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To encourage studentd to write is importabt for every teacher because they have to be motivated and like the topic the will write about. In the engage phase we may show the students some pictures from
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Mountain Lakes
This unit summarize the explicit use of course books and lesson materials.I learnt that a good teacher shouldn't depend more on the course book but a good teacher should be creative and know what suit
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In the first video the teacher came late and started immediatly the lesson and was explaining the lesson using a very high level of vocabulary. He was saying "no" or it's "incorrect" to student which
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As a native speaker of English for over 50 years and a veteran teacher with a master's degree, I found Unit 2 a nice refresher of the basic parts of speech. While I am confident and competent in my o
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As a native English speaker a lot of the grammar comes easily whether it’s because it was formally learned or drilled into us through writing and reading. However, if asked why the grammar works thi
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North Wildwood
There are six different types of conditional forms. Conditional sentences refer to the past, present, and future possibilities and include the word "if" in the sentence. There are two clauses to these
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This unit dealt a lot with classroom theories of teaching. Ways we should teach the class to keep the students active, involved, and still learning. I believe that this is very important when teachi
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Ocean Gate
This unit summarizes in details about the usage of Modal verb,phrasal verbs and passive voice. I learnt about that the modal verbs are can, could, may, might, must, shall, should, will and would. I al
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I think some things that I learned from this unit is the different roles that a teacher takes in the classroom. Within these different roles it is also important to consider the needs of the students,
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During this unit I was able to review the rules on proper grammar. I believe that grammar is important to review regularly. I believe this because even as a native English speaker, sometimes grammar
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This unit covered how teaching pronunciation takes many things into consideration. From intonation to stress to articulation, they all have different methods to cover. I learned about sound joining wh
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Present simple tense which is used for habitual or routine actions, permanent situations and facts, commentaries, directions and instructions, newspaper headlines , present stories and historical seq
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I have learned about the many roles a teach can take on, use in the class room and the characteristics teachers should usually posses. Also I have learnt about what qualities a good student should hav
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This unit covered the basic grammar that forms sentence structure and broke each down even further, from types of adjectives to types of nouns. This unit was trickier than I thought, even though I am
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As I have been working through each unit of lesson, I have been considering in what way I want to plan my lesson plans. While reading through this chapter and incorporating the knowledge from previous
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Pine Beach
To study a new language you need to know the vocabulary, the meaning and the function. A vocabulary is a set of familiar words within a person's language. It usually developed with age, serves as a us
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Pine Valley
This unit gave insight to the various methods of teaching and how to teach effectively, as well what makes a good student. Teachers should have the ability to motivate and encourage students in a less
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In section 4 I learned the tense system and how this subject can be a more difficult subject for students to learn. In particular, I learned about form showing affirmative positive, negative and quest
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Port Republic
This is an interesting unit to begin with. The learning content helped me reflect on different roles the teacher has in the class and became more aware of the dynamics and expectations in each setting
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In this unit I learned about methods and structures to teach vocabulary, introduce grammar structures, and teaching language functions. Within each new language genre, I learned about the guidelines f
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This unit explained speaking and writing, a productive skill whose common purpose is to communicate something. In explaining the two concepts, the unit highlights the difference between accuracy-based
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Reading and listening also called "receptive skills" are two of the four skills in the English language, as well as any other language, was extensively discussed in this unit. The reasons for reading
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This unit has provided not only a brief description on the views from the teachers perspective but also provides a quick look at the perspective of a student. As a given a teacher should maintain bein
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Rocky Hill
There are 7 common uses of the future tense. They include the future simple, the future continuous, the future perfect, the future perfect continuous, be going + infinitive, the present simple, and th
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This lesson covered how to evaluate students and the different tests that may be administered within the classroom as well as externally to test students English abilities. Although I was aware of sta
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Saddle River
There are two main different types of teaching materials. They are authentic materials and created materials. Authentic materials could be a magazine, newspaper, or a poem. They provide interesting an
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In this unit I learned some great methodologies of teaching such as tasked-based learning, or the silent way. Different methodologies are used for different teaching purposes. I also learned about the
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Sea Bright
This unit talks about the use of future tenses in different dimensions such as the future simple,future continuous,future perfect and future perfect continuous. It also talks about the use of ‘Be go
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Sea Girt
Depending on the type of class that is being taught, the teacher must prepare to adapt to the needs of the individual students and the collective groups. Special groups include very young children, st
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This unit summarizes the future tenses, its form, structure, and usage. For each future tenses discussed, the unit clarifies the similarities and differences between its sister present or past tense.
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Seaside Heights
This unit talks about how to effectively teach some special group such as children,adult,young learners and business student.I learnt different ways of teaching this groups. One of the ways of teachin
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In learning any new language it is vital to know the vocabularies,grammar and functions of the language. Same is true with English language. In learning English, the student must be exposed to the lan
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Ship Bottom
I learnt about qualities a good teacher must posess and the role of ateacher.This unt also talked about what makes a good learner and some characteristics that succesfull students must posess.I also l
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I thoroughly enjoyed this unit in that it summarizes parts of speech in a concise manner. Beside enumerating and explaining the different parts of speech this unit also explained how some parts of spe
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South Hackensack
I learnt about the various ways of mainting classroom management.Which involves;Eye contact,gesture and the voice,Grouping ofstudents,classroom arrangement,writing on the board,Giving individual atten
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South Harrison
this unit talks on the basic skills in any language which are reading and listening(receptive skills), speaking and writing(productive skills). In this unit we learnt about the receptive skills. I was
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Spring Lake
I was interested much in three of the ideas for engage plan. 1.Introduction Prompts-It talks about writing a prompt on the board and have students introduce themselves with their names and the inform
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OVERVIEW OF UNIT 3 The unit outlays the different theories, approaches and methods of teaching and learning English, in past and present times.The unit concentrates and outlays the Engage,Study and Ac
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Thanks for making me understand basics of teaching and the most important issues I may struggle in the future working with different age group students. The first lesson was totally useful and I found
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This lesson was about teaching English to special groups, such as beginners, individual students, children, and for business professionals. With each groups there are more appropriate activities, appr
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This unit presents the common problems and situations EFL teachers are likely to face in the classrooms. In doing so, the unit beautifully describes the two possible groups of students (new and existi
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Stone Harbor
I learnt about present simple,present continuous,present perfect and present perfect continuous.Usages of the present simple really caught my attention.which include routine actions,permanet situation
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Stow Creek
At the end of the lesson,i my thought of future tenses been so difficult was confirmed.future tense is one of the most difficult areas of the English Language.so many different tenses and ideas canbe
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Surf City
I have understood that, pronunciation is the act or result of producing the sounds of speech, including articulation, stress, and intonation, often with reference to some standard of correctness or ac
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This unit explains in detail pronunciation and phonology-two most task-oriented part of English language. For non-native speakers of English (teachers and students), this aspect can be a turn off if p
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This lesson taught and discussed pronunciation. Although simple to native English speakers the intonation and implications depending on the tone may be hard for non native English speakers to understa
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This first unit covered some very important topics for future ESL teachers. The first topic, what makes a good teacher, talks about the qualifications needed to be a good teacher. I believe this is i
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This unit focused on different teaching roles, factors that could effect learning, and the different language levels. From this section, I learned that adults can be more nervous than younger children
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Learning this unit, I got to know the qualities, roles and responsibilities of teachers and learners in learning English language. For years in my life, I have always been playing only the role of a l
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Upper Pittsgrove
This first unit provided me with information on what the exact role of a language instructor is. Through this unit I have been made aware of the many roles a language teacher must take on such as mana
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