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In this unit we covered the Present Tense which covers Present Simple, Present Continuous/Present Progressive, Present Perfect and Present perfect continuous. We covered how these are represented gra
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In this unit we discussed and learned what constitutes good classroom management. This covered everything from eye contact, gestures, building rapport, group work, working in pairs and individual wor
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In this unit we covered the various forms of the past tense: Past Simple, Past Continuous, Past Perfect, Past Perfect Continuous and their usage. We also discussed how to form the various forms and s
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In this unit we covered the introduction of vocabulary, grammar structures, and language functions. We covered what vocabulary is appropriate to introduce and the reasons it might be appropriate to i
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This unit covered the various forms of the future tense and there are a multitude! We covered the future simple, the future continuous, the future perfect, the future perfect continuous, be going to
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In this unit we covered lesson planning. We discussed the benefits of lesson planning and utilizing it as an aid in planning, using it as a working document, and also a record for future reference.
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This unit tells about the subject of English grammar and take a close look at the different forms of conditional sentences and how to teach them effectively in the classroom. there are 5 mane cond
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Many different teaching aids can be used to make lessons more interesting, effective and less dependent on the textbook. Different schools, of course, have different resources available to teachers. F
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This unit was useful to set the scene for the subsequent units. My previous knowledge regarding what makes a 'good' student and teacher has been consolidated and I will be able to use the 'good teache
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The content in this unit speaks about the relationship between teachers and the learners. It talks about how to be a "good teacher". I do feel that if a teacher have the characteristics such as; enthu
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The content of this unit touches on the base of grammar. It didn't go too in detail, but it covered the fundamental parts. Just enough to help refresh my memories on what I learned in school as a chil
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As a native English speaker, I have taken for granted many of the intricacies of grammar and parts of speech. I have found this module interesting as I have never considered the various pronouns, verb
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This unit covered the topic of what it means to be a good teacher and a good learner, which are the foundations of the classroom that we are trying to build. Among other things a teacher should be fa
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I teach at different age levels, from 2 up until 35 years old. I often find myself acting three roles. With this unit, I have learned that switching roles are vital in helping the students especially
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This unit has provided me with tangible ideas and methods of delivering language lessons and I already feel far better equipped to teach English. The ESA methodology is extremely useful and gives stru
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I learned the importance of explaining first the words -part of speech, needed to construct a sentence. Doing this will help the students understand the sequence better and will serve as a guidance f
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The content of this unit focused upon the roles of teachers and the types of students. It is important for teachers to be able move between the various roles in the classroom in order to keep student
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The content of this unit deals with the most basic parts of speech used in English grammar. It covers a wide range of the most used grammar rules applied when writing, reading, and speaking proper En
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This unit provided various commonly practiced teaching forms, focusing mostly on ESA (Engage, Study, Activate) as the preferred teaching method for ESL. ESA elicits students to use the language in a
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In this unit, I have learnt that there are twelve total tenses in English. The present tense forms are: present simple, present continuous, present perfect, and present perfect continuous. Each form
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In this unit, I learned that classroom arrangement, as well as behavior of the teacher greatly affects the learning of the students and whether a class is successful or not. Students must be given va
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As a native English speaker I don’t remember learning all the tenses in detail at school, as this was more learnt through the environment. I found this unit interesting with regard to the intricacie
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This was a very interesting Unit. In this lesson I learnt how to control and motivate the students. I'm aware how important to be a good teacher, respect students and their opinions. To be a good teac
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According to this Unit the grammar has an important role in learning. Due to the grammar everyone can speak correctly, arrange the words in the sentences and use correct pronunciation. In English the
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There are so many different approaches and methods it can be even difficult to decide which is the best to use. Each teacher has his/her own method to teach any language. Anyway, an effective method i
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This unit went over the basics of establishing and maintaining classroom control and rapport. It went over many methods of how to command control and ensure that students will pay attention and respec
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In English there are three different times: the past, the present and the future. This unit is about Present tenses which is divided into the present simple, present continous (or progressive), presen
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The content of this unit covers all the different types of methods and techniques used to teach anew language. It is highly customized to fit types of classrooms and students' with respect to their ag
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In this Unit I learnt that we have to find our own style of teaching and how to be flexible and changing the role according to the activity and situation. Eyes contact, body gestures and voice are ver
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In this Unit first we see that past tenses are past simple, past continuous, past perfect and past perfect continuous. Past simple tense we use for past actions when the time is given or is asked abou
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This unit gives a video example of two types of lessons by the same teacher. The first lesson is not done very well and the teacher is not very engaging and speaks quickly without explaining to the st
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In this unit I learned about the difference between receptive skills and productive skills. We then went on to learn more in-depth about receptive skills which are focused on reading and listening. Th
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In this unit I learned about the many techniques that are used to elicit productive skills from students. productive skills include writing and reading are very important to practice and develop once
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East Bridgewater
In this Unit I learned that three things are very important during teaching new language: grammar, vocabulary and functions. They are connected and if we use them together on right way, the results wi
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East Brookfield
During this unit, I learned about the proper use of different materials for within a classroom setting. I learned that there are two primary types of materials: authentic and created. Authentic materi
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East Longmeadow
The content of this unit focused on what type of tests there are and when they should be administered. It goes into detail about all the different type of tests and what purposes that they each serve.
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Like present tenses and past tenses, in Future tenses we have different tenses such as: future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous, but also there are exist more forms
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The main issue of this lesson is how to teach and how to balance between teaching plan and teacher’s flexibility. Teachers have to find best way how to conduct lesson plan and to be flexible at the
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From these two videos I learned that teacher before everything have to be very friendly and love teaching. Teacher have to have full respect to the students and understand that he is there to teach th
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In any language we have four basic skills and they are divide into two groups: receptive (reading and listening) and productive (speaking and writing). The focus in this unit is on the receptive skill
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Teaching productive skills are speaking and writing and we use both of these skills to communicate. We can freely say that writing requiring a greater degree of accuracy and speaking requiring a great
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The pronunciation in the most neglected aspect in English teaching and good teacher will pay attention on this part of teaching equally as on the other parts. The meaning of some words depends on how
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When we talk about course books, there are many different opinions about them. Some teachers have positive opinion about them but on the other side, some of them think that course books are not enough
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We can assess student’s language level using three different ways: tutorials, evaluation by the students and tests. Tutorials means that teacher should spend some time to discuss with students about
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This unit gives an overview of the two vital components of a classroom - the teacher and the learner, and the importance of interaction between the two. Teachers assume various roles depending on the
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Fall River
I believe the content of this unit conveyed the complexities of learning English grammar. Why? Because for nearly every rule in the English language, there is at least one exception. It is easy to see
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I learnt how important it is to put thought into lesson plans, be very purposeful about them, and incorporate many components into each one. Some people are not fortunate enough to be able to learn En
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Generally, most people know of the three main tenses: past, present and future, but there are many more than that (twelve, according to the unit.) I think this must be one of the most difficult thing
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This unit focuses on classroom management, an important component of student learning and inspiring confidence in them Many factors figure into the environment of a classroom: eye contact (enough to p
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The structure of past tenses are similar to that of present tenses, except they obviously occurred in the past. For example, all continuous forms feature "to be" plus the -ing form of the verb. If the
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