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A good teacher is one who does not only have the knowledge of the subject they are teaching but they also care about the students they are teaching. The teacher needs to be able to balance his/her ro
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I believe grammar takes the language into deeper depths. It is easier to learn how to make proper sentences by reading books but learning fully why the words are situated the way they are in each lang
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In unit 3 I learned about methodologies and techniques used to help students learn a language. There were 9 different methodologies taught all with great content and ideas that can help a language lea
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The unit summarizes modal auxiliary verbs, phrasal verbs and passive voice, and of course, their usage, rules and the technicalities or difficulties they present to both EFL teachers students. The for
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In unit 1 I've learned the characteristics that make a good teacher, the different roles of a teacher and when to use those roles. I've also learned what makes a good learner and how age can contribut
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Thanks for this lesson which I found pretty interesting. Firstly, I had a great chance to repeat some grammar rules of English, details and could learn scientific definition of them I never paid atte
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The 7 tenses I learnt in this unit can all of them be used in the futurein fact each one has its own usage. The future simple is used fore future facts and certainities, promises and predictions, thre
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Atlantic Highlands
At the end of the lesson i now understand teaching vocabulary is very important to the students especially at the early stages when students are motivated to learn the basic words they need to get by
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There are various ways to assess students. They can be assessed through tests, tutorials or evaluation by students. Tests can be used as a diagnosis to tell the teacher where the students are at the
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A good teacher should have variety of qualities that can improve and motivate good qualities in the learners. In order to do this the teacher must understand it’s different roles while teaching, suc
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Brief Overview The contents of unit one cover the topics of:- -Defining the characteristics of what makes a good teacher. -The specific roles of the teacher from Manager to Facilitator. -Categoris
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Barnegat Light
At the end of this lesson i learnt how to use the past tenses correctly.I was having problems with the past smple and the past continuous. Past Simple-It is used for actions completed at a definite t
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Bass River
The first lesson of an English language class is very important as the main goal is to establish a positive rapport between the students and with the teacher. This can be done in a variety of ways, on
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Bay Head
As a former teacher, I recognized many important points and deceptions of learners at different levels. The role of a teacher must change depending on the circumstances in the classroom. A teacher may
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Beach Haven
The attitute of the teacher has a profound effect on the environment that is created and thus the amount of learning that can occur for the students. In the first lesson, the teacher does not treat th
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This unit's videos displayed two types of classes that gave examples of what to do and what not to do during a lesson. It was nice to see all the concepts we learned/read about play out in a real live
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It’s a pretty difficult unit because it has a lot of information in managing the class and how to handle bahaviour’s problem. Actually it’s a constructive unit. In this unit i could understand h
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When asking questions, use students' names at the end of the question. This will keep students alert and attentive because they do not know who will have to answer the question. Also, the teacher
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Working through this lesson was difficult, especially identifying phrasal verbs. Possibly due to the fact that I have never learned phrasal verbs to this depth in identifying them I found it difficult
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Personally, I think that the past tense is a little more easier to understand than the present tense. The present tense may be more confusing to learn and also to teach because the differences are les
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There are many factors that go into successful learning and the teacher plays numerous roles in making that happen. I believe one of those factors that is often overlooked is that of the teacher know
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Bradley Beach
I have understood that the productive skills are speaking and writing, because learners doing these need to produce language. They are also known as active skills. Again encouraging interaction in c
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Teachers have a very important role in facilitating the learning of their students, they do this by taking on different roles (manager, assessor, model etc.) which allow them to be both supportive and
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I realize that I have never learned proper English grammar in school, so although I understand the differences between these forms of present tense, I would not say I feel adequately equipped to ident
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This unit is a good overview and refresher of basic grammar and "parts of speech" . This unit gives an overview of nouns, adjectives, articles, verbs, adverbs, gerunds, pronouns, conjunctions and prep
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In this unit, good classroom management practices such as; the proper amount of eye contact, appropriate gesture and tone of voice to use were extensively discussed. Students grouping and factors to c
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Cape May
This unit summarized the details and dimension of past tenses which mainly emphasizes on the past simple,past continuous,past perfect,and past perfect continuous tenses. I learnt how to use all this t
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This unit extensively explains all parts of speech and their grammatical functions. It is important to note that all parts of speech are equally relevant in making comprehensive sentence.The arrangeme
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Chester Borough
This units summarizes explicitly how to evaluate and test student in a language school and for an external exams. I leant different ways of evaluating student which is by testing them and the test are
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The content of this unit was helpful in considering how different levels of students and learners may engage and part-take differently in the class. It highlighted to me the importance of matching the
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Corbin City
The three main ways to evaluate a student's level is by conducting a tutorial, evaluation by the student themselves, and testing the student. There are several different types of testings. A placement
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ESA is the most effective and the most logical methodologies for English teachers and learners. ESA stands for Engage , Study and Activate. To engage students in lesson, games, music , photo and sto
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This unit does a great job of defining the role of the teacher. A teacher must have the ability to administer a lesson but also monitor the progression of many different learners with different person
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This chapter covered different equipment, technologies, and teaching aids that may be in a classroom to enhance a student’s learning experience. In the most basic form, worksheets and work cards, an
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In unit 1 I've learned the the different roles that teachers play and the various levels of learners they interact with. I learned how vital it is to understand not only the level of leaner someone is
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This unit focused specifically on teaching reading and listening and teaching it in a way that is accessible and not as intimidating to students. I learned that there are multiple parts and ways to th
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This unit was an introduction of the basics of teacher and student roles. I learned the variety of reasons a student would want to study a foreign language, as well as, their motivations for doing so
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This lesson concerned the various roles a teacher is responsible for. Additionally, the lesson discussed the various classifications for level of language proficiency and some of the differences betwe
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East Amwell
Lesson planning serves as a working document,an aid to planning and a record.I also learnt the basic principles of a lesson plan.THey are;1.It must be kept simple,do not try to script the lesson,struc
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East Newark
This section covered many important and effective teaching methods and explained how to implement them. I gained valuable knowledge about the ESA method and recorded the examples for each part. I also
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This unit is about grammar. It shows us, how to understand functions of parts of speech , in order to communicate them to the students. As a teacher, we must , in the first place, identify these part
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Having activities and games during the lesson can be a very good motivation and interest during the lesson. The materials and games should be used carefully dependnig on the topic. Created materials a
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Books and materials are an integral part of lesson aid for EFL teachers. Therefore, the choice of what books and materials to use and how to adapt the contents to fit into the need of the class is cri
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This unit introduces us to a very important notion in English grammar; Parts of speech. First, it teats the basic sentence structure which shoud comprise of a subject and a verb and later an object. T
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Essex Fells
This unit contains some qualities that a good teacher possesses, important roles of a teacher and when they should be used, and qualities of a good learner. This unit partly talked about the learners
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Estell Manor
This unit talks in details with lots of examples about equipment and teaching aids. I learnt about the essential use of the resources that is often found in classrooms and study centres such as White/
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Far Hills
Pronunciation is one the most difficult parts of learning the English language and is usually not a focus for English teachers to teach their students. This could be because the teacher themself does
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This chapter covered conditional sentences and reported speech, both of which I feel can be challenging to non native English speakers. However, even for native English speakers, I think the different
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This unit was about the future tense, and the different forms; future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous, and be going. I think the incorporation and comparison that
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This final chapter was on troubleshooting various issues that may arise in the classroom such as; how to approach a first lesson, and in turn establish rapport with students and build a comfortable le
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