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Conditionals consist of an 'if' clause and the main clause. There are five main types. The zero conditional format is if/when + present tense, present tense and refers to irrefutable actions/facts. Th
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This unit emphasized the various considerations that are necessary to lesson planning in terms of what would be the most useful to students. Before reviewing this lesson, I did not consider some of th
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As teachers, we have to be able to teach various groups of students properly.In order to do that we need some skills and knowledge that can help us to differentiate our teaching, so that we know how t
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This unit summarizes all information about past tenses in English language, which are four in total. Every tense is formed in a certain way (auxiliary verb plus main verb) as well as used in particula
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Unit 18 covers the last part of grammar in the ITTT course, going over modals, phrasal verbs, and passive voice. From this unit I have learnt the difference between using a passive voice and an active
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There was a great deal of information contained within this unit. Firstly, it was very interesting to discover the many different methods of teaching language learning which have been employed over ti
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Often in academic writing, we don't want to focus on who is doing an action, but on who is receiving or experiencing the action. The passive voice is thus extremely useful in academic writing because
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This unit talked about receptive skills - listening and reading. It also explained there were a few specialist skills reader or listener already had and we should pay attention to them. Besides, whe
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This unit helped to give some validation and further support to my lesson planning efforts. I often team teach, and I've been wondering about the proper amount of planning, conversing, and flexibility
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Whichever method you follow, it is important to make sure your students get as much time as possible to communicate. If you stand at the front and are a "chalk and talk" style teacher, they will get
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Cross Hill
During this unit we have learned the correct way to prepare our lesson plan. We need to remember lesson plan is only the structures of the lesson and what we wish to accomplished by the end of it. How
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What your students really need is for you to take a relatively flexible approach to how you teach, and if you do this, you will see there are benefits of both methods. In fact, you can use a bit of bo
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I want to move to Tokyo next year and I've been thinking about branching out from teaching in the public school settings. I've been thinking that I might want to teach at international schools or busi
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This unit covers the teaching techniques that can be used to teach vocabulary, grammar and language functions. First, for teaching vocabulary, Word should be appropriate for the student level and task
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In this unit we are introduced to two of the four basic skills in learning any language. The two skills are categorized as receptive skills and are known as "reading" and "listening" This unit taught
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Dorchester County
This unit gave brief descriptions of several methodologies used in EFL teaching and learning. Then it discussed in depth the various components of an EFL lesson. It gave lists of typical activities
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Due West
This unit’s subject was teaching speaking and writing skills, as well as the use of games in the classroom. In the first section, I learned the difference between accuracy and fluency activities, t
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This was a very useful unit which provided clear demonstrations of both effective and likely ineffective ways to teach language to students. The second video showed the teacher using good techniques a
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This unit focuses on two areas. The first area is around conditionals and in particular the five main conditionals that students would use and the differences between them. For example a zero conditio
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Materials such as worksheets, pictures/charts/flashcards, recordings, company reports/memos/letters/faxes, newspapers/magazines/videos, and more are either authentic or non-authentic. Authentic materi
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We learn what is receptive skills and how to do better job for it in English teaching in this unit. We employ a number of specialist skills when reading and listening, such as predictive skills, speci
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Edgefield County
Many tools, equipment, and resources are available for a teacher to utilize in the classroom to make lessons more effective and to enhance student learning. These include worksheets, white/chalk boar
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Edisto Beach
This unit discusses conditionals and the five main types (zero, first, second, third, and mixed). Just like the previous units, helpful exercises are suggested to help teach students about conditional
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This unit talked about conditional and reported speech. It introduced to us 5 types of conditionals. This was my first time to learn conditionals in such a systematic way. It helped me to understan
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If you understand the different parts of speech, it extends the range of your vocabulary, because you can choose other words from the same set of elements. Knowing what an adverb is and what adverbs l
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This was a good unit on being able to prepare the lesson. It is good for teachers to be able to prepare their lessons well so that they know what they are doing and the students understand as well.
