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Unit 7 covers the ways that you should approach teaching new vocabulary words, grammatical structures, or language functions to a class of students. Each section covers what the student needs to know
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Although the instructor was more engaging, clear and organized, there is still room for improvement.The first video was almost painful to watch. He seemed confused himself and seemed to have only one
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I learned so much about the various different ways that a student can learn. I enjoyed reviewing that teaching methods of my French teacher as I read through the different teaching methods. I have def
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The unit covers tests and evaluating students. Tests and evaluating students can be extremely useful if used correctly. Initially it is a good idea to arrange a placement test to ensure students are p
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There are four basic skills in any language, they are receptive skills - reading and listening, productive skills - speaking and writing. The reasons and motives for reading and listening can be for a
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This unit introduces 5 commonly used tests in language teaching and learning. They are placement tests,progress tests, diagnostic tests, practice tests and external tests. These tests associated with
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I found the explanation of the various universal English tests very helpful and something I will absolutely need to understand if I am teaching English to international students as many of them will p
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I found it very useful to watch 2 lessons and compare them. This is a more effective way to notice the important details as an observer and as a student too. It is important for teachers to lead the
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This second unit covered the basic parts of grammar that make up a sentence including nouns, adjectives, adverbs, gerunds, pronouns, conjunctions, prepositions, and articles. Although I had once learn
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In this unit, i learned that phonology is the whole sound system of a particular language (stress, rhythm and intonation), The teaching techniques for the pronunciation of individual sounds can be pee
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In this course I learned the differences between the different roles of the teacher and the different levels on which, a student's knowledge can vary. I was quite interested in all of the different ro
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This unit is the shortest unit of the course, but it covers very important skills and methods on how to solve associated problems while teaching like teaching for the first time, starting new teaching
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Unit 10 consisted to two video lessons. Each lesson in it's delivery, atmosphere, effectiveness, and result. In the first lesson the teacher arrived after most of the students had arrived, and failed
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Puzzles like crosswords are one of my favorite activities particularly when it comes to vocabulary. Based on the lesson, I realized that I have been using them accurately during the study phases of my
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This unit covers the class dynamic, how to warm the kids up to you and getting the kids a bit more comfortable with you and their new classmates. How to deal with students who are not on the same lear
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The unit itself is a very good and useful one regarding the what and how to conduct a class, the good way and the bad way of doing it, and automatically the positive or negative response of the studen
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This unit gave an overview of the study phases of a lesson and the stages in which new vocabulary or new language structures should be taught. I have learnt helpful frameworks to introduce a language
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There are more than 4 kinds of future tenses, which may confuse the students. Especially the difference between the future simple and be going to future. It is easy to just say the rules why they are
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For me personally is another kind of unit where I feel there is need for more information and examples, and yet it is very short and to the point, even though the subject requires a deeper understandi
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In this unit I learned about the qualities of good teachers and learners, the levels of English learners and some pitfalls of being a teacher. I learned with some detail about the different roles that
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From this unit, I now understand what is important to teach about the language and what is not important to teach. I also understand the differences when teaching vocabulary and teaching structures. T
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This unit teaches me a lot of things. I know some parts of speech. Knowing the sentence’s structure and how to place a noun,a verb and adjective and so on. This unit is the basic unit for learning E
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This unit is a nexus of every successful teaching experience. The methods of class management should be a MUST know for any body who wants and easy/smooth/successful delivery in the class.This unit ag
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Grammar is proven to be one of the English lessons most students fear. The complexity of it demotivates students from the get go, especially in countries where time is not the key of the sentence stru
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This unit was particularly interesting as it gives visual examples of two different teaching methods and illustrates that the success or effectiveness of a lesson relies heavily on the teachers attitu
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Unit sixteen covers the four different conditionals (along with mixed conditionals) and the different ways that speech can be reported. The lesson covers the many different types of verb, pronoun, and
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This unit covers speaking and writing, It also tells more about when to concentrate on the students being accurate or fluent. How to use controlled activities to get the students to talk more is menti
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Big Cabin
This lesson was just as difficult as the past tense and just as important to differentiate between the different forms. I learned that the different tenses are very similar in their differences, but t
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A relatively short unit if we talk about the actual subject of it and how it should be used, and when, but on the other hand bery helpful from the poing of view of teaching materials, examples of word
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In this unit, I appreciated learning about the various components of maintaining discipline in the classroom. There is the process of setting up the classroom in a way that is conducive for student le
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There are four present tenses: present simple, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous. The form, usage, common mistakes made by students, and sample activate stage teaching
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In this unit we went over the complicated present tenses in English. I have learned the more subtle ins and outs of present tense usage in English, such as the present perfect continuous and how it is
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Classroom management is the skill of organising and managing the class. Teachers use a variety of skills and strategies including building rapport and relationship with students, proactively managing
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This are a new concepts to me in this unit. I have struggled with passive voice in business for a while. Trying to create active voice when there are unknown agents is very difficult. Yet, rules of
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Unit 9 covers the structure of a lesson plan what is important to concentrate on and what a lesson plan should include. It mentions a list of things that you need to check before class to make sure it
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In this unit, we learned the different skills of reading and listening. With regard to the teaching, it gives us a general idea of how to teach receptive skills and it is great that an outline of typi
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This unit talked about the way of giving speaking and writing classes. What I feel most useful is that people communicate with each other with certain reasons, so we should bring in those factors in o
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This is a unit focusing on two productive skills-speaking and writing. In my country, or probably in most non-English speaking countries, it takes a long time of practicing the receptive skills before
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The eleventh unit covers the two receptive skills of learning, which are listening and reading. The unit covers what motives we use for using receptive skills, what skills we need to have to find info
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In this unit I learn the two receptive skills-reading and listening and how to apply the ESA approach to teach them. There are also 5 skills listed for listening and reading: predictive skills, scanni
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In this lesson it goes over the pros and cons of a lesson plan. One side says it is good for inexperienced teachers and the other points out how it can make a teacher can become inflexible using a l
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This unit reflects on the the two of four basic skills : receptive skills - (reading and listening). Although all 4 skills should somehow be incorporated in our lesson plan if we want to have a balanc
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During this unit, I got a reminder of the usage of the Conditional and Reported Speech. The various types of Conditional varying from zero to third and the uniqueness of the mixed one is a feature of
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Students need to participate in activities that interest them in an atmosphere that encourages participation and success. The more they are interested in what they do, the more they make progress. C
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Bridge Creek
I am continually surprised by what I learn from these units. I thought at the beginning of these lessons that I had a basic idea of what it meant to teach. I am being humbled because I really have no
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What I took out of this unit, was the different theories and methods that can be used by a teacher when teaching English to a foreign speaking person. I feel that the methods brought up in this unit a
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When giving a class it is important to remember that how you approach the students determines the reactions and results that you get from the students. Always give clear instructions and examples when
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Unit 5 emphasises on a vital issue of any class - managing students and the class in general. It covers wide range of subjects such as eye contact, gesture and the voice that are very effective instru
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Classroom management is considered an important indicator of both evaluating a teacher and the teaching effectiveness.This units provides very detailed instructions as to how to maintain good classroo
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This unit is quite interesting as it educates on the different methodologies and theories of teaching. It gives knowledge and indication of the systems the learners are used to and how to engage them
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