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These 2 videos were EXTREMELY important for understanding how a teacher can manage the same lesson in the same group with such a huge difference. It clerarly shows how much just the attitude of a teac
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The unit was really helpful as it showed different ways on how to teach reading and listening and what proper ways to use to make students WANT to study. I personally learnt that there are types of re
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Banda Aceh
This unit was devoted to teaching productive skills (writing and speaking). What I personally appreciated the most was that the unit was filled with examples on how to make something boring not so bor
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This unit covers several grammar points which are modals, relative clauses, passive voice and phrasal verbs. With all the charts, definitions and usages clearly presented, I have a better understandin
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This unit gave explicit information on what a coursebook is for a teacher and what materials a good teacher should use to remain GOOD. There are definetely quite a few of English coursebooks, but choo
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This unit covers such an important topic as tests and its variety (practice, diagnostic, progress ones). It is important to know about it not only when you are teaching English, but also in case you a
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This unit consisted of actually presenting its learners with a real life example of how students participation and confidence level changes in the classroom due to the teachers skills and attitude. in
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From this unit, I have learned that learning process cannot be judged by only one sided, from teacher perspective or learner perspective. Both perspectives take an important role in achieving good lea
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This unit has taught the importance of encouraging the students to practice their English. It puts more of an emphasis on the importance of writing and speaking in order to show that both are equally
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This was a good introductory to the basics of teaching. It provides good information on what it takes to be a good teacher, to be patient, a good listener, enthusiastic, and passionate about being a t
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This unit provides good information on different teaching methods like the silent way, using images and colors to keep the students involved and following along. Also how to ESA. Methods of engaging
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This unit provides good information on classroom behavior and environment. How to accommodate students needs, give them attention and get them to participate. When to use group work, pairs or individu
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This unit provided information on the importance of vocabulary and grammar. How to choose certain vocabulary words based on the student's tasks, if it is appropriate for this, it's frequency of use an
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This unit provided great information and examples of planning lessons and activities. The importance of planning a lesson before the class yet balancing it with time to connect with the students. How
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This unit provided great teaching examples from live sessions at an English school. We can see clearly throughout the two videos the two different techniques the teach used and their effectiveness. Th
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This unit provided information on the importance of receptive skills focusing on reading and listening skills. How we read and listen for a purpose (useful information we need to know) or for pleasure
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This unit gave information on students speaking and writing skills. These two topics vary but are both very important. For speaking we have opportunities to focus on give them accurate grammar and pr
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From this unit I learned how important the teacher’s attitude and mood are. All gestures even very simple ones can change the atmosphere from nice and friendly to unpleasant and vice versa. Students
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This unit gives a good example of how to select materials for different levels of students. Also it shows how important receptive skills are. Regarding to their types the teacher can emphasize differe
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Teaching how to use or even gain productive skills can be quite difficult. Students are always struggling to speak in a foreign language, they are embarrassed and afraid of doing it in public, even in
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Pakan Baru
This unit shows and explains one of the most difficult part in the English language. Not only with pronouncing single words can the students be struggling but with saying the whole sentences as well.
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There are some types of teaching materials shown in this unit. Course books have one of the key places in this list. The teacher needs to keep the balance between using and not using course books. Usi
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Assessment is one of the important parts of teaching process. It helps teachers find out difficulties that students have, language that was forgotten or not, and the progress the students have made du
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This unit describes two very important parts of English grammar: conditionals and reported speech. These topics are not only important but also quite difficult for non-native learners. For example, wh
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Pematang Siantar
This unit describes different types of equipment to use in the classroom. Such tools as whiteboards, interactive whiteboards, overhead projectors, CD and DVD players, video cameras can make preparatio
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This unit gives some basic rules about modal verbs, passive and active voice, and phrasal verbs. Modal verbs are used before other verbs and they add meaning to the main verb. Modal verbs are: can, c
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Teaching specific groups requires lots of skills and knowledge. There is much about psychology. The teacher has to understand the students’ needs and wishes. But this could be a pretty delicate proc
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This units shows some difficulties which can appear in the teaching process and the ways how to deal with them. There may be some problems when teaching a new group. It is vital to establish rapport b
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In this unit we had an opportunity to observe and compare two lessons taught to the same class. The lessons were different in terms of both the teacher’s work and the students’ behavior or partici
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The unit is about receptive skills which are equally important to productive because students' ability to receive new information well is a key feature of learning.The two main receptive skills are li
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This unit explains main principles in teaching productive skills which are speaking and writing. There are numerous approaches in teaching those none of which are possible without outlining main issue
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It is said by many learners that pronunciation is the most complicated part of English. There are a few reasons why this statement might be true:some words have the same spelling but are pronounced di
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Tanjung Pinang
Course books are extremely helpful when planning classes. Many of them have a detailed syllabus and various exercises to use during the STUDY stage. The exercises can also be used as homework. Althoug
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This unit explains the main idea of evaluating students' progress and levels. Tests are usually divided into following types: placement test is used to form groups or classes of similar language level
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Ujung Pandang
This unit touches such complex grammatical structures as conditional sentences and reported speech. Conditional sentences consist of the main clause and the if-clause. There are five types of conditio
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It is hard to imagine a classroom without a board. Regardless of various teaching aids existing nowadays it remains the main tool and support of a language teacher. Depending on the skills and purpose
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