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Common resources include white/black boards, interactive whiteboards, overhead projectors, visual aids, worksheets, cassette recorders, CD players, videos and DVDs, video cameras, dictionaries, course
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With new groups, rapport will have to be established among students, who may be unfamiliar with EFL methodology. During the first lesson, the teacher will have to establish rapport, find out about the
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This unit has a full content of productive skill (Speaking and writing). Speaking and writing can be very challenging for teachers to teach. In teaching writing, most teachers are faced by difficultie
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Lesson planning is something I have never done properly. Although I do have experience with teaching (specifically tutoring), I would usually do very brief lesson plans to highlight what I wanted to c
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Richland County
As the final unit, the text talks about the problems new teachers may face and what they should aim to do in their first lesson. Building rapport with the students to make them feel comfortable with e
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Ridge Spring
This lesson is to help you understand how to ovoid problems with your students and in your classroom, and also how to solve the problems that may appear. The different problems can appear in different
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This unit has given a full content of conditional and reported speech. As we know, conditionals and reported speech can be quite confusing both for students and also for English Teachers. By learning
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There are certain techniques for teaching new language to the students. Depending on what exactly you are teaching (vocabulary, grammatical structures or language functions), you are to use different
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This unit tell us how to teach English for special groups. The methodology and techniques, possible problems and motivation for teaching beginners are introduced in this unit. The tips to teaching ind
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Rock Hill
Through this unit we have learn the importance of receptive skills: reading and listening, also the correct way to teach receptive skill in our teaching. For example: students who are beginners, we sh
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In the unit we learned about teaching special groups. We talked about young learners and learners of business English. These lessons will vary through material and through interaction with the class.
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This unit tells us a lot of information about kind of tests and their functions. By knowing this, teacher or school can easily decide what kind of tests need to be given to the students. Not only givi
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Often in academic writing, we don't want to focus on who is doing an action, but on who is receiving or experiencing the action. The passive voice is thus extremely useful in academic writing because
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Modals are used before other verbs to add meaning to the main verb and express obligation, possibility/probability, permission/prohibition, ability, and advice. They can also express different degrees
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This unit is very useful and it has a full content on how to create a lesson plan. Lesson plan is very important to all the teachers. If you fail to plan you will probably face a lot of problems and y
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Since these can get a bit complicated, I created a chart. It should be pretty self-explanatory. The only term that needs defining is PP, which stands for past participle. The past participle is genera
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Saluda County
This unit provides a good grounding for a thorough understanding of the respective roles of both the teacher and the student, in the teacher / student relationship. Additionally, the qualities necessa
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The stages of ESA are roughly equivalent to PPP, though ESA is slightly different in that it is designed to allow movement back and forth between the stages. However, each stage is similar to the PPP
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This unit is very useful because it gives us a clear example of 2 different situations in classes. both examples teach us as a teacher to see which should be implemented and which should be avoided du
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In this unit we talked about conditional and reported speech. There are five conditionals, the zero conditional, the first, second, and third conditionals, and the mixed conditionals. These all have t
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Seabrook Island
This unit discusses the different kinds of student groups that a teacher might encounter. For example, teaching young learners or business level English. Each of the groups have their own consideratio
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This lesson allowed us learners to compare between two lessons on the same contents, but one was not successful and one was successful. The biggest take away I believe was that small aspects, like kno
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This unit has focused on how to get the learners to become more comfortable with expanding their vocabulary. This can include by teaching them the spelling, pronunciation, and even the usage of the wo
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This was a good unit to give people a good idea of speaking and writing activities for the students. Speaking exercises are good for the.students because it helps them to practice what they have lear
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There are a number of different ways of referring to the future in English. It is important to remember that we are expressing more than simply the time of the action or event. Obviously, any 'future'
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This unit provided a lot of good, useful information about classroom organization and dynamics. It is clear that the setup, utilization, and environment of the teaching space is one of the basic, key
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Six Mile
The videos in this unit showed 2 lessons taught by the same teacher with the same grammar. There was an obvious difference in the atmosphere of the classroom as well as the interactions between the st
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The content of this unit was very easy to follow. Experience made it more general knowledge, but once again nice to know that i'm getting things done right :) The test was also very easy (trusting tha
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I enjoyed this course because it brought out material from previous lessons. It was very helpful to reiterate the lesson plans with this course. It was helpful to see appropriate activities with each
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This lesson was centered on lesson planning and its mechanics. From this lesson, it showed how much critical thinking is required for creating lesson plans. What I especially learned from this lesson
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Society Hill
This Unit discusses the topic of selecting new vocabulary and the criteria of appropriacy, frequency, teachability that it should be based on. Furthermore, what students will need to know about the ne
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South Congaree
Unit 13 covered teaching pronunciation and phonology. The first part of the unit looked at the importance of teaching pronunciation as well as the definition of phonology. It looked how we use intonat
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In this Unit I got to watch two videos, showing different ways of teaching. It was interesting to see, how the teachers attitude towards the students changed drastically in the two videos and how much
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Spartanburg County
This unity focused on teaching the parts of speech and how we can clearly explain the structure of the English language to an ESL student. I found it helpful to see an explantation given for each part
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In this chapter we focused on learning the importance of the different tenses. It is also important to know these tenses in order to properly structure a sentence. It also helps place emphasis on diff
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i learnt the importance of speaking and writing skills and how to encourage learners to improve and teach these skills. in addition, accuracy and fluency are different terms and they should be taught
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St. George
This unit provided two videos to watch of a group of Thai students being taught English using an example of an ESA lesson. One of the videos demonstrates an effective way to teach a class while the ot
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St. Matthews
This unit covers the topic of lesson materials, the pros and cons of course books, as well as containing various samples of material used for in-lesson activities. From this unit, I have learnt the pr
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St. Stephen
Unit 1 highlighted the roles of both the teacher and the student while also mentioning the key chAracteristics that each needs to possess in order to have a sucessful learning experience. The teacher
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What your students really need is for you to take a relatively flexible approach to how you teach, and if you do this, you will see there are benefits of both methods. In fact, you can use a bit of bo
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We learn many good ways to deal with the common problem situation in the EFL lesson from this unit. For the first lessons, we have to establish rapport, figure out what student’s English level and w
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Sullivan's Island
This unit was very intresting. I have learnt a lot of new english grammer and rules i never knew about before. As a native English speaker i had not realised how hard it is to learn for a student. We
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This unit introduced a lot of detailed information on different approaches and methods used in a language teaching. Every technique was characterized with certain features that distinguish them one fr
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In this unit we talked about equipment and teaching aids. This went over things such as cassette players, DVD/CD players as well as overhead projectors. We talked about the pros and cons of these devi
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I have learned the four types of present tenses which are: Present Simple, Present Continuous, Present Perfect, and Present Perfect Continuous. In each different tense, I have learned the proper forma
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In this Unit I have learned about the importance of lesson planning. I was given a good example of a standard lesson plan, which gave me some Ideas of how my plan could look like. It was pointed out,
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Surfside Beach
This unit covers pronunciation and phonology going in-depth on, how changing stress or intonation in a sentence can change its meaning, the phonetic alphabet, how phrases can become linked words or ca
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the unit is about teaching english to special groups. these are; beginners, individuals, young learners, adult learners, bussiness english, monolingual and multilingual groups. there are many tips tha
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In this unit I learned the do's and dont's of teaching various types of beginners and special group types. I learned that when teaching beginners, it's best to take the lessons slow, use visuals, don'
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This unit is very important for us a teacher. It tell us how to teach receptive skills to our students. Receptive skill is one of skills that students need to master. It includes reading and listenin
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