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Aberdeen Proving Ground
During the entire teaching a teacher should check and evaluate students in order to understand their level, their needs and motivatiins. Its possible to assess a language level by tutorials, evaluatio
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It was very helpful to learn about Modal auxiliary verbs such as should, could, may, might, must etc and different usages. I realised that I have been using them incorrectly and I understood the reaso
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This unit gives a deeper understanding of the different parts of speech and brings greater clarification of how each is used by also giving examples of each. Different parts of speech such as nouns, p
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This unit analyzes the present tense formats: present simple, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous. Each one of these describes the different ways the present is used. *W
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This unit focused on what it means to be a teacher and a student. In a classroom setting it is important for the teacher to be comfortable taking on and switching between various roles. Ideally, the t
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This chapter covered teaching techniques (via lesson plans) and things to be aware of when correcting and teaching within a lesson. I learned a lot about various activities to take into the classroom
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Andrews AFB
In unit 3, I learned about the different methods and techniques for teaching English. There are many different methods for teaching a foreign language, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.
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Annapolis Neck
Lisening and reading showed as receptive skills introduces a general perception of the general point of how to teach them, but, to my surprise , why is explained. Curious at it minimum, but this isn´
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Unit 9 is focused on Lesson Planning; looking at why lesson planning is important to good class structure and flow as well as looking at how to evaluate a teaching lesson after it has been given and h
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The contents within this unit were about the parts of speech within the English language. As I always enjoyed learning English I already knew quite a lot about this, however it was interesting to revi
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There are several different methodologies in language teaching. This course is based on the ESA method – Engage, Study and Activate. In every lesson this components should be present. First is Engag
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Teaching English to young learners will look different than teaching English to adult learners. With young learners there will be more repetition, more games, and more activities to keep their attenti
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Ashton-Sandy Spring
The fifth unit focused on how to create a classroom set up that is relaxed with three main subsets: grouping students, physical classroom arrangement, teaching style, and correcting problematic behavi
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Aspen Hill
In this Unit I have basically learnt, what qualities makes a good teacher and which personality is expected from them. However its not all about the teacher's personality but the relationship between
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In this unit, I learnt about coursebooks and teaching materials. It was especially helpful to know some of the advantages and disadvantages of choosing authentic materials and created materials for le
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In this unit, I was introduced to the phonemic alphabet for the first time. While I feel reasonably confident about the answers I gave in this quiz, translating the words for question nine of the work
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Vocabulary can be considered as the basis for the development of all the other skills: reading comprehension, listening comprehension, speaking, writing, spelling and pronunciation. Vocabulary is the
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Ballenger Creek
I have learnt that teachers can play various roles in giving lessons and that it is important for teachers to plan and review the appropriate roles before and after each lesson. I have realised that t
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Baltimore Highlands
eliciting allows the teachers to ask thought provoking questions allowing the students to speak while reducing teacher talk time. Asking a question like "how was your weekend" will elicit "good" from
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In my humble opinion, future tenses are the more interesting tenses compare to present and past tenses, mainly because I get to play with it, go full beyond imagination with my words, and of course -
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There are many ways to create a lesson plan. The teacher needs to decide which method will be most effective for him/her. New teachers may write out more details, but should avoid writing a script of
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Beaver Creek
In unit 7 I learned all about how to teach a new language. I now know what is important for students to know about a new vocabulary term: the meaning, how it's used, the spelling, pronunciation, where
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Bel Air
This unit provided good and bad examples of an ESA teaching lesson. It was important to identify the differences in the teacher's approach and attitude, the way in which the stages of teaching were ut
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Bel Air North
Pronanciation is an important part in teaching language and shouldnt be neglected both either by teachers or students. The students shouls know at least so important aspects of phonology as intonation
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Bel Air South
There are a lot of modal verbs in English that express obligation, possibility (probability), permission (prohibition), ability or advice. Sometimes very is slight difference between their meanings so
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This was interestng. I felt I learned new definitions, but not necessarily information or techniques that will help me teach best. For example, the levels of fluency are interesting (for both the US a
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I have learned that tenses can be complicated to both teachers and students when the tenses can be mixed and categorized as the future tenses even when the sentences are constructed in the present ten
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It's important to learn correct grammar such as the tenses, and when to use relative clauses. However, if you think about it, it's probably just as important to know why you want to say something. Tea
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Reading and listening are two very important receptive skills that a good teacher should help to develop in their students. I have learned from the content of this unit that it is very crucial to choo
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In this unit I learned about "Methodologies" and "Engage, study and activate" Methodologies: grammar-translation, audio-lingualism, presentation, practice and production, task-base learning, communi
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Big Pool
The twelfth unit focused on teaching productive skills (writing and speaking). Typically, writing time is concentrated as outside class time because it minimizes student- teacher or student-student sp
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Big Spring
This unit helps understand what to do during the lesson and what techniques to use while teaching. There were given a lot of different methodologies, but the silent way and suggestopaedia were new for
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English is difficult because of all the "rule breakers". It is also difficult for non-native speakers because the tenses are so difficult to learn. However, there are other languages that I understan
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I have learned adequately from the content of this unit especially on how a teacher can make use of his or her eye contacts with the students, along with universally known gesture and the power of voi
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in this unit I learned about teaching productive skills "Speaking and Writing". In teaching Speaking skill, I learned about -the difference between accuracy and fluency activities -speaking activitie
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Bowleys Quarters
Such a big challenge, teaching speaking and writing skills appears. Thousands of problems, specially on writing, have to be considered at the time of understand and teach them. Is true that the bigges
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Bowling Green
In this particular unit I've learned about managing classes. More specifically, I've learned different techniques to effective teaching through means such as eye contact (what's appropriate and what's
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Bowmans Addition
This is a clear unit and so concise about the first step in the teaching world, focusing on the main characters of them . Knowing differents kinds of teachers and students, having in mind things like
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Braddock Heights
This unit covers teachers and learners. A good teacher is kind, patient, motivational, and has good rapport. Good students are willing to ask questions, they have a desire to learn the language, and t
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This unit explained the importance of eye contact and gestures in providing clear instruction and communication with the class. It also gave an overview of various seating and group arrangements, and
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Students write up their memos and then switch with a partner, who must underline all of the modals used in passive voice. They may point out any mistakes or suggestions for correction/improvement. Mo
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Brock Hall
The sixteenth unit focused on conditionals and reported speech. Conditionals are sentences that refer to future, present and past possibilities and contain "If, when". Zero conditional (form: If/when
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Brooklyn Park
In this unit I've learned a great deal about tenses. Specifically learning more about past, present and future tense, but also in-depth knowledge regarding the four aspects of each of these three tens
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This unit discusses how to teach the receptive skills - reading and listening. Whether used for entertainment or a particular purpose, these abilities are important to maste
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Broomes Island
The seventeenth unit describes the different types of equipment potentially available for the classroom and their benefits or drawbacks as a teaching tool. Something this course could have added was w
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This unit explains the parts of speech. Each type of these words are used in special ways to form sentences. Nouns are used for people, animals, objects, places and ideas. Adjectives are used to descr
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Bryans Road
This unit focused on and provided information on the best way to manage classrooms (including the students, the space and the activities). This would include deciding which student grouping and classr
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This unit discusses the methods instructors can use to effectively manage their classroom activities. Their success of teaching English depends on the following techniques that include the proper use
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In this first unit, I have learned about the most important qualities that a good teacher should have, as well as, the different roles a teacher plays in the classroom. By being aware of the different
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The lesson is about teaching groups and individuals. I have taught in the individual setting and I learned a few tips and tricks that I had not used. I do remember that some adult students would be
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