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New Bedford
I have learnt the difference between present simple, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous because this unit explains the basic rule of each tense's three forms (affirmati
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New Braintree
There are many differences between the processes of speaking and writing. Writing is not simply speech written down on paper. Learning to write is not a natural extension of learning to speak. Unlike
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New Marlborough
Pronunciation means how we say words. Most people speak the dialect of standard English with an accent that belongs to the part of the country they come from or live in. Learners of British English co
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New Salem
Unit 5 teaches how to create a productive learning environment in the classroom. The functionality of the classroom depends on the teacher's body language, the position of the teacher the classroom as
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This unit differentiates between the four past tenses by explaining the usages of each past tense together with a standard formula (for example: the standard rule for an affirmative sentence in past s
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Unit seven informs the soon-to-be TEFL teachers about the three building blocks of language and how to teach these sections in English as a foreign language. The three building blocks of language incl
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After studying this unit the difference between the future tenses are clear to me. The usages and examples given in this module have helped me to differentiate between the function/s of each future te
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At the end of this topic we can see that ,special education classes provide a unique service to physically or mentally challenged students. The ideal special education classroom provides quality instr
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North Adams
There will always there will be always some problems with materials, such as difficulty in finding or adapting materials, and problems with the textbook; and finally, problems with classroom managemen
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North Andover
I have learned the many roles of a teacher. I particularly like that the teacher is a participant as well and being self aware of the other roles of a teacher really enhances the classroom experience.
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North Attleborough
Planning lessons should be adjustable as the teacher my find him/herself in a situation where the circumstances are altered. According to unit nine this flexibility comes with time as teachers with mo
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North Brookfield
There are many descriptions of what makes a good teacher however, a good teacher really cares about his/her teaching and cares more about the learning of the students. I agree with the statement becau
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North Reading
In this Unit, it explores grammar and parts of speech. Grammar help structure our language. It is quite challenging for me because my first language is a creole made up with English and I speak natura
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In the unit Theories, Methods and Techniques, I have learnt different teaching theories, methods and specific teaching techniques. I have understood what needs to be done in different stages of a less
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In Unit 4, it explains the present tenses, present simple, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous. It explains its form, usages, typical student’s errors and some teach
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One of the most important thing before teaching the class is to be able to manage one. In unit 5, it teaches about managing the classroom. Firstly, it explains what our eyes, voice and gestures can do
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I learnt about past tenses in Unit 6. I learnt the differences between past simple, past continuous, past perfect and past perfect continuous. They are slightly different in conveying past actions in
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In Unit 7, it taught me how to teach a new language. It taught me how to teach vocabularies, grammar and functions using the Engage, Study and Activate (ESA) teaching method. There are so many vocabul
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In unit 8, it taught about future tenses. As compared to present and past tenses, I find future tenses quite challenging. There are more tenses in future tenses namely, future simple, future continu
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In Unit 9, it is about lesson planning. When I was in college, I worked as a lesson planner. I used to make lesson plans for a program called Speak Out, where the kids are encouraged to speak more Eng
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Oak Bluffs
In this unit, I watched two videos on class demonstrations. The attitude of the teacher in two videos are different. From the videos, I learnt that teacher’s attitude is very important because it ca
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In Unit 11, it taught about receptive skills. The two receptive skills are reading and listening. The unit explained how to teach receptive skills by using the ESA teaching method. There are two diffe
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In Unit 12, it taught about productive skills. Productive skills includes speaking and writing. This unit taught how to teach speaking and writing using the ESA teaching method. Speaking and writing a
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One of the most informative and difficult chapter so far is Unit 13. It teaches pronunciation and phonology. I have learnt about intonation, stress, connected speech and the phonetic alphabet from the
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Unit 14 is about course books and lesson materials. There are two kinds of materials namely authentic and created materials. Authentic materials a like real sources for example newspapers, songs, poe
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Unit 15 is about evaluation and testing. Five types of tests are introduced in this unit. They are placement, diagnostic, progress, practise and proficiency. The unit helped me to understand what th
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In Unit 16, it taught about conditional and reported speech. There are five main conditionals. They are zero conditional, first conditional, second conditional, third conditional and mixed conditional
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In Unit 17, it introduces equipment and teaching aids. It mentioned 15 teaching aids . These aids helps to make the class more interesting. I use visual aids mostly because it really helps to explain
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In Unit 18, it explains modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice. I have learnt about modal verbs, it uses, and its form. There are nine modal verbs which includes will, would, should, shall, might, ma
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In unit 19, it explains about teaching special groups. In my opinion, I believe knowing how to teach specific groups are important because of different factors for example, teaching a beginner would b
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In Unit 20, it talks about most common problem situation teachers encounter in the classroom and explains ways of handling them. There are different kinds of situations that occurs in a classroom. It
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Unit 1 is very crucial to the course as it outlines several important factors that should be recognized when teaching a class. Firstly, it is significant that aspiring teachers are aware that their r
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This is an excellent unit, especially considering that grammar is the basis of the English language. It will be very difficult to teach English to learners without first understanding the parts of sp
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This was a very informative and detailed module. I am glad that this unit is included, as it provides several examples and activities that can be very useful in a classroom. All activities can also
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The second demonstration is a summery of the previous units' content in the form of an example. This video demonstrates how teacher talk time should be limited in order for students to demonstrate wha
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Classroom management is extremely important in order to maintain a well-run classroom. This unit suggests a variety of ways to do so, along with pros and cons, which is very useful. Every classroom v
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Unit 6, regarding past tenses, is a very important one for not only teachers, but for everyone in general to learn as well. The various past tenses are very often used, but also frequently confused, o
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Unit eleven goes into detail about the two receptive skills of a language. The content of this unit explains that a teacher needs to be able to choose the texts and audios for the lesson mindfully as
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Unit 8 on present tenses was very informative and helpful in distinguishing between the various tenses. Just like with the past and present tenses, it is crucial that as an English teacher, we are awa
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The significance of productive skills (writing and speaking) is highlighted in this module as well as how to incorporate fluency and accuracy into productive skills lessons. Fluency activities have mo
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The videos were a great way to experience what it would be like to be in the position of both the student and teacher from an objective point of view. It is a nice break from the theoretical, because
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This unit offers a general overview of the teacher - student interactions, what defines a good teacher and student and why, what pushes both to learn and the European norms tied to language study. The
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This unit was about productive skills. These are truly important skills needed in order to be able to fully communicate in English. As mentioned in the unit, English is a difficult language to spell
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This unit taught me a lot about phonetic symbols and how words can be easily spelled considering their very tough spellings. By learning the phonetic alphabet, words can be read much easier, and it c
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Picking the proper and most effective course book can be a very challenging task. As a teacher, you have to consider various things when deciding on material that can be very useful to most or all of
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Like most people if not everyone taking this course, I had once been taught these exact things. For me this is a while ago and English has become more of a habit for me. Less a constant awareness of w
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The conditional is a challenging tense to distinguish between as there are what seems to be very minute differences between each of them. However, with practice and constant review, they can be easil
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Finding the correct and appropriate resources for teaching English to new language learners can pose many difficulties. This unit really provided so many excellent resources that can be used to cover
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Considering the difficulty of learning phrasal verbs and relative clauses, this unit really made those concepts clear and easy to understand. I have never heard of the terms, "defining" and "non-defi
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Sometimes as an English teacher abroad, you are unaware of the level of students, ages, or even class size you are getting until you arrive. You must be prepared for any situation, and as mentioned s
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