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For this unit on Lesson Planning, I have learned some essential tips on planning and executing a lesson in the classroom. For one, I've learned that the objective of planning a lesson covers some impo
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We learn more English grammar about models, phrasal verbs and passive voice in this unit. Particular modal auxiliary verbs, passive voice, relative clauses and phrasal verbs are introduced in detail w
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From this lesson , I learnt that planning a lesson in advance is the key to have an all round successful class. By planning a lesson teachers can focus on the desired outcomes which they wish to get
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This unit taught me about various materials that can be used and the pros and cons with each type of material. Using authentic materials can spark interest and motivation in students, as authentic mat
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In this unit I learnt about the importance of a teacher's attitude in the success of a class. A teacher has to be well organised, clear and must have an encouraging attitude towards students in order
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The teaching-learning experience is mainly comprised of three essential entities: the students, the teacher, and the instructional materials. One of the most commonly recognized and used forms of inst
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Course materials are either authentic or created. Authentic materials must be selected carefully because they are geared towards native speakers, not EFL students, but they tend to be more interesting
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In this unit I have learned the seven most common forms of the future tense- this includes: Future Simple, Future Continuous, Future Perfect, Future Perfect Continuous, Be going + Infinitive, Present
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This chapter has been very helpful in further reinforcing the ESA structure as well as bringing to my knowledge a variety of different techniques that I can use to teach grammar structures. Specifical
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This unit summarize the different equipment and teaching aids used in common for EFL lessons. Teaching equipment such as the board, interactive whiteboards, overhead projectors(OHP), visual aids, work
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Time management is important because it helps you prioritize your work. After you have your list of daily tasks down, you need to figure out what you should do first. Those that are important should b
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Moncks Corner
InUnit 10 had two different lesson videos. In the first, the teacher was not appropriately prepared and held an unsuccessful lesson, whereas in the second, the lesson was well run and the students wer
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In this unit we discussed lesson planning and discussed ESA in depth. We were provided more examples of the ESA technique. We were taught the importance of being flexible, and having learner objective
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Mount Croghan
Unit 12 looked at teaching the productive skills of speaking and writing, used by students to express themselves when learning. There are many similarities in teaching both writing and speaking, such
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Mount Pleasant
The two productive skills in language are speaking and writing. They have much in common, but there are differences between them. Speaking is typically more informal and may involve the use of contr
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A disorganized classroom without routines and expectations makes it difficult for the teacher to do her job. Students don't know what to do, so they might get off task or cause disruptions. When the t
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Myrtle Beach
Unit eleven goes over the topic of teaching receptive skills, what a receptive skill is, and how receptive skills are used in day to day life. From this unit I have learnt how reading and listening is
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When we consider standards-based reform, we expect that our students will converge and have similar learning outcomes; however, it is not that simple. We need to account for inclusion, which naturally
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New Ellenton
This unit covers the teaching of the productive skills, talking and writing as well as going over games in the classroom to help with these skills. From this unit I have learnt about the importance of
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There are a number of different ways of referring to the future in English. It is important to remember that we are expressing more than simply the time of the action or event. Obviously, any 'future'
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We learn different ways of evaluating student’s levels and progress from this unit, and also some of common external exams we may need to prepare for our students as well. There are number of ways a
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Ninety Six
Unit 7 helped me better understand the different attributes that need to be taken into account when teaching vocabulary and grammar to students for whom English is a new language. These include the l
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On Managing Classes I have learned that there are various factors into properly conducting a lesson and that success and enjoyment in class will depend on things such as body language, group organizat
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This was a good lesson in learning the different types of language structure and the processes by which teachers can invite students to learn new vocabulary words. It is always important to keep the
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North Augusta
Unit 9 looked at lesson planning. It discussed the reasons for preparing a lesson plan, such as acting as a written record to show what was covered in the lesson. It also covered the main points of
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North Charleston
This unit's content was basically an overview of the different parts of speech, and a number of the basic grammatical rules pertaining to them. A lot of these grammatical points I had previously lear
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Tenses are incredibly challenging for me, and throughout all of the tenses units, I have been learning new study techniques. My tutor has been amazingly helpful in providing resources. This teaches me
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It was incredibly interesting watching the same teacher behave completely differently in the two lessons. I am sure I know which class I would rather be a student in! In terms of reflection, I believe
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This was a good unit in terms of knowing what type of course books that is good for the students to use. A teacher can, in addition use created material on their own to supplement what they use in th
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This unit helps the teachers to get to know the teaching materials well.Teaching materials are very essentials to be used in class during teaching-learning process. Without teaching materials there wo
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This unit presented brief overview on all parts of speech in English language. All information was very precise, moreover it covered lots of important details, such as irregular comparative and superl
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This content of unit is teaching pronunciation and phonology. I am more confident about the pronunciation after the study. Teaching of pronunciation is an integral part of the course, and also it refl
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Through Unit 2 I have gained a much better understanding of some of the basic grammar components of the English language. Though I am familiar with some of the basics of English grammar, some of the t
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This was a good unit to help new and potential teachers with the process of lesson planning and all the different, important elements which need to be considered and included in a successful, useful p
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In this first unit focusing on Teachers and Learners, I have learned that there are many roles a teacher can take on in the classroom. I also learned that there needs to be a balance between a student
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Pawleys Island
Chapter 13 introduces the pronunciation and phonology. For starters, it discusses the importance of intonation and stress and how the emphasis on different parts of a sentence can imply different mean
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This unit focuses on lesson planning for both single lessons and planning a sequence of lessons. The unit goes into detail about the different aspects of a lesson plan and what their purposes are. For
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This unit goes over several types of learning groups that can be encountered while teaching EFL, with different levels of knowledge about the English language and the different desires of what they wa
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This unit was a good review of how to use and choose a coursebook. It's really helped me to pinpoint my current feelings of dissatisfaction when I'm forced to follow a syllabus or use materials in a s
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Speaking and writing, the two productive skills, are used to communicate. Accuracy activities are used to produce correct language. Fluency activities allow students to experiment and be creative with
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Good teachers are always encouraging and care for their students. Instead of putting their students down when they do not know/give the right answer, they try to find other ways to help their students
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This unit covered the topics of conditionals and reported speech, and I found it quite complex at times. I certainly agree with the sentiment that these topics will need to be covered very slowly when
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In this unit we talked about modals, phrasal verbs and passive and active voice. Passive voice can be used when subject is not known, or not of importance. Active voice is good when we want to emphasi
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Pine Ridge
Pronunciation is often neglected because of perceived or imagined difficulties in teaching it, but it is regarded by many students as the most important and/or the most challenging feature of English.
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There are many times of beginners, including the absolute beginner, the false beginner, the adult beginner, the young beginner, and the beginner without Roman alphabet. Take your time teaching, unders
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Plum Branch
Some believe it is good to plan lessons, others do not. Lesson planning can help the teacher organize the lesson and make sure she or he has all the materials necessary to carry out the lesson and th
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The content of this unit presents the topic of classroom management. It also explains in which particular ways teacher is one of the most important resources while managing the classroom (the instrume
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Port Royal
This unit’s topic was teaching receptive skills. I learned that when reading or listening, we employ a number of specialist skills such as predictive skills, scanning, skimming, and deduction from
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In this unit we went over evaluation and testing. We talked about the official cambridge examiniations, and the various tests used in language schools. These vary from practice tests to diagnostic tes
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In this unit on Teaching New Language, I have learned how to properly structure a lesson based on what is to be taught for that class lesson. This unit covered the following topics: Teaching Vocabular
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