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Saint Louis
This unit has covered some basic language learning methodologies, as well as clearly explained and demonstrated the ESA method which was designed by Jeremey Harmer; which is the language learning meth
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This unit is quite useful to understand the importance of two basic receptive skills in a language , i e reading and listening. It also covers the subskills of reading and listening such as detailed
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Unit 14 explained the pros and cons of using various teaching materials. The first of which were authentic materials (newspaper articles, magazine articles, radio recordings, etc.). These are great, b
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Communication is used to relay information to another person or group. This information maybe verbal or written. Students must be able to receive information: listen and read; and provide informatio
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This unit covers one of the most pragmatic topics in this course, and is sure to help an inexperienced teacher be prepared in terms of planning a lesson before taking the class. This unit is quite us
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The tense system in the English language learning can be intimidating for many individuals- including the teacher, the teacher in training ( me ) and the students.I understood that EFL has specificall
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Well, this definitely was the shortest unit of them all or at least one of the shortest units so far. I could not agree more that there are four components to a language (reading, writing, speaking an
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A very interesting type of unit, but in my opinion only regarding the new technologies that can be used during teaching a class. I might add that all the links for different types of dictionaries and
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Shady Grove
Unit 12 teaches us about productive skills there are writing and speaking. The unit starts by explaining about speaking skills, the differences about fluency and accuracy and giving examples of activi
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Shady Point
The future tense is one of the most complex areas of learning and teaching English. One reason may be that various tenses and ideas can be used to express the future. However, there are seven tenses t
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This was extremely useful as I have noticed a huge difference between the two lessons; It is safe to say that during the first class the teacher was unenthusiastic and didn't really care whether the s
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Same as for the past tense, I see a very schematic unit, which indeed has all the basic presentation and usage of the tense, but me personally I would have liked some more examples for each one of the
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Class management is a really important aspect in class! The things i have learnt in other units will not be successful if i can not properly manage a class. This chapter is really interesting as it sh
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This unit delved deeper into the use of modals, phrase verbs and passive voice. The example sentences helped with understanding the meaning and in what context it is being used. The section on the pas
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In this unit, we learned how to teach vocabulary, grammar and functions, and which ESA methods maybe better approach for each of the teaching areas. With regard of teaching vocabulary, we learned fact
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In this unit I’ve leanred all about how to evaluate and test students using different kinds of tests. There are placement and diagnostic tests, which both quizz a student on their language level and
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In this unit, it talked about the the future tenses which is one of the most complex areas of the english language. And it has seven most common tenses as the future simple, the future continuous, the
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This unit covers common problems a teacher might encounter. Generally speaking when first meeting your students it would be wise to slowly build rapport with the class but also help the students to bu
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Smith Village
After watching both videos of an ESA type lesson, I have confirmed that the teacher's attitude is what has the greatest effect on the class and how well the lesson will go. Of course, the teacher need
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In unit 5 we could see in what way classes should be managed. Also the importance of eye contact, gesture and teachers voice. There are different ways of grouping students in the class-whole class gro
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From this unit I learned that were are basically two different types of reading in terms of reading purpose, for a purpose and for entertainment. Besides there are different reading skills such as pre
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South Coffeyville
Unit 20 is about the different kinds of difficulties a teacher may find when teaching English as a foreign language. Things such as building a group dynamics like establishing rapport between class me
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Unit 4 covered form (positive, negative, question examples), usage, typical student errors and activate stage teaching ideas of Present Simple, Present Continuous, Present Perfect, Present Perfect Con
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This unit was about how to effectively teach and manage in a classroom setting. I learned a lot of little details about why teachers do the things that they do that I had not considered before. Things
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Unit eighteen covers a large variety of grammar topics including modal verbs, phrasal verbs, relative clauses, and the passive voice. The modal verbs section covers each verb along with its usage. The
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In this unit i have learned how to pick course books, and how to use them effectively in the classroom. There are many pros and cons to using coursebokks in the classroom, but using them sparingly in
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In this unit I learned about the different teaching styles that have influenced the current TEFL framework, such as the silent way, and about the three main stages of ESA and how they are appropriatel
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Sportsmen Acres
This unit taught me about the advantages to using course books and authentic materials in the classroom as well as it’s disadvantages. I learned that I will get the chance to be creative with the cr
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In unit two, I have learned a lot of very important and interesting points on Methodology, mistakes, and feedback but one thing that has really triggered my attention is learning about the theories m
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In this unit, i had learnt about the five main conditionals and how to change the direct speech into the report speech. The five main conditionals are the zero conditional, which is about the irrefuta
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This unit covers English Grammar. Topics such as Modal Auxiliary Verbs, Passive voice, Relative Clauses and Phrasal Verbs. The unit goes into detail about basic rules and how to use them which will be
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This unit covers all types of teaching equipment available to teachers and how to make the best use out of them. Using a variety of types of equipment would be advantageous (if available) as it will g
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Although I have encountered conditional, direct and reported speech in my English language exposure to books, media and maybe during casual conversations, I cannot recall studying these in class. Neit
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In these two lessons, I can see clearly that a teacher's behavior and his/her teaching strategy will apparently effect students' learning. In the first class, the teacher was late and had no interacti
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In this unit we cover the four present tenses: the present simple, present continuous, present perfect continuous. And in this course we cover the foure areas. Form:This shows affirmative negative and
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Strong City
When learning a new language there are four things a student needs in order to do so effectively: a) be exposed to it, b) understand its meaning, c) understand how it is constructed, and d) practice a
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This unit touches once more on the subject of teaching methods, specifically ESA but not necessarily as the only way. The idea is to engage the students eliciting their attention and then introducing
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Man, I am going to be very honest when I say that this was not an easy unit. I don't know why I managed to have difficulties on this unit, personally I think it was the last stage from questions 10 to
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Grammar is quite hard, and as you can see from my previous scores, I am not very good at it. However, this one was a little bit easier than the other grammar lessons. I can only complain about Number
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This unit is a refreshment of some important grammatical features that one needs in speaking and writing process. Indeed, the grammar points being explained in this unit are part of what a certain Eng
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This unit was about class management, covering student behavior, classroom arrangement, the teacher's demeanor, and even how to extend the student' talk time. It is suggested that the focus should be
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Unit 20 delves into the common problems and situations one may encounter in the classroom and how one goes about resolving it. The first lesson - which is vital for you as teacher to establish rapport
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This unit has great ideas. I really like the examples given to engage, study and activate. I will certainly be utilizing this various ideas throughout my lesson planning. I agree with the encouragemen
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In this unit, we learned about the advantages and disadvantages of coursebooks and different lesson materials. As a good TESOL teacher, we should have a good balance of using the authentic materials
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This unit was particularly interesting because it allowed me to gain a deeper understanding into the various classifications within English language teaching. I also gained insight into different meth
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This units focuses on the selection of appropriate teaching materials. There are two kinds of materials authentic materials and non-authentic materials. Authentic materials are what native speakers he
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Indeed a very short unit, but however a very useful one . We do not always think about why we are actually listening or reading an information. This unite brought some light upon this subject by expla
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Gradually, the study is becoming practical. These are the exact practices expected to be carried out in the class. Anything short of this, will be delivering below standard. A mastery of this, will be
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In this Unit ,I learnt that reading and listening are very important , because it will help to target our aim. They are different skills when reading and listening .For example; scanning ,skimming and
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In this lesson I have learned all about the future tenses, as well as some present tenses that can be used when referring to the future. I’ve learned how to differentiate the different tenses and ho
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