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From this unit I learnt about the different usages of the four past tenses in the English language as well as how they are formed in the affirmative, negative and interrogative forms. I equally learne
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Garden City
I see that this first lesson is the same as the first lesson of the 60-hour course (yet w/ 20 questions, rather than only 10? ). As a career school teacher, I remember that nothing was new to me, exce
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It is important that students new to a language have exposure to it, are able to speak it outside of the classroom (practice), understand why the language is used, and also be able to construct it. Sp
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I learnt from this unit to you should go to class prepared. You should have some board work started prior to the students arriving for the lesson as you will be more prepared and it will save time. Yo
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This unit examines different teaching methodologies, techniques and theories. It also covers teaching techniques and classroom activities that can help to make your lessons more interesting and produc
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This was very interesting to see and I can see why the first lesson would be frustrating. As a student I would feel confused but not want to speak up due because he through body language he seemed con
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Glenwood Springs
This unit is well-organized with its gray/grey subtitles and bullet points; a new teacher will find the content (and layout) of this unit to be extremely useful, helping them to avoid many of the most
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Especially the grammar exceptions and irregular verbs are hard to remember, but i have managed to learn many of them by repeating them over and over until they completely stuck in my memory. I learnt
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This unit covered dealing with common problems and hurdles as an TESL teacher. I would imagine the most common problem would be reluctant students. This can be helped by focusing on praise of what is
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This unit deals with teaching receptive language skills, namely, reading and writing. The purposes for reading and listening are discussed. Techniques and skills used for receptive skills are illustra
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Grand Junction
First and foremost, I disagree with the wording in the opening section regarding how much grammatical knowledge a language teacher should. Although it is true that one need NOT know EVERY grammatical
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Grand Lake
I learned that the lesson plan does not need to be a strict script of what the teacher needs to say/do. Some teachers even just write bullet points as their lesson plan. We were provided a sample less
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I have learnt about the four different past tenses and when and how to use them. I have gained some ideas on how to teach the past tenses to the student through different activities. I have also learn
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Green Mountain Falls
Great content provided under this chapter. it is very essential to plan each lesson because without planning they may be several problem that the teacher could face in the near future . the teaching p
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Greenwood Village
This is a very useful unit for all educators, even veteran teachers, as an overview/review of good strategies for classroom management. New teachers will benefit greatly, once again, from the examples
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I found this unit very interesting and have learned many new theories, methods and techniques. I found learning about the different methodologies very interesting and very much believe in the Engage,
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I believe that the grammar for English is very straight forward, yet it is made difficult by exceptions. For example when I was learning Spanish verbs it was very difficult to learn all the tenses and
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Learning about the different methodologies and how to apply helped me a lot. As with everything else, the method used and the duration of it, depends upon the student(s) and how they are responding to
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I have learned what makes a good teacher is many different things. The one thing that is important though is that a teacher not only cares about what they are teaching but about the students they are
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Reading and listening are the two receptive skills in a language. Speaking and writing are the two productive skills in a language. We read and listen for either a purpose (i.e. to help us achieve a g
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6. Just like unit 4 which elobarated English tenses ( preset tense ) , this Unit also gives an elaborate knowledge on another tense Past tense .The simple past tense form for regular verbs: (add -e
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Proper grammar is very essential for understanding English as a second language as well as for learning a new language, since all languages follow grammatical patterns. The system and structure of pas
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In this last unit I learned about how to handle common problems that teachers may come across in the classroom and how to handle them. Some problems are as followed: The very first lesson of a new or
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This course has given me more of an idea about the relationship between students and teachers. By learning about the different ways of teaching and learning, it has given me an overview about how I ma
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This unit emphasized how to conduct a classroom setting and how the teacher should behave to maintain classroom behavior. For example, it is inappropriate for a teacher to single out a student. In a
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This unit covers four types of present tenses: simple, continuous, perfect, and perfect continuous. Present simple form usually adds on an '-s' or '-es' at the end of verb. Present continuous form im
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Hot Sulphur Springs
Before reading this content, although knowing a variety of new words as well as grammar, i did not know how to give this knowledge to my students basicly and systematically. Until now, thanks to this
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This unit was interesting because there were two videos showing how the same teacher can create 2 completely different classroom experiences. In the first video, the teacher seemed unorganized and was
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Lesson planning is a very helpful tool for many teachers and I am going to use this tool in order to make my lessons more organized and productive. This unit is one of the most important's units in th
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This unit outlines the different types of tests and what goals they try to achieve,. There are placement tests, or tests to determine the student's level, progress tests, like these tests after every
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Idaho Springs
The breakdown of the Present tenses is simple enough to guide English teachers on how to identity errors that learners usually make, and also common English mistakes in everyday life. But it is also
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This unit covered the (many) different parts of future tene in the English language. In this unit, I learned about future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous, be going
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The point of this section discussed the purpose of receptive and productive skills. Receptive skills involve taking in information such as listening or reading a source. This can be for different pu
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This unit covers modal auxiliary verbs which are verbs, which was the topic covered in the video lesson. These verbs express ability to perform an action with varying degrees of intensity of politenes
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Jefferson County
It can be not denied that this material is good enough for learners, especially for me to achieve a lot of useful methods and techniques. In addition, through this last unit, i am shown varieties of e
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I learnt how can the teacher use the board to maximum effect, such as by starting with a clean board, by writing neatly and by using different colours to highlight particular language point. I learnt
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What is mainly learned in this unit is that teachers have to be flexible and base their teaching methods on the needs of their students. When constructing a lesson plan a classroom may need an additi
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This unit covers the different kinds of materials to use in the classroom. I found it particularly useful when it comes to the use of course books. Rather than relying on the course book teachers shou
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Unit fourteen (14) highlights the advantages and disadvantages of authentic versus non-authentic materials. It also mentions how to establish a balance use of these materials (authentic and created ma
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This unit was about different ways of evaluating students' levels and progress. It was also about some external exams. It was clearly explained how a teacher should help the students to evaluate their
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The four verb forms of present tense presented in this unit are: present simple, present continuous (progressive), present perfect, and present perfect continuous. PS: I walk. PC: I am walking. PP:
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Kit Carson
The unit covers different method of teaching that could be applied to various range of students. from beginners to business student the chapter explains the teacher behavior has to be adapted to the v
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In this unit the lessons were focused on what makes a good teacher and a good student, focusing on how when a teacher is good the students will be good. What was covered throughout this unit was the r
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La Jara
It was good to review the various parts of speech that we take advantage of as native English speakers. It is important for the non-native students to be able to identify the different parts of speech
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La Junta
It is important for EFL teachers to consider that there are three different times in English: past, present, and future. It is important to practice the form as well as different usages with the stude
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La Veta
This unit does an excellent job in highlighting the difference(s) and pro's found when comparing/contrasting authentic materials with created materials. The sample resources / worksheets are amazing a
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Unit seventeen (17) taught me some of the resources that can be used in the classroom as well as the advantages and disadvantages of some of the resources. Unit seventeen (17) is very helpful as it pr
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Lake City
Future tenses are a bit challenging due to their similarities. However their breakdown in this unit have been good, as they have ironed out a few errors in the daily language and has made the understa
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This unit went over the differences between teaching different groups of people. This unit discussed how to work with beginners, children, and people who are learning English for an occupational reaso
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I learnt the usages of of the Future Tenses and activities that I can use to teach these tenses to students.I learnt the affirmative, negative and question for of each of them. One usage of each of th
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