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The first day can always be challenging and intimidating. This unit offered great suggestions on dealing with new and existing groups, and how to create a comfortable and inviting classroom for the s
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Grammar is vital since it may help enhance accuracy. Grammar develops accuracy in communication as "it forms the mind to habits of order and clearness; concurrently with logic and rhetoric, it accusto
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This unit made me aware of the fact that as much as a language is a living thing, so is the process of mastering it. It is under constant change and constant reflection. For me, I feel the more natura
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This unit stressed the fact that management is at the heart of every class. Without it, none of the other qualities a teacher possesses, like an understanding of the material or a good lesson plan, wi
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Grammar is definitely the part I will keep dedicating most time to before starting work as a teacher. Although most things have become pretty clear now, it is not the easiest transition from using gra
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In unit 5, I have learned how to manage a class and what methods work best in certain situations. What is really important is when you engage with students and make sure they are paying attention. For
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This unit taught me that lesson planning is the backbone to a well planned class, especially for beginning teachers. It has also become clear, however, that we should not be married to a universal str
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These videos show that preperation and attitude are key in any teaching environment. The worst situations demonstrated were those of a teacher not communicating the new material effectively and the te
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This unit stresses the fact that learning a new language is not just about one specific skill, but about the equal importance of all four. I was talking to a friend recently and they said that they ap
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As the unit suggests, it is true that written skills are often neglected with the assumption that it wastes valuable time. Thinking back to when I had English classes in school, most lessons would rev
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In these two videos I observed the lessons and the way the lessons were being taught. In the first video, the teacher did not engage the students very well and had a bad attitude. They were confused a
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It is interesting that this part of language study was completely ignored during my high school years. I didn't study this until I took some teaching and methodology classes in college. It does stress
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This unit taught me that there is no one true method when it comes to materials. A good book provides excellent structure but like most things, whatever activities or materials are used as a supplemen
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This unit provides useful information on the variety and function of different types of tests and evaluations. I was very interested in learning about this since it is the one thing I have not yet had
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What I found most interesting about this unit, were the teaching suggestions and the fact that some, like the philosophical questions and the bunker game, really spoke to me. They seem like genuine fu
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The most interesting parts for me, as well as with many chapters, is not what we should do, but what we shouldn't do. Some things might seem logical in another situation but is not in a classroom when
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I found this to be one of the most interesting chapters since it deals with the less generic student groups. It gives a general introduction to the challenges you can encounter and the most productive
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This unit offered a useful overview of common issues and how to approach them. I saw it as a kind of sum up of the methodology part of the course in general. All the topics handled here should, for mo
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It was a very good lesson! As I have been a teacher for almost 15 years I didn't have problems with the topics. But I agree that Present Perfect Simple and Continuous have driven the students nuts. I
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I thought this unit really relevant for our purpose in class. It showed different ways to manage the classes and the students. Envolving the students in all activities is not so easy all the time so w
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Actually, this unit is very helpful for teachers who are starting their profession in this field. It helps them decide the best way to teach different topics of the language. It guides the teacher so
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A good teacher is knowledgeable in their subject matter; kind and caring; fair and consistent; able to give corrections without offending or affecting motivation; cares about their teaching but cares
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I have learned that it is not especially easy to analyze one's own language. I often found myself comparing the English content to my Japanese study in order to better identify and remember different
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It was interesting to learn about the different methodologies of language instruction and to compare them with my own EFL learning experience. I have some ideas now why certain instructors frustrated
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South Hadley
Very nice unit! In my oppinion, even if the teacher has a lot of experience for teaching a new language it is important to keep a lesson plan. Of course it has to be flexible and prepared concerning t
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Classroom management is daunting for an untrained teacher, but this unit gave simple, easy-to-implement, and practical ideas for maintaining control of a class. The emphasis on psychological leadershi
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Very clear difference between the ways that the teacher teaches English for the class and which one was more effective. Actually, if I was a student in the first lesson I would sleep in the middle of
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Vocabulary lessons depend largely on the tasks which the students need to accomplish in English. Function of the language is also important to teach, including the appropriateness of vocabulary to the
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English speakers think about the future a LOT! I have learned that, even using present tense forms, we are often still speaking about/thinking about the future. The delineations between the future con
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The variations of lesson planning are a surprise, as I always believed lesson plans were formal by definition. The suggestion to keep notes rather than scripting the entire lesson is valuable, as well
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It was very effective to see the difference the teacher's attitude made in the classroom. Having the demonstration of both effective teaching and ineffective teaching worked well, so that I could comp
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The receptive skills of reading and listening are both equally important to each other, and equally as important as writing and speaking. Therefore, they should not be neglected. It is a good idea to
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I think this unit is as important as the other ones. Both reading and listening skills are very important in a learning process but in my opinion, listening is more difficult to work with than reading
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I learned in this Unit the different styles of teaching that I can use within my lessons. The different styles can be used interchangeably at the appropriate time. An effective teacher will know which
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This was a very nice lesson! It showed us how to deal with different productive skills such as writing and speaking, always concerning about desires, difficulties, interests and confidence of the stud
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This is one of the best units of the course! We, teachers have faced lots of problems and difficulties on teaching the topics of this unit as we weren't also exposed a lot to pronunciation classes at
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Since communicating is the goal, in some languages verb tenses are not very important or do not even exist or even most people just express themselves without even considering the right or ideal way t
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This unit focused on the use of eye contact, gestures, maintaining discipline, classroom arrangement, and building rapport with students. I learned a good deal from this unit, such as how to use the a
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I am really enthusiastic with this lesson. I have tried many of these activities in class and they were very succesful for me and my students. I also found interesting and helpful those online sources
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It was a helpful unit. Actually, I have worked with children and it is really wonderful. They are energetic but I consider it a positive feature. They always want the teacher to take part in the activ
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This Unit provided me with an overview of the roles of both the teacher and the student in an English learning classroom. During any class session or individual lesson, a teacher typically takes on a
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This unit introduced the simplest form of language structure as a sentence, and then dissected parts of a sentence (known as parts of speech). Parts of speech include nouns, adjectives, articles, ver
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Unit 3 introduced how people naturally acquire their native language (L1) and how to duplicate that process in the classroom when students are learning English as a second (L2) or foreign language. T
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Unit 4 was an introduction to the Present tense of the English language. These include the Present Simple, Present Continuous (or Presents Progressive), the Present Perfect, and the Present Perfect C
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Unit 5 introduced a general overview of the purpose and methods of the classroom. These included managing the physical space, including how the furniture (table and chairs) are arranged to maximize s
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Unit 6 introduced English past tenses including Past Simple, Past Continuous, Past Perfect, and Past Perfect Continuous. The system and structure of the past tenses is not too different from the pres
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Nice unit! I totally agree with everything studied here. I always tried to start my classes with an "warm up". The students love it and it is much easier to conduct the class after that. I just didn't
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In Unit 2 we covered all parts of speech including the types within them. The list of regular and irregular verbs is a great tool to look back on in the future and I printed it out for reference. I ha
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I believe that this unit laid out in as clear terms as possible what sorts of qualities and behaviors make for good teachers and learners, and how these interact with each other. It also clearly expl
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One of my biggest worries as an Assistant Language Teacher comes from being asked to explain WHY one word/grammar structure is correct or not correct, because I haven't thought about grammar rules sin
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