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Drum Point
It is important to elicit as much information from students as possible in the beginning of each lesson. This increases class participation as well as lesson productivity. The structure of the lesson
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In this unit I have learnt about reported and direct speech, when we turn direct questions into reported, its also called indirect speech.Students make a lot of mistakes when it comes to these concept
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I learnt the role of the teacher in class and what makes good teacher.i also learnt how different group of learners behave thus Adult and young learners . what makes a good learner and the learning e
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Eakles Mill
This unit gives us theories of teaching methods that are perceived as successful, however, different groups of students, such as different age, English level, or cultural background, will require dif
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East Riverdale
It's great to learn more about typical ESA lessons and provided in the unit are some great examples/ ideas on the teaching of vocabulary, grammatical structures and language functions. The section on
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Eckhart Mines
This Unit has taught me what is rapport and how to establish rapport with the students, and type of activities you have to use when you want the lesson to go smooth.In a nutshell I have learnt how to
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There are different teaching approaches and methodologies that have been tried and tested with some being more popular and effective than others. It is quite necessary to try those methods in your own
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While identifying and perfect the usage of twelve tenses in English are not easy tasks, but by doing so; it certainly bring whole English learning experience up to the next level. I understand that th
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This unit discusses the system of teaching pronunciation called phonology. It uses special symbols to represent individual sound used to make up English words. These definition
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Present tense has many elements. The teacher needs to be knowledgeable of the different types of tenses within present tense. Knowing how to affectively use the tenses in the present tense, will allow
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In this unit two teaching presentations were given and we had to answer questions based on what he saw from the videos. Firstly the first presentation the teacher appeared rude, impatient and unorgan
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It is understandable that learning and mastering a new language is not any easy task to anyone. Hence, an effective teaching should take several factors into consideration when introducing new vocabul
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This lesson goes in detail on productive skills which consists of speaking and writing. This is known as output. This is considered more difficult than receptive skills. With productive skills, wri
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This unit discussed different teaching methodologies, their principals, advantage, and disadvantages including: 1)Grammar-translation 2)Audio-lingualism 3)Presentation, practice, and production (PPP)
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Each tense indicates the connection between two or more time periods or the exact time an activity occurred, which underlines the importance of English grammar tenses. They can be used to create diffe
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Ellicott City
Different forms of future tenses, though they have similar meaning, carry different usage. The small difference between these tenses gives more details to the sentences, making them more short and pre
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This unit compares two different attitudes towards teaching, demonstrating the proper way and the wrong way to motivate students to fully participate in the classroom. In the first video, Simon says h
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The unit explained different theories of teaching which vary in style and emphasis - grammar-translation perhaps focuses on the relationship of English with the students’ L1, whereas Audio-liguslism
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Speaking seems a natural part of language learning. The teacher can provide many opportunities for the students to speak during class. The teacher needs to decide the goal of the speaking activity as
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I find the content of this unit very helpful in the sense that it gives a brief idea on what to expect when teaching young learners and business professionals. Teaching young learners can inevitably b
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I liked watching this instructor. It would be helpful to watch more videos that correspond to lessons. It is helpful watch ESL in different countries, with different levels, and with different instr
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This unit covers the future tense forms: future simple, future continuous, future perfect and future perfect continuous. Each one of these shows a particular time situation that belongs to the future
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I think the content of this unit is very helpful in the sense that it gives a new and inexperienced teacher a brief idea on how to gauge the language ability of his or her students from the start and
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This lesson discusses teaching aids and gives good resources and ideas for use in the classroom. Some schools will have a large budget and will be able to afford the Interactive White Board. I have
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This unit made me more aware of all of the different external exams available to ESL students and that it is important to familiarize myself with their format and how they vary from each other. As a t
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This unit discusses the different types of English classes. These include beginners, false beginners, adult, children, and beginners without Roman alphabet. Each group has sp
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The unit helped me to learn what to do and how to approach students in a first lesson. It is important not to rush into learning or teaching English techniques, but the priority is to build a rapport
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This unit discusses the methods used to teach the productive skills of speaking and writing. These abilities are necessary for all speakers of English to communicate effecti
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Fishing Creek
This unit provides information about managing classes. It points out the importance of eye contact, gestures and our voice. Several possible ways of grouping students with their advantages and disadva
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This is a very in-depth lesson on past tenses and breaks down each category. It makes each usage very clear along with examples. Past tenses are broken down in a similar manner to present tenses. T
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Forest Glen
This is probably the most difficult unit, but also basic and essential. It is known that most of the teachers doesn´t aply and me neither (maybe), but you need it. Spelling and good pronunciation is
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This unit gave an overview of the present tenses in English, namely the present simple, present perfect, present continuous and the present perfect continuous. The present simple is used primarily for
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Fort Meade
One of the biggest and, at the same time, basic rules of teaching is to know exactly your students. Number of them, ages, needs, timing, purposes and determinations, places, etc. Through this, special
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Fort Ritchie
I learned about the four different past tenses in the English language. They are the past simple, past perfect, past continuous, and past perfect continuous. The past simple tense is used for a passed
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Fort Washington
The past tenses unit provided four tenses for us to review: past simple, past continuous, past perfect and past perfect continuous. The past simple is used for a past action when the time was given or
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Fountainhead-Orchard Hills
In this unit I learned about teaching receptive skills and the equal importance of reading and listening in order to further grasp the English language. I've also learned that listening skills present
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Four Corners
For learners, the future tense will prove to be the hardest of the tenses. It is important to highlight the different uses of the verb "to be". A lot more time should be spent with learners on this se
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I have learned that the attitude of a teacher will greatly affect the attitude of his or her students in terms of participation in class and confidence level in themselves to speak up. A good teacher
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This unit discusses the methods of testing students to evaluate their placement or progress. The type of exams mentioned are placement ( for class level determination) , diag
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In this unit, I learned about Teaching pronunciation and phonology. In Pronunciation, I learned that skilled pronunciation teaching will give life to the class because it reflects feeling and persona
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I find this lesson especially helpful for inexperienced teachers in preparing the course syllabus and daily lessons as well as activities to adapt to different language level of students and enable st
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Friendship Heights Village
There are four things that students need to do with new language; be exposed to it, under stand its meaning under stand how it’s built and be able to practise it and produce it. We can easily apply
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it was helpful to learn different conditionals and reported speech. IT was often difficult to know what sentence is most appropriate when using a conditional sentence, and I would often use the mixed
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I learnt that there are different special teaching groups - beginners, Young Learners, Business English learners, and multilingual groups - that require a more special approach to teaching. By knowing
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I find this unit extremely challenging even for a native english speaker. It is easy to realize our intonation and stress that we applied in our sentences during a conversation but could be difficult
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This unit gave me a clear idea of what students have to know on different stages of learning English and how a teacher has to motivate and inspire them during the process. I realised that I have to be
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Garretts Mill
From this unit, I learned deeper into the meanings and roles of being a teacher. To make learning effective, we need to know which type of teacher we should be, such as prompter, facilitator, or manag
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Present Simple Positive Form: Subject + base form(+s/es) Negative Form: Subject + aux.verb 'do' + not + base form Question Form: Aux.verb 'do' + subject + base form Usages: 1)Facts. 2)Commentaries. 3
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It is really frustrating to take the test and then not have the results recorded because I have to do it all over again! This is what I have done for the umpteenth time. But what I had originally sa
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In my opinion, developing positive relationships between a teacher and student is a fundamental aspect of quality teaching and student learning. Positive teacher/student relationships promote a sense
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