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Unit 17 showed different teaching aids that can make lessons more interesting not only for the students, but also for the teacher. It important to be well prepared before the class starts if you want
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Unit 18 was easy in passive voice but I learned about typical student errors that I also think are very common. The hard part was with phrasal verbs where I learned that they divide by 3 types as intr
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In this lesson we will learn how to deal with some of the common problem situations in the classroom. The teachers will be faced with new classes (divide on new and existing classes) and first lessons
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In this unit I have learned the relationship between learners and teachers is very important for the succcess that will take place in the classroom. On the teaching side, a great teacher will have a g
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In unit 2 I learned the various parts of speech; Definite articles, Adjectives, Nouns, Adverbs, pronouns, Plurals, Infinitives, Gerund, Comparative Adjective, Superlative Adjective and Conjuctions. Be
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Unit 3 lesson covers the methods and techniques used to teach a student. I learned in this lesson students need as much exposure to the language as possible as well as a certain input amout from the t
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Lesson 4 covers the Present Tenses and entails the the form, the usages, common mistakes, and teaching ideas to execute these grammar points to my students. Present simple form with affirmative struct
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Unit 5 was exciting becomes for someone just as myself getting into the teaching career path for the first time. It is a reflief when there is an outline of effectively teaching a class room. Learning
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In this unit I learned about the past tense and it's different forms. The past tense is an important grammatical lesson used to help describe things or actions that have occured. Past simple with regu
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In unit 7 teaching a new language I learned teaching vocabulary, grammar and its function to students using the various techniques. Selecting vocabulary is based upon appropriacy to the student and to
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Unit 8 covers the future tenses and all of it's complex areas of the english language. This unit covers the seven most common future tenses in the english language. They are the Future simple, Future
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Unit 9 lesson teaches how to prepare for the classroom by teaching teacher how to structure a lesson plan. The important fuction of a lesson plan are, "An aid to planning", "A working document", and "
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Unit 10 focuses on demonstrating two very different ways on how to engage with your students. In the first lesson the teacher demonstrates what not do in a classrom. From causing confusion and the typ
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Unit 11 taught me the importance of Receptive skills. Reading and Listening are divided into two wide range categories which are "For a Purpose" and "For Entertainment". Reading and Listening to help
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This unit was extremely important for me, as so much of it was new to me. I did not remember learning all those phonemic symbols, so this unit really taught me something important. This lesson also we
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This lesson was helpful in that it went over coursebooks, materials, and the pros and cons of different types. It was helpful in that materials are vital to a classroom and the learning process; as th
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Unit 15 went over various evaluations and testing. These are of vital importance because they place students in their proper language level, help teachers gage student progress and understanding of ma
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Unit 12 demonstrates the Productive skills of Speaking and Writing as well as the introductions of games in the planning of the lesson. From being a student of a foreign language myself, I've often be
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After studying this unit, I have realized that the learners' emotion and reaction during class is actually more important and crucial than the teaching itself. Without a good relationship between the
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Although I learnt these grammars at primary and secondary schools, I have already forgotten most of them, especially the specific terms like "countable nouns", "superlative adjectives", "indefinite ar
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It is very interesting to learn that there are so many teaching techniques and methods. Indeed, it is impossible to say which one is the best technique/method. The teacher must apply different techniq
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This unit serves as a clear and precise review on the present tense. Although I use this tense every single day, I was not able to use the academic terms "present simple", "present continuous", "prese
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This unit provides me with a great amount of information which I have never thought of before. Besides serving as a role model who speaks fluent and accurate English, the teacher also serves as a boss
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Pronunciation is one of the most neglected aspect of english language teaching. Confidence is often lacking with teachers in this aspect. There are some teachers who teach pronunciation as lesson or o
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This is a very useful unit that teaches the way to introduce new vocabularies and new grammatical structures. I have never thought of issues regarding what vocabularies to teach or what grammatical st
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Future tense is certainly the most difficult and complicated tense of the English language as it has many different forms and structures. Yet, it is very useful because it can covey many different ide
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This unit provides me with practical and feasible examples on how to plan a lesson with the ESA system. The examples shown in the unit help me tremendously with planning my own English lessons in the
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I have been reading very high-quality materials regarding teaching theories and methods since I started the course. However, without actual videos, I would not be able to fully understand how exactly
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It is interesting to know that there are so many points that an English teacher should take care of when it comes to reading activities and listening activities. Before reading the unit, I never thoug
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The unit provides me with very useful information about how I should design a speaking lesson and a writing lesson. The ESA examples make the theories a lot easier to comprehend. The guidelines for gi
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Teaching pronunciation and phonology is, to me, the most difficult part of English teaching. Even myself I am not really sure about how my tongue and lips and throats move when I am speaking English.
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Choosing teaching material is certainly a very important part in teaching a language. This unit introduces the definitions and examples of both authentic materials and created materials. They are very
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This unit introduces the differences between placement test, progress test, diagnostic test, and practice test. After learning the differences between them, I am now more confident in choosing and des
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Although I have learnt conditionals and reported speech at secondary school, I completely forgot the specific terms such as “Zero Conditional”, “First Conditional”, and “Second Conditional
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This unit introduces many teaching materials. Some of them are new to me. After reading through this unit, I have successfully learnt the advantages and disadvantages of various equipment and teaching
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This unit provides me with very clear and detailed explanation of the modal verbs, phrasal verbs and passive voice. Indeed, all three of them are extremely difficult to teach. Teaching these three gra
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This unit introduces the methodologies and techniques for teaching beginners, individual students, children, business English/ English for specific purposes, as well as the monolingual and the multili
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This unit is very practical. It introduces a lot of problem situations that English teachers usually encounter in the classroom. The possible solutions suggested in the unit are also very helpful. Ind
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Unit 14 demonstrates the disadvantages and advantages of course books and lesson materials. The two types of of material are authentic materials and created materials. Authentic materials are more int
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There are a number of ways to assess a student's language level, Tutorials, Evaluation by the students, and Tests. Tutorials can be done with a whole group or with individuals and can be used to discu
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This lesson focuses on conditonal and reported speech. Conditional are sentences that cointain "if or when" which adhere to the past, present, and future. There are two clauses the "If" clause and the
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I learned in this lesson the variety of equipment and teaching aids a teacher has access to in a classroom. White/ Black boards, overhead projecters, visual aids, computers, online resources, photocop
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Focusing on modal auxiliary verbs and the passive verb this unit dives into the details of its usage and the phrasal verbs and relatives clauses. The modals are can, could, may, might, shall, should,
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Teaching special groups in this lesson focuses on types classes and the type of students teachers will encounter in a classroom, one on one session, and in a company office. Types of students include
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Mount Washington
At the end of this lesson, i have noted that,a good relationship between students and teachers and a good atmosphere qualities all need better management. teacher's position, students position, teache
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At the end of this lesson, i have noted that, As the present tense, the past tense also have some differences according to time which the action was taking place. The past tense is categorized further
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The final lesson shows common problem situation and introduces the first lesson situation teachers encouter in a classroom for the first time. The two groups we see are New groups which are student wh
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Unit two can be described as a revision unit for the basics of English grammar because it is a package that consists of all parts of speech without going into a lot of detail. The information given in
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Good lesson planning is essential to the process of teaching and learning. A teacher who is prepared is well on his/her way to a successful instructional experience. The development of interesting l
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New Ashford
Unit 3 describes the various known and tested methods that are used to teach language. The advantages as well as the disadvantages of each technique are investigated. This knowledge helps the teacher
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