Mount Savage
This unit gives us more details into the basic of English grammar, which is very important for a teacher because we won't be able to teach or explain to the students if we don't really understand or k
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Mount Vernon
This was an interesting unit covering the four basic skills used in any language - the two 'Receptive' skills of reading and listening and the two 'Productive' skills of speaking and writing. The vid
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learnt pronunciation as the most neglected aspect of English in language teaching ,it concentrate on individual sounds . phonology is the study , science .analysis and classification of the physi
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Nanticoke Acres
Who knew there were so many different methodologies for teaching. I am familiar with the Classical Method. I learned about Pavlov when studying Animal Behaviour. I have never heard of Constructivism.
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This unit covers how to deal with common problems by presenting suggestions on the ways to solve them. Issues such as building rapport during the first class, learning abou
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National Harbor
This unit taught me communicative skills: productive skills (writing and speaking) versus receptive skills (listening and reading). It was informative as I did not consider that productive skills are
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Naval Academy
General unit where differences between course books and own materials are stablished. Another unit to discuss because, again, circunstances make the rules. It isn´t like grammar or teaching skills, w
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This unit looks at the present tense of which is divided into four - present simple, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous. Each looks at different ways we communicate in
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In order to learn a new language, there are two types of skills that the learner should work on 1)Receptive skills: It includes reading and listening. 2)Productive skills: It includes writing and spea
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North Bethesda
This unit focused on on the different past tense forms (simple, continuous, perfect and perfect continuous). It covered the standard form, usages and common mistakes and errors made while learning or
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North Kensington
This unit goes over the 4 different present tenses in the English language: Present Simple, Present Continuous, Present Perfect, and Present Perfect Continuous. I've learned that each tense is used to
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North Laurel
Unit 1 Teachers and Learners. We find out about the qualities of a 'good' teacher and what his/her various roles are in the classroom. Personality, the ability to motivate and a love of teaching are
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North Potomac
During this unit it was great to see actual classroom footage of a lesson. It is clear that the attitude of the teacher plays a vital role in the effectiveness of the lesson, and it's important to sta
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Ideas for the Engage phase were very useful. Some of them I am currently using but I found lots of new variations like fizz-buzz, the box game and consequences. Mostly, I am using all of the ideas for
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Ocean Pines
Wow! The phonetic script is initially challenging and then after spending a little bit of time you can read it. The 13th unit focused on pronunciation and phonology. In English, tone, inflections, int
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In this unit, I learnt different tests and assessments are used at different stages to measure the students' level of English. Before beginning a course, it is important to allow students to take a pl
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