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Vocabulary taught to students should be selected based on appropriacy to the students, appropriacy to the task, frequency and coverage, and teachability. Students should learn the meaning, use, word g
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This unit gave me a thorough list and explanation of the many resources, equipment, and aids to be used when teaching. This unit also detailed the advantages and disadvantages of many of the resources
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This was a good unit to see the different ways that a teacher can teach the class. In the first lesson the teacher was not very engaging. He seemed impatient and in a hurry to get finished with the
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This unit helped me to better understand the importance of tests in the ESL/ESL classroom. I wish more methods of informal evaluation were listed. There's a huge test taking culture in Japan, and I do
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Fairfield County
This unit’s content had two parts. The first part defined the forms and usages of the five main conditionals, then it gave six ideas for the teaching of them. The second part explained how to accur
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This unit explains what types of future tenses exist, how they are formed, and in which situations they are used in English language. Every tense mentioned is provided with typical student errors and
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Folly Beach
This chapter focuses on course book material used in the classroom. The advantages and disadvantages of using a course book. Furthermore, two kinds of class material was explained; authentic (books, m
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Forest Acres
Unit 16 covered conditionals and reported speech. This unit is a very complex topic as it requires a good understanding of the grammar rules before teaching these two topics. This unit is further comp
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Fort Lawn
Unit 11 covered the receptive skills of reading and listening. It looked at how we read and listen and the different methods we use when doing so. One of these is scanning, looking for a specific keyw
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Fort Mill
A modal verb, placed before a verb in its base form, contributes to the meaning of the verb phrase functioning as the predicate of a sentence by implying necessity, obligation, ability, permission, or
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Fountain Inn
This unit’s subject was Lesson Planning. It taught some basic principles to remember when writing out a lesson plan, and listed the many parts a lesson plan is recommended to contain, such as learn
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This unit taught me that the different types of tests used for language learning include an external exam, a practice test, a diagnostic test, a progress test, and a placement test. These tests are us
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There are seven forms of the future tense: future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous, be going infinitive, present simple, and present continuous. The future simple i
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This was another interesting unit, which examined the remaining two language skills, the productive skills of speaking and writing. This unit was similar to the previous one, providing good, thoughtfu
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This unit focuses on three aspects of grammar which are modals, phrasal verbs/relative clauses, and passive voice. For example Modals are Modal auxiliary verbs which are used to express various ideas
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I found this particular unit very different to the earlier ones I have so far completed during the course. Different in several ways, not limited to just the content and style; it was almost as if thi
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I was much less stressed with this Grammar unit than the previous two! Mainly due to the fact that I am much more familiar with Grammar in general by now (the repetition in names and structures), but
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Goose Creek
During this unit, I had watch two videos, it shows us what we should and shouldn’t do in a classroom, also the consequence when we don’t do it right. For example: in the first video, the teacher c
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As for methodology, the two most commonly followed methods taught by TEFL Certification schools are “Presentation, Practice, Production” (PPP) and/or “Engage, Study, Activate” (ESA). Advocate
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Gray Court
Unit nine covers lesson planning, going in-depth on the importance of being organized, being prepared, and reflecting on a lesson. From this unit I have learnt how to properly plan a lesson more speci
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Great Falls
This unit introduces the receptive skills of language: reading and listening. Different ways of how we listen and read are mentioned such as skimming, scanning, prediction, deduction based on context.
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In this unit, we get a clearer idea of the techniques and approaches to introducing new vocabulary, language structures, and teaching language functions to new students of different levels. The unit h
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This unit covers the topics of conditionals and reported speech, as well as several examples to teach them through activities. Through this unit, I have learnt the rules that make a conditional zero,
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the teaching of pronunciation has witnessed remarkable changes throughout the history of language teaching and learning. As one of the most neglected aspects of English language teaching, pronunciatio
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