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This unit covered the teaching of receptive skills, namely listening and reading. It covered reasons for reading and listening, as well as the varies ways in which we can read or listen. For example,
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This unit covered the methods of teaching productive skills, i.e. speaking and writing. I learned the difference between accuracy and fluency in writing and speaking, and the appropriate stages of the
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This unit looks specifically at receptive skills, reading and listening; how both equally important as part of Learning English. The unit also gave reasons why we learn to read and listen to language
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This unit covered the use of coursebooks in the classroom. It looked at the advantages (structure, tried and tested syllabus, easier for inexperienced teachers) and the disadvantages (rigid structure,
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This unit looked at the productive skills, speaking and writing. The information given was useful as shared the possible problems students can face when speaking and writing; especially the writing.
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This unit covered the types of conditional speech, their structure and their usage. For example, the zero conditional is formed with "if + present, present". It is used to covey certainties like "If y
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This unit covered the various materials and aids that can be used in an English language class. One of the most useful topics in this section outlined proper techniques and practices to effectively us
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This unit covered modal verbs, the active and passive voice, and phrasal verbs. I feel the I have learned some important grammatical rules, for example, modal verbs are do not need to be changed accor
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In this unit I learned how to teach special groups, such as absolute beginners, children, and business people. I found this particularly useful as I have previously struggled in teaching English to be
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This final unit briefly covered common struggles that ESL teachers face. I found the sections on different levels and reluctant students to be particularly helpful and relevant to my experience as a t
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This lesson presented characteristics of good teachers and good learners, described the various roles/functions in which teachers should develop capacity, described unique characteristics of learners
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This chapter defines the parts of speech, (nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, articles, conjunctions, prepositions, pronouns, etc) and shows how they are used correctly in English. It provides a char
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The chapter presented an overview of basic principles for effective language instruction, described nine methods for teaching ESL, and introduced a favored method, the "Engage-Study-Activate" method,
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This unit gives an overview of the present tenses including the simple, perfect, continuous and perfect continuous present tenses. It outlines the general rules for usage of each, how they are formed
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This unit gives a general overview of how certain factors can influence class discipline. It considers the ramifications of variations in class sizes, in student groupings and seating arrangements, i
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This chapter covered the usage and structure of the past tense, --simple past, continuous past, past perfect, and past perfect continuous, and mentioned common errors for learners for each tense. The
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This chapter covers how to approach the introduction of new vocabulary words, new language structures, and new language functions. I had not previously thought about "Language Functions" as a categor
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This chapter covers the various constructions and usages of 7 ways of speaking of the future with English verbs. Five strictly future tenses are included as well as two present tenses that can be use
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This chapter went over the basics of lesson planning. It covered some reasons why written plans are helpful, suggested elements that should be included in a lesson plan, and gave examples of lesson p
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This unit used two videos to demonstrate both good and poor teaching techniques. In the first video the teacher did not introduce himself and did not make use of any Engage phase. He just launched in
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This lesson was about teaching the receptive skills of listening and reading the studied language. It covers some reasons these skills are useful, the skills students need to develop in order to unde
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I found this unit very beneficial. Now, I have more knowledge about the role of teacher such as organizer, prompter, manager, model...etc. Ideal teacher should have those roles to manage the classroom
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In this unit parts of speech are explained in details. There are plenty of definitions and it is going to give students hard time to memorize every thing. Therefore, I'm planning students to memorize
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This unit was highly engaging as it showcased a visual representation of a real-life English class. Beyond this, the unit also presented two separate videos that involved, quite essentially, the "do's
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For this unit we returned to the study of grammar in which the area of conditionals and reported speech was thoroughly explained. In terms of the 'conditionals' the unit distinguishes between the zero
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In this section “Managing Classes”, grouping students part was really useful. There are two types to group class that are whole-class grouping and pair work. Both of them helps students to share t
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This unit explored, or rather, reassured me for many situations or issues that may arise during my teaching career. The unit particularly elaborated upon instruction of the many special groups such as
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This unit regards the positive and negative qualities of both teachers and learners. It is important that a teacher who wants to be effective work towards the good qualities. In my opinion, although t
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This unit deals with many of the fundamental points of grammar in the English language. It explains them in a very simple manner that can be easily understood and conveys the functions of parts of sen
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It seems that this unit is the final unit of the ITTT Course, concluding with the topic of "Troubleshooting", and elaborating some advice that a rookie instructor may utilize. Although not an extensiv
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The content on the present tense in this lesson is very important, clear, and concise in the explanation of the different uses of the different forms of the present tense in English. In my experience
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I took some time to really reflect on the characteristics of a good learner. I think #1 characteristic should be the desire to experiment the language. Learning a second language is very different fr
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- clear and logical examples of what it makes a good teacher, reflecting on a good teacher's personality and on the positive aspects of the relationship between teacher and students. - the importan
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NOUNS - describe places, people, animals, things, qualities and states. - main types are - common: people, anima
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Theories, Methods and Technics - the advantage of English Learners who have the opportunity to study the language while living in an English speaking environment, versus the ones who study English
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THE PRESENT TENSES The Tense System The English language contains twelve tenses, opposed to the majori
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I appreciated being able to see the demonstrations in these videos. They have helped me to consider the difference that the attitude of a teacher can make on the participation, engagement, and enthusi
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This unit made several important points regarding reception and understanding of information presented in English language lessons. It is important to maintain an interest from the students in their p
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In this unit discussing the importance of writing and speaking it is noted that these are equally important but writing is often ignored. This is something I will take into account when I start teachi
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This course unit covers the usefulness of essential tools, such as eye contact, voice and gesture to convey messages, to give instructions, and also how to properly use them to establish and
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I have searched through a variety of coursebooks for a while and noticed many of the points brought up in this lesson. Due to my experience working with a number of different ethnicities it has come t
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THE PAST TENSES The English language, in sharp contrast with most other spoken languages, has more complexity to its verb tenses and their sub- categories; they are as follo
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the first part of the unit is about the variety roles of the teacher. Each role is depend on the type of activity during study and what the teacher wish his students to achieve.The second part of un
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Unit 6 tells us about the English tense system by examining the past tenses. We check at the relevant structures and usages, also ideas for activities to use in the classroom.There are 4 types of th
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This unit was particularly difficult, this is something I haven't taught yet so I will need to review the material again and work out how these grammatical functions work until I can explain them bett
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Within this unit we cover the basic principles of lesson planning. We look at why teachers plan their lessons, what to include in the planning process, as well as how to produce a lesson plan that is
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Video shows a grammar lesson where the students appear to have trouble with the lesson content.This unit provides a break from the theoretical materials and gives you a chance to observe a real life
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In this unit we cover the important but often overlooked subject of pronunciation. The unit looks at how we use intonation and stress to emphasis our speech, as well as techniques and activities that
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this unit is about different ways of evaluating students' levels and progress, as well as some of the common external exams that you may need to prepare your students for. There are a number of ways t
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During this lesson we explored various methodologies, theories, and techniques for teaching. There was a large emphasis placed on the ESA method: which means to engage, study, and activate language s
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