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This unit talked about the reasons for doing evaluations and tests on students. It introduced to me different kinds of tests, how they worked. Besides, it also talked about different internationally
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Abbeville County
This unit consisted of ESA demonstration videos and the worksheet. I learned how vital it is maintain a positive attitude in the classroom, and how much an unencouraging, disapproving manner can lowe
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Unit 17 goes over the various teaching aids and equipment commonly used in the classroom, how to use them properly as to limit problems and support a steady class flow. From this unit, I have learnt p
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In this unit, I learnt about the Future tenses. There are 7 types of future tenses, Future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous, Going to future, present simple, presen
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In this unit I learned how to teach vocabulary by first selecting appropriate vocabulary based on the various factors mentioned, including teachability and appropriacy to the students. I then learned
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Anderson County
Special groups of students, and special kinds of individual students require adaptation on the part of a teacher to address their special needs and/or interests. Young learners pick things up faster,
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This unit focuses on the use of equipment and teaching aids that a English language teacher would commonly use in the classroom, and in particular the mains for the use of each piece of equipment. For
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Arcadia Lakes
The different types of teaching aids were discussed in this unit. Examples are DVDs, cassettes, dictionaries, OHP etc. For each teaching aid, the advantages and disadvantages were listed in order to h
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Atlantic Beach
This unit examines the basic characteristics and responsibilities of good teachers and learners. It details a number of roles that teachers have to take on in the classroom, such as that of controlle
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This was an interesting unit analyzing the various different components which come together to form the English language. As speakers of English we mostly use all the various parts in something close
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It was useful seeing both an ineffective lesson and an effective one so I could easily compare and contrast the two. At first I was surprised to see the teacher barefoot, but then I remembered that th
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This unit taught me about the conditionals and reported speech of English. I learned that there are fives types of conditionals, including the zero conditional, first conditional, second conditional,
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Tests and quizzes are really useful study techniques, which can improve how quickly you learn. When you do an exam, you have to recall and apply what you have learnt. This process greatly improves yo
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This unit focuses on common problem situations that can arise in the classroom. For example a teacher may have a class where some students are learning quicker then others. This unit shows some techni
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This unit explains the three main area of teaching new language and how they are taught via the engage, study and activate method (ESA). These three main areas are vocabulary, grammatical structure an
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Beaufort County
Unit 20 looked at common problems teachers can face when teaching. For the most part these covered general issues such as large classes or situations where there is a new teacher in an already existi
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This unit presents two videos of the same class being taught one far more effective then the other. It highlights what happens when a teacher does or does not have the right attitude to teach the clas
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This unit covered a lot of stuff: modals, passive voice, relative clause, phrasal verbs. By studying this unit, I have a much better ideas how different modals are used. It is very helpful to have a
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Berkeley County
The contrast between the first and second lessons illustrates vividly that if the teacher has a positive attitude, as in the second lesson, its sets a positive tone and the lesson is more effective.
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How to speak English with conditionals. Conditional statements need special attention and usually start with the word "if". An example of a conditional statement is "if you want, we'll go out to dinne
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This unit looked at the different methods which can be used to teach specific groups of students, such as young learners or business people. It was interesting to consider the different issues each of
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This unit focuses on the two productive skills that are speaking and writing. Encouraging students to speak requires a lot of preparation on a teacher's behalf. There are many factors which influence
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The process of teaching - learning depends upon the different type of equipment available in the classroom. There are many aids available these days like, audio, visual and audio- visual aids. They ha
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This unit contains information on the present tense group. The chapter explains the way the tenses are formed and used in each particular type, as well as common mistakes and errors which the students
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This final unit included some very good advice about areas where teachers most often encounter problems. Situations included the beginnings of new courses, dealing with large class sizes, and issues s
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This unit teaching us how to choose and use the coursebooks and materials. It is hard to every classroom to have all the books and material that we need in most of schools. For most of students, compa
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This was a good lesson in learning future tenses. Sometimes without realizing it we don't think about these tenses when thinking about something that we are going to do. Students who are non native
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In this unit I learned that I can use the ESA structure to teach receptive skills. In my lesson I can engage students interest in reading or listening to some material that is of their interest, provi
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This lesson was extremely helpful because I'm currently in the process of teaching specific grammar points in my weekly adult ESL class. I've had many predecessor before me who didn't spend time pepar
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Briarcliffe Acres
Unit 16 was another grammar unit specifically focused on the five different types of conditionals and the changes in verb tenses, pronouns, and times required for reported speech. Prior to this lesson
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This unit went more into depth on how to take advantage of the ESA Structure. What is important to keep in mind when deciding on what vocabulary to teach, and also provided examples and suggestions fo
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This lesson covered the varying future tenses in the English language with explanations on usage and activities to coincide with each grammar point. Through this lesson, I really learned the mechanics
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Calhoun Falls
For the first class the teacher can have the students do a survey or an activity which enables the teacher to assess the level, needs, and interests of each student. If it is a first-time class for th
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i learnt how to use future tense and thanks to work sheets i learnt common mistakes that students may make. when i start to teach english i am sure that i will take into account the typical mistakes a
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Unit 20 goes over common problems in the classroom and how to deal with them. From this unit I have learnt what to do during a first lesson making sure to build rapport with students and help them bui
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This unit talked about pronounciation and phonology. It gave a lot of information why we should teach students about this and how to do it. This is the weakest part for me. I have a hard time underst
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This unit taught me how to troubleshoot common problems that I will encounter in the classroom. I learned that in the case of problems with listening materials, I should continue to use them and pract
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Reading and Listening are very important parts of a lesson. It is important for the students to understand difficult vocabulary words in the beginning to get the general idea. Reading and listening
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I found this unit very welcome, as my experience has taught me most of it. It was helpful as a reminder though. Through these units though, I have learned to be less critical of accuracy until it is n
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Central Pacolet
This unit introduced many of the different types of teaching aids and equipment often used in classrooms, such as interactive whiteboards, resource books, visual aids, and video cameras, giving basic
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This unit was a troubleshooting lesson. It covered first lessons, different levels, large classes, use of native language, reluctant students and difficulties with listening texts. I particularly ap
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This unit was especially helpful. I hadn't realized that there were categories for conditionals and separate rules for reported speech. I think this will not only help me as an EFL instructor, but as
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Charleston County
Tests can be employed to evaluate students' initial knowledge of the English language before or at the beginning of a course for placement in the appropriate level course or to gauge what to start wit
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it was too difficult to remember the old information that i have learnt and there is no pdf that i have and it makes solving the questions more difficult. for every question i had to turn back to the
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Cherokee County
Unit 19 looked at teaching special groups. These were beginners, children, individuals on a one to one basis and teaching English for specific purposes. For each group the unit offered various ideas a
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Four forms of the past tense were covered in this unit, which included: Past Simple, Past Continuous, Past Perfect, and Past Perfect Continuous. Through each form of the past tense, I was able to lear
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This was a good unit to learn the different types of evaluations that students can learn. It is important for the teacher to know the English speaking ability of the students and to gauge their progr
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Finding the right coursebook is one of the most important tasks a teacher needs to undertake. This quick guide will help you in your decision-making process and point you to some of the resources on t
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The receptive skills are listening and reading, because learners do not need to produce language to do these, they receive and understand it. These skills are sometimes known as passive skills. They c
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This unit contained very useful and important information regarding receptive skills (Reading and Listening) and how to teach them. It stated the reasons and motives for reading and listening, as well
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