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This lesson covers evaluation and testing which is used to determine a student's level and progress. It's good to have periodic tests so that both the student and teacher can have feedback on how wel
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Learning a foreign language may be a challenge for most people due to differences in the form and structure between one's mother tongue and a new one. However, there are some tools that facilitate the
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This lesson goes into detail about and breaks down sentence terminology and structure. I really didn't know there were so many terms and categories. I learned the rules, the terms, and the why and h
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I find the content of this unit very helpful because it enables me to have a better understanding of the qualities a good teacher should possess in order to make learning a fruitful and enjoyable expe
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This unit discussed methods and techniques for teaching the two productive skills: speaking and writing. Activities usually involve either accuracy or fluency. They are both equally important and eac
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This unit has helped me reinforce my grammatical knowledge. There are so many parts of the daily English sentences that are explained in this unit. This unit helped me understand the function of the w
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This lesson is about receptive skills. Although I knew that it's much easier to receive input as compared to output when learning a language, I didn't actually think of the teaching theory behind it.
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Very much like the Present Tenses unit I have learned before this unit, I have realized that Past Tenses are not as simple and easy as what I have thought before I came across this. Many times in our
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Speaking and writing skills are called productive skills. They are crucial as they give students the opportunity to practice real-life activities in the classroom. Speaking commands a certain level of
